Nerf’s new Ultra blasters shoot farther than ever before — but there’s a catch

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The next time you get pegged with a Nerf dart, it might be from an incredible 120 feet away — because Hasbro’s new Ultra One blaster, coming October 1st for $49.99, is boasting ranges we’ve never seen from an unmodified blaster thanks to a completely redesigned dart with new stabilizing fins.

It could be the single most important change to Nerf blasters in years, since range has always been a limiting factor in Nerf wars. When Nerf introduced the “Elite” dart with its 75-foot range in 2012, and its 90-foot Elite XD* blasters in 2014, players scrambled to get an advantage over their foes whose darts didn’t shoot nearly as far.

But the new blasters come with a catch: DRM for darts, it sounds like! “If the blaster detects an…

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Take this training and start crunching big data on MATLAB

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If you’ve worked in any high-performing engineering lab, you already know about MATLAB. This computing environment and the language that powers it is perfectly suited to science and math, with an interface that makes it easy to express and visualize complex algorithms – not to mention an infrastructure that lets it easily work with other go-to languages like Python, C++, and Java.

Now that sound data analytics have become a necessity for nearly any company, MATLAB and its associated platforms are in demand for a growing number of fields. If you want to get ahead of the next wave in technical computing, the Essential MATLAB & LabVIEW Mega Bundle is the crash course you need.

In this nine-lesson bundle, you’ll not only learn how to create custom apps in MATLAB and navigate its data structures. You’ll also dive into LabVIEW, a crucial development environment for managing and testing equipment and workflow in the industrial sector. Put the two together, and you’ll be able to build a network that will make you invaluable in the tech world.

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Cinderella with glass arm instead of glass slipper

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Glass arms are so much more magical than glass slippers. A woman whose daughter was born with one arm asked professional costume designer and cosplayer Mandy Pursley for a bit of photographic inspiration. Pursley, who also has one arm, sent photos shot her modeling a fantastic Cinderella costume she made that is leveled way up with an exquisite “glass” prosthetic arm by artist Gilbert Lozano and fabricators Cemrock. From Pursley’s Facebook post:

This costume is dedicated to all the little girls learning to navigate the world with their “lucky fins” or other challenges. I hope you know you are beautiful, and that you are UNSTOPPABLE!!! Write your own story, and be your own kind of princess. ?

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How Untitled Goose Game adapted Debussy for its dynamic soundtrack

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One of the highlights of House House’s Untitled Goose Game, the “slapstick-stealth-sandbox” game in which you play a terrible goose wreaking havoc in a lovely English village, is the adaptive soundtrack of Debussy’s Preludes. The playful piano music almost provides a kind of insight into the goose’s mind — the melody plays in quiet, short bursts when it’s up to no good, creeping up on its next victim. When the goose is in full chaos mode, waddling away from the gardener who just wants his keys back, the piano tune plays out in full, encouraging the player to keep up the shenanigans.

Surprisingly, the studio had originally leaned toward having no music in the game until the first trailer was released in 2017. Composer Dan Golding, who…

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Imposter Syndrome in Web Development: Understand It, Overcome It

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We can’t all be coding superheroes, but we can all be good at what we do

The web development sphere — and the IT world in general — is a great area to build your career and spend many years of adult life in. Here, smart and driven people gather together to build great products. To build great products, however, we as the developers need to stay high-performant and motivated — so we’ve built our work culture around these qualities.

In this “be a genius and work hard” culture, we start to feel that we’re not up to the high standards imposed by the software industry; we have shortcomings, we make mistakes, we don’t know everything. Our mentors, peers, and friends, however, don’t seem to have these issues — and so the imposter syndrome is born.

Ring and Nest video doorbells include a free smart display with purchase at Best Buy

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Best Buy is hosting a new promotion that will give you a free Google Nest Hub if you purchase a Nest Hello video doorbell, or a free Amazon Echo Show 5 when you buy a Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Neither video doorbell is discounted, so the Nest Hello costs $229.99 while the Ring Video Doorbell costs $199.99. But smart displays are great as far as freebies go, especially since they serve as good companions to smart doorbells. Whether you buy the Google product or the one from Amazon, you’ll be able to use the smart display to see who’s ringing the doorbell, and talk with visitors via two-way audio. The displays also make for good digital photo frames and smart alarm clocks.

To get a free Echo Show 5, add the Ring Video Doorbell 2 (or the more…

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Fantastic fingerboard trick video from 1999

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These days, my 13-year-old son and his friends are all about playing with their Tech Deck fingerboards during lunch at school. This 1999 video “Fingers of Fury!” is from 1999 yet two decades later, kids (and adults) are still fanatic about fingerboarding. From Consumer Time Capsule:

Famous fingerboarders Darin Langhorst, Damien Bernadet and Tony Pauthex showcase their skills on a variety of obstacles, such as a mini railing, a wooden box and, well, more railings and boxes.

After a two minute and thirty second compilation including all three athletes’ arsenal, we’re treated to a feature dubbed, “learning how to do what you want your fingers to do,” featuring Darin Langhorst. In this section, Darin explains the succession of tricks that you should learn, each supported with slow motion illustrations. After covering the basics, Langhorst describes the importance of ollies: a lifting of the board, using the “g-forces” exerted by your fingers.

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