[Leo] Repairs A MIDI Sequencer

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We all have that friend who brings us their sad busted electronics. In [Leo’s] case, he had a MIDI sequencer from a musician friend. It had a dead display and the manufacturer advised that a driver IC was probably bad, even sending a replacement surface mount part.

[Leo] wasn’t convinced though. He knew that people were always pushing on the switches that were mounted on the board and he speculated that it might just be a bad solder joint. As you can see in the video below, that didn’t prove out.

The next step was to fire up a hot …read more

AWS launches WorkLink to make accessing mobile intranet sites and web apps easier

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If your company uses a VPN and/or a mobile device management service to give you access to its intranet and internal web apps, then you know how annoying those are. AWS today launched a new product, Amazon WorkLink,  that promises to make this process significantly easier. WorkLink is a fully managed service that, for $5 […]

WATCH: Two New Adam Savage #MythbustersJr episodes, ‘Demolition Dominoes’ and ‘Gravity Defying Carl’

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I’ve really been enjoying the new ‘MythBusters Jr’, Adam Savage’s new science exploration show featuring… kids. Really smart awesome talented kids.

Adam Savage will be Tweeting live during tonight’s two premiere episodes, and they start airing an hour early (at 8 pm ET) for parents with wee ones.

Watch it on Science Channel through your cable/satellite provider, or SCIGO, their online streaming service.

One of the episodes tonight is ‘Demolition Dominoes.’

This small-scale test bodes well!

Here’s another show scene, with Adam helping his co-host Elijah test his concept of using bungee to remove the last Jenga piece.

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Glass screen protector for our Nintendo Switch

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Glass screen protectors have saved me $100s of dollars in repairs. I use them on our cellphones, tablets and now on the Nintendo Switch my daughter and I share.

Simple to apply, these glass screen protectors ward off scratches, scuffs, and sometimes even direct hits. I never mind replacing one, as they are super cheap and the event also presents as an opportunity to clean the device needing service.

This morning our Switch was smacked into the corner of the Hammond organ my kid uses as her charging station. The value of the screen protector was proven. It shattered, the screen did not.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack) via Amazon Read the rest

Motorizing An IKEA SKARSTA Table

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We’ve been told that standing at a desk is good for you, but unless you’re some kind of highly advanced automaton you’re going to have to sit down eventually no matter what all those lifestyle magazines say. That’s where desks like the IKEA SKARSTA come in; they use a crank on the front to raise and lower the desk to whatever height your rapidly aging corporeal form is still capable of maintaining. All the health benefits of a standing desk, without that stinging sense of defeat when you later discover you hate it.

But who wants to turn a crank …read more

tHiS aPp lEtS yOu tYpE liKe tHiS

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[The following Slack log has been lighted edited for content]

Chaim Gartenberg: god i have no idea where to put this but https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1448272668?mt=8

[Ed. note: The app in question lets iOS users easily type in nearly any text field using the alternating case format, made popular by the “Mocking SpongeBob” meme that made its way around the internet a few months ago.]

Micah Singleton: Promoting this app should be a crime

Russell Brandom: pRoMoTiNg tHiS aPp sHoUlD bE a cRiMe

Chaim: pRoMoTiNg tHiS ApP ShOuLd bE A CrImE

Micah: I fucking knew it

Micah: ughhh this is awful but probably a good hit

Chaim: it installs as an actual iPhone keyboard too!

Chaim: #5 in Social Networking

Chaim: popular app

Micah: This app will let…

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Color Sensor Demystified

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When [millerman4487] bought a TCS230-based color sensor, he was expecting a bit more documentation. Since he didn’t get it, he did a little research and some experimentation and wrote it up to help the rest of us.

The TCS3200 uses an 8×8 array of photodiodes. The 64 diodes come in four groups of 16. One group has a blue filter, one has green and the other has a red filter. The final set of diodes has no filter at all. You can select which group of diodes is active at any given time.

