$10 Dongle for charging an iPhone whilst listening to old style headphones

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This $10 dongle is letting me charge my iPhone while also listening to music on wired headphones.

I have been carrying wired headphones ever since I got a Nintendo Switch to play Fortnite on while I travel. The Switch hates bluetooth headphones and I’d rather not carry two pairs.

This dongle works great and sounds just fine. It costs a lot more at the airport, so order one on Amazon.

Lighting Headphone Jack Adapter Dongle for iPhone 7/7Plus 8/8Plus X 10 Aux Audio to 3.5mm Lightning Splitter Adaptor Charge+Earphone+Volume Converter via Amazon

A Caterpillar Drive That Actually Looks Like A Caterpillar

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[Tom Clancy]’s The Hunt For Red October is a riveting tale of a high-level Soviet defector, a cunning young intelligence analyst, a chase across the North Atlantic, and a new submarine powered by a secret stealth ‘caterpillar’ drive. Of course there weren’t a whole lot of technical details in the book, but the basic idea of this propulsion system was a magnetohydrodynamic drive. Put salt water in a tube, wrap a coil of wire around the tube, run some current through the wire, and the water spits out the back. Yes, this is a real propulsion system, and there was …read more

The first trailer for DC’s Shazam is like Big, but with superheroes

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At San Diego Comic-Con today, DC unveiled a surprise first look at another of its upcoming superhero films, Shazam!, which will star Zachary Levi as the film’s titular superhero. It’s a surprisingly funny-looking film, which feels like it’s just what DC needs to get away from the dark and grim image that its franchise has been saddled with.

The trailer introduces us to Billy Batson, a kid who’s introduced to a new foster family and school. After fighting off a couple of bullies, he’s chosen by a wizard called Shazam, who tells him that if he utters his name, he’ll gain superheroes. He does, and he abruptly turns into an adult hero. Think Big, but with superpowers — he works on trying to figure out what his powers are — zapping people’s…

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The first trailer for DC’s Aquaman shows off a war between the surface and the sea

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This year’s slate of Hall H panels at San Diego Comic-con have been relatively quiet, at least compared to prior years. We’ve seen new looks at what’s to come from The Predator, Glass, Star Trek: Discovery, and The Walking Dead, but the biggest panel by far this year was the Warner Bros. panel, which just showed off the first look at James Wan’s Aquaman.

While Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, human name Arthur Curry, was a highlight of 2016’s Justice League, this is the first time we’ve gotten to see him in action on his own. Highlights in the new trailer include a look at the Marine Marvel’s straw-haired aquatic family, including Nicole Kidman as his mother Queen Atlanna and Patrick Wilson as his warmongering half-brother Orm (AKA Ocean Master),…

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The latest Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald trailer shows off more beasts, crime, and Grindelwald

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Comic-Con is the time for new trailers, and along with the superheroes and science fiction, Harry Potter fans were offered another look at the upcoming return to J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World during Warner Bros.’ Hall H presentation with a new trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

The sequel to 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is still set before the Harry Potter books and movies. Crimes of Grindelwald sees the return of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), a magical zoologist who later becomes famous within the series for his indispensable guide to the magical creatures of the world.

But in the new trailer, Newt seems to be doing less writing and more magical heroics as he teams up with Jude Law’s younger…

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Watch the first trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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At San Diego Comic-Con today, Warner Bros. used its Hall H panel to show off its work on not just three films, but the latest installments in three different major franchises: Fantastic Beasts, DC, and its monster films. Among them: the first trailer for its upcoming film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the sequel to Gareth Edwards’ 2014 film Godzilla.

The trailer kicks off with Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) fleeing a disaster as a scientist (Vera Farmiga) explains that we’re experiencing a new threat — the “fever” sent to fight the “infection” that humanity has become — as monsters like Godzilla are returning to the Earth after remaining in hiding for years. “Unless all the Titans are found,” she says over a surprisingly…

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Hacking A Very Special 486

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It’s fair to say that Moore’s Law is not delivering on its promise of advancing semiconductor capabilities as fast as it used to, as the limits of current fabrication techniques are being met. Where this is being written for example there are two laptops, one from the last year and one that is 11 years old, and while the new one is undeniably faster it has not overtaken the other by as much as a ten year gap between 1990s machines would have revealed.

