Verizon’s new set-top box is possibly the worst option out there for streaming

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Image: Verizon

In case you didn’t already have a Roku device, an Amazon Fire TV, a Chromecast, or an Apple TV, Verizon is launching a new set-top box called the Verizon Stream TV. It’s free for Verizon FiOS subscribers (according to 9to5Google), costs $69.99 otherwise, and it’s possibly the worst option for streaming on the market right now.

First, and probably most importantly, it doesn’t support Netflix. I’m guessing that’s all you need to know to never want to use the Stream TV, and I would understand if you’ve now decided to click away to read any of the other wonderful articles on The Verge. (Verizon confirms it doesn’t support Netflix at the end of this FAQ.)

But if you’re still with me, here’s what else the Stream TV offers. The box runs on…

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Ergonomic JoyCon replacements for the Nintendo Switch make older hands happier

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I really like these ‘ergonomic’ JoyCon replacements.

The tiny JoyCons are a pain to hold. These replacements make holding the Switch while you play a lot easier for my carpal tunnel suffering hands.

Everything works like the stock JoyCon, except there is something substantial to hold on to.

Wireless Controller for Switch, BestOff Neon Red Neon Blue Controllers Compatible for Nintendo Switch Console via Amazon Read the rest

PHOTO: Rudy Giuliani with Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, third ‘unnamed associate’

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One for the ages. Almost looks like one of those garage sale black velvet paintings with the dogs playing poker.

THIS is an absolutely incredible new photo of former Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and current investigation target Rudy Giuliani, along with his distinguished Russian gentlemen friends Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, and a third ‘unnamed associate.’

Wow. Here’s the full image.

Read the ProPublica report, which is even more insane than the photo (and true): Giuliani Was Close to a Podcast Deal With the News Outlet That Spread His Ukraine Conspiracies

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Cheap safe looks like a book

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If you have a lot of books at home, a cheap book safe like this is a good way to hide small things. The inside storage area is 2″ x 5.625″ x 9″ and the book looks like a dictionary. (Crooks already know to scan bookshelves for The New English Dictionary, so you should put a jacket from another book on it.)

It has a lock and two keys to discourage snooping if someone pulls the book off the shelf. Read the rest

The Dude’s Pendleton sweater will keep me warm this winter

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The Pendleton Westerly shawl collar sweater is super cool, but keeps me warm.

All my winter stuff is in storage and I have no access too it. I expected to be out of storage before the winter came, but now I am cold and without my favorite sweaters: cable knit shawl collar sweaters ala Steve McQueen. Deal is, however, I have enough of them in multiple colors that I do not need duplicates when I am finally able to get all my stuff out of storage.

Another sweater made famous by media that I love, and super comfortable too boot, is the Pendleton Westerly. This ultra-comfortable 3GG sweater immediately lets people know that you are a chill slacker who doesn’t care much about anything, while also keeping you warm.

Vintage models are available on ebay and etsy, but Pendleton has been making an exact-ish replica of the Dude’s sweater for a few years now.

Pendleton Original Westerly Sweater via Amazon Read the rest

Supercar maker Vector has the world’s best website

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Vector made bizarre high-performance supercars that still command six-figure price tags decades after manufacture. Check out its amazing website. Note:

1. The wonder. The design. The impeccable taste.
2. The whole website is a single unclickable image, including the menu buttons. I just uploaded Vector’s whole actual website as this post’s “Featured Image.”

In other words, Vector’s website is exactly what it should be: a technically impractical concept design that looks cool but turns out to be an incomplete prototype.

Check out the Vector V8’s dashboard/cockpit, replete with amber electroluminescent display.

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VIDEO: Hurricane destruction, one century in one minute

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This video visualizes a century of tropical storm destruction in one minute.

Amazing work by Aslak Grinstead.

Damages are framed in terms of an equivalent Area of Total Destruction. How large an land area do you have to completely destroy to account for the reported economic damages for each event.

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Get started with method references in Java

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Along with lambdas, Java SE 8 brought method references to the Java language. This tutorial offers a brief overview of method references in Java, then gets you started using them with Java code examples. By the end of the tutorial you will know how to use method references to refer to a class’s static methods, bound and unbound non-static methods, and constructors, as well as how to use them to refer to instance methods in superclass and current class types. You’ll also understand why many Java developers have adopted lambda expressions and method references as a cleaner, simpler alternative to anonymous classes.

Method references: A primer

My previous Java 101 tutorial introduced lambda expressions, which are used to define anonymous methods that can then be treated as instances of a functional interface. Sometimes, a lambda expression does nothing more than call an existing method. For example, the following code fragment uses a lambda to invoke System.out‘s void println(s) method on the lambda’s single argument–s‘s type is not yet known:

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Windows 10 November 2019 Update is now available as more of a service pack

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Microsoft Windows 10 stock

Microsoft is releasing its latest Windows 10 November 2019 Update to devices today. While most of Microsoft’s significant Windows 10 updates usually come with a host of new features, this one is much more like the service packs you’d find with previous versions of Windows. Most of the changes are minor, and you won’t see a lot of them as they’re behind-the-scenes improvements focused on stability, performance, and more.

That doesn’t mean nothing has changed, though. The biggest changes can be found in the improvements that Microsoft is making to the notifications experience in Windows 10. This new November update has a manage notifications button in the notification center (Action Center) that leads to a better settings area where you…

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The Simpsons’ aspect ratio is messed up on Disney+

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The Simpsons

All 30 seasons of The Simpsons are available for fans to stream on Disney+ starting today, but there’s one glaring problem: the aspect ratio is off.

Every episode of The Simpsons is currently streaming in a 16:9 ratio, meaning it looks stretched and shots are cropped to fit a widescreen format. There isn’t an option to change the aspect ratio, either. This ultimately means there’s a plethora of gags from the first 20 Simpsons seasons that don’t land because the cropping prevents the joke from being fulfilled.

The Simpsons originally aired on Fox in 1989, and it was broadcast in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The show relies heavily on visual gags — an aspect of joke-telling that wouldn’t become an issue until near the end of 2009, about a third…

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Rad Power Bikes’ lineup of e-bikes is discounted ahead of Black Friday

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Rad Power Bikes makes some capable e-bikes, like the RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike that The Verge’s Andrew Hawkins calls “a legitimate car replacement” for his needs. This model and several other electric bicycles are up to $200 off ahead of Black Friday, and you can take advantage of these deals online and at Rad Power’s Seattle location.

These bikes are rarely discounted, but starting today you can save $200 on the following models:

Rad Power Bikes is offering a few other discounts, like…

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