Sixteen photodiodes have blue filters, 16 photodiodes …read more

Sherpa, a Spanish voice assistant, expands Series A to $15M as it passes 5M users

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When we think of the AI platforms that are shaping how we use voice to interact with phones, home devices and other services, we tend to think of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google and Microsoft’s Cortana. But there are other players that may prove to have a compelling value proposition of their own. Sherpa.ai, a […]

Howto: Docker, Databases, and Dashboards to Deal with Your Data

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So you just got something like an Arduino or Raspberry Pi kit with a few sensors. Setting up temperature or motion sensors is easy enough. But what are you going to do with all that data? It’s going to need storage, analysis, and summarization before it’s actually useful to anyone. You need a dashboard!

But even before displaying the data, you’re going to need to store it somewhere, and that means a database. You could just send all of your data off into the cloud and hope that the company that provides you the service has a good business model …read more

Trailer for “Beach Bum,” Harmony Korine’s new weirdo stoner comedy

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Writer/director Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo, Spring Breakers) is back at the shore for Beach Bum, a stoner burnout comedy starring Matthew McConaughey with Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jimmy Buffett, Martin Lawrence and Jonah Hill. The trailer reminds me a bit of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure if the weirdo protagonist was on Sour Diesel instead of Purple Microdot.

Beach Bum will premiere at SXSW and hit theaters March 22.

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Test Your Website on All Mobile Devices Using These 9 Tools

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Say goodbye to all your virtual machines and device laboratories. CrossBrowserTesting is a one-stop solution for all of your testing needs. The tool is quite exhaustive and robust with more than 1,500 real desktop and mobile browsers on its availability list. You can easily execute all of your manual and exploratory test cases on real iOS and Android devices, just like your clients and end-users are going to do. The tool has excellent support for visual testing too and comes equipped with native debugging tools as well.


Test your website on any mobile device quickly using the AI enabled cloud testing solutions by Functionize. The Functionize online testing cloud lets you flawlessly perform visual testing, cross-browser testing, and performance testing along with mobile testing. Use the tool to easily scale from one to many mobile devices. Get access to a large range of Android and iOS versions and smoothly maintain your mobile test cases using their root cause analysis engine. Apart from that, the tool has commendable support for test creation, test maintenance, performance, and analytics.

Amazon has made its own autonomous six-wheeled delivery robot

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Amazon is entering the robot delivery game with an electric hamper on wheels it’s calling the Amazon Scout. The e-commerce giant is the latest company to try its hand at this sort of automated, last-mile delivery solution, following a crop of startups, as well as experiments by larger firms like Domino’s Pizza and PepsiCo.

Details about the Scout are thin on the ground, but the design looks similar to existing robots. In fact, the Scout looks almost identical to devices from Starship Technologies, an Estonian startup that was an early entrant to the field.

The Scout has six wheels, is powered by an electric battery, and moves at a walking pace. Just six devices are currently being trialed in a single neighborhood in Snohomish County,…

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Star Trek: Discovery’s mansplaining takedown returns to the series’ roots

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Warning: spoilers ahead for season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery, and for the season 2 premiere episode, “Brother.”

When Star Trek: Discovery returned for its second season last week, it came with an insurance plan and a risk.

First, the premiere episode, “Brother,” welcomed Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), the captain who helmed the original series’ USS Enterprise in its rejected initial 1965 pilot, before Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was asked to create a new pilot with the now-iconic James T. Kirk in the chair. Whatever grumblings Trekkies may have had about the bald fan-service decision to bring Pike and his first officer, the also-iconic Vulcan Spock, into the picture at the end of season 1, it was an inevitability. As the first new T…

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Melonee Wise and Anca Dragan will be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

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Hard to believe, but we’re only a few months out from the next TC Sessions: Robotics. As we get ready for our third year, take a trip down robotic memory lane with these highlights from last year’s big event. We’ll be returning to UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall in April, this time with an added focus […]

The Vectrex Projector We’ve Been Waiting For

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Unlike most old consoles, the Vectrex is unique for having a vector-based display. This gives it a very different look to most of its contemporaries, and necessitated a built-in display, as regular televisions aren’t built to take vector signals. Not one to be limited to the stock screen size, [Arcade Jason] decided the Vectrex needed a projection upgrade, and built exactly that.

The build relies on a lens that [Jason] salvaged from an old rear-projection TV. These units used CRTs with big lenses which projected the image onto a screen. That’s precisely what is happening here, with a vector display …read more

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