So with older laptops being still so relatively quick, what possible attraction could there be for …read more

9 new trailers you should watch this week

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When my colleague Jacob Kastrenakes recently asked if somebody could cover this week’s “new trailers” post, I immediately stuck my hand in the air to volunteer. Well, okay, technically, I just typed “I can take it,” because I live in Los Angeles, and interact with most of my coworkers on Slack. It’s like being in Unfriended, only we just write text messages to each other, and there are no demons jumping onto group video calls.

Now that I think about it, I guess that’s actually nothing like Unfriended at all. Maybe it’s more like Searching, instead… but nobody’s been kidnapped, either. Okay, forget all that. Jake needed somebody to write this post, I volunteered, and so here we are.

Writing up the trailer roundup is a bit of a…

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Microsoft, Best Buy, and RavPower are offering some good back-to-school deals

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Amazon Prime Day is behind us, but there are still a few remaining deals that even non-Prime members can take advantage of. If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to find similarly steep discounts on tech, there’s always Back to School season, which has already kicked off with promotions from companies including Apple.

But heading back to school isn’t just about buying a new laptop. From price-slashed photo editing software and laptops to a free season of Dragon Ball Z and exclusive discounts on Anker and RavPower chargers, this week’s best deals cover quite the range.

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Hello Games Received Death Threats Over ‘No Man’s Sky’

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The Guardian revisits the disastrous 2016 launch of the massive open-universe videogame No Man’s Sky, in a new interview with company director Sean Murray:
“I’ve never liked talking to the press. I didn’t enjoy it when I had to do it, and when I did it, I was naive and overly excited about my game. There are a lot of things around launch that I regret, or that I would do differently.” He is reluctant to relive the particulars of what happened in the weeks and months following No Man’s Sky’s release in August 2016 (“I find it really personal, and I don’t have any advice for dealing with it,” he says), but it involved death threats, bomb threats sent to the studio and harassment of people who worked at Hello Games on a frightening scale. They were in regular contact with Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan police… “I remember getting a death threat about the fact that there were butterflies in our original trailer, and you could see them as you walked past them, but there weren’t any butterflies in the launch game. I remember thinking to myself: ‘Maybe when you’re sending a death threat about butterflies in a game, you might be the bad guy….'”
Despite the controversy, No Man’s Sky sold extremely well, and plenty of its players have stuck by it. A year after release, when Hello Games released the Atlas Rises update, about a million people showed up to play, and the average playtime was 45 hours…. It is still recognisable as the lonely, abstractly beautiful space-exploration game I played in 2016, but three big updates have added a lot more. It is now definitely a better game, with much more to do and a clearer structure… Now you can also construct bases, drive around in vehicles and — as of next week — invite other players to explore with you, in groups of four. You can crew a freighter together, or colonise a planet with ever-expanding constructions.

“You are still a tiny speck in an infinite universe,” writes the Guardian. “it’s just that now, you have some company.” Murray describes it as a “Star Trek away team vibe.”
In another interview, Murray concedes that during the five years they’d spent in development, “We talked about the game way earlier than we should have talked about the game…. “

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HOPE XIII: Oh The Fun You’ll Have With a Bit of Social Engineering

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I’ve been aware of the Social Engineering panels, talks, and villages at many conferences over the past few years. For some reason, be it the line to get in or conflicting schedules, I haven’t made it to one. Today was my day and I had a blast. The Social Engineering Panel at HOPE XIII is a great introduction to the dark(ish) art and a stroll through memory lane with some notables in the field.

Social Engineering (SE) is the pseudo-science of getting what you want by convincing people to share information, usually without them even knowing they’re doing so. This …read more

Measuring Web Latency in the Browser

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We’ll go out on a limb and assume that anyone reading these words is probably familiar with the classic ping command. Depending on which operating system you worship the options might be slightly different, but every variation of this simple tool does the same thing: send an ICMP echo request and wait for a response. How long it takes to get a response from the target, if it gets one at all, is shown to the user. This if often the very first step to diagnosing network connectivity issues; if this doesn’t work, there’s an excellent chance the line is …read more

Digital Attenuator Goes from Manual to Arduino Control

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[Kerry Wong] comes across the coolest hardware, and always manages to do something interesting with it. His widget du jour is an old demo board for a digital RF attenuator chip, which can pad a signal in discrete steps according to the settings of some DIP switches. [Kerry]’s goal: forget the finger switch-flipping and bring the attenuator under Arduino control.

As usual with his videos, [Kerry] gives us a great rundown on the theory behind the hardware he’s working with. The chip in question is an interesting beast, an HMC624LP4E from Hittite, a company that was rolled into Analog Devices …read more

Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 2 Trailer Teases Spock, Christopher Pike, and Tig Notaro

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CBS has released a “Season Two Premiere” for Star Trek Discovery, offering the first look at the upcoming season of the show on CBS All Access. The first season launched late last year and finished up in February after a brief hiatus. The Verge reports of what to expect from the upcoming season, which is expected to premiere sometime in early 2019: [It] appears to begin with Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) coming aboard and taking control of the USS Discovery after a series of mysterious “red bursts” are detected, simultaneously spread out across 30,000 light years. Burnham later claims “Spock is linked to these signals.” New series guest star Tig Notaro makes a very Tig Notaro joke, Pike encourages the crew to “have a little fun,” Tilly yells about “the power of math” — a good time, in other words. (After all, the whole thing is set the tune of Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away,” so you know it’s real.) Bonus: at the end we meet another, very sniffly alien Discovery crew member, proving Saru and the bridge androids aren’t the sole non-humans aboard the ship, as we once feared. At the Discovery panel at San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H, a new Star Trek series was announced, called Star Trek: Short Treks. It is “a series of monthly short-form stories that will function like bonus content and air on CBS All Access in conjunction with the larger Star Trek: Discovery series,” reports The Verge. “CBS says Short Treks, which will air in installments of about 10 to 15 minutes, is ‘an opportunity for deeper storytelling and exploration of key characters and themes that fit into… the expanding Star Trek universe.'”

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Open Source Laboratory Rocker is Super Smooth

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Lab equipment is often expensive, but budgets can be tight and not always up to getting small labs or researchers what they need. That’s why [akshay_d21] designed an Open Source Lab Rocker with a modular tray that uses commonly available hardware and 3D printed parts. The device generates precisely controlled, smooth motion to perform automated mild to moderately aggressive mixing of samples by tilting the attached tray in a see-saw motion. It can accommodate either a beaker or test tubes, but since the tray is modular, different trays can be designed to fit specific needs.

Source code and schematics are …read more

Hello Vue: A Quick Tutorial on Getting Started With Vue

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A quick tutorial on getting started with Vue, including the use of a component from Kendo UI for Vue. Designed to be a great starting point with an example that, like Vue itself, is scalable.

This tutorial is aimed at the first-time Vue explorer. I’ll show you how to create a simple example using Vue, and then I’ll add in some interactivity and a UI component, and finally add in more functionality and a Kendo UI component. While this tutorial demo is quite basic, it outlines all the key elements of adding in features and functionality using Vue. It would be very easy to expand on the demo code and swap in more complex components. My example, like Vue itself, is scalable.

Freeform has renewed Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger for a second season

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Marvel has largely taken a backseat this year at San Diego Comic-Con: Marvel Studios skipped the con, but there’s been a bit of news from its television divisions: it announced that the second season of Iron Fist will begin later this fall, and today, it revealed that its Freeform show, Cloak & Dagger will come back for another season next year.

The show follows two teenagers, Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone “Ty” Johnson (Aubrey Joseph), who gained superpowers from an accident. The show has proven to be extremely relevant, tackling issues such as racism, depression and drug abuse.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freeform has renewed the show for a second, 10-episode season, which will begin streaming in the spring of 2019….

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Bananas Against Racism

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This is a tale as old as time. Not love, it is about keeping something you made safe from those who would destroy something beautiful. In this case, the thing of beauty is a talking banana who reads Twitch and Youtube comments. The ne’er-do-wells are trolls seeking to ban-anana the account by forcing it to recite restricted words.

The problems stem from a visit from [Greekgodx], whose followers tend toward the dark side. When they set their sights on [Mike Nichols]’ yellow automaton, things slipped into a bleak place, and a twenty-four-hour ban falls on the fruit. A bunch of …read more

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