Don’t Forget Your Mints When Using This Synthesizer

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While synthesizers in the music world are incredibly common, they’re not all keyboard-based instruments as you might be imagining. Especially if you’re trying to get a specific feel or sound from a synthesizer in order to mimic a real instrument, there might be a better style synth that you can use. One of these types is the breath controller, a synthesizer specifically built to mimic the sound of wind instruments using the actual breath from a physical person. Available breath controllers can be pricey, though, so [Andrey] built his own.

To build the synthesizer, [Andrey] used a melodica hose and …read more

Diablo III leaks for the Switch, out later this year

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The leaked Ganondorf armor for Diablo III

It looks like Diablo III is coming to the Switch, according to a since-deleted post from Forbes that was spotted by Reddit user Riomegon.

The Switch port of the game is apparently going to be released as the Diablo III: Eternal Collection, a $59.99 bundle that will include both the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions, along with the other content and updates that Blizzard has released over the years. There are also apparently some Nintendo exclusive in-game items: a Ganondorf-styled cosmetic armor set, a Tri-Force portrait frame, a Cucco pet, and more.

Diablo III has been rumored to be coming to Nintendo’s latest console since February, when Blizzard first…

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Motorola’s latest phone looks exactly like an iPhone X with a Huawei paint job

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Motorola has made a new iPhone X clone called the P30 that comes in an iridescent twilight color reminiscent of Huawei’s P20, as spotted by PhoneArena. When we say clone, the rear of the phone looks nearly identical to the iPhone X, except that Apple’s logo has been replaced with Motorola’s and it doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

Huawei’s P20 comes in twilight, which is a deep purple that can turn into blue, depending on what lighting it’s under. Motorola is calling its similar shade “Aurora.” By taking some of the iPhone X’s looks and the Huawei P20’s most memorable color, the Motorola P30 combines the best of both worlds, even if some might call it derivative. It will come to China before it sees greater availability around the world.

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This nose hair ripper-outer I bought in Tokyo works great

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I just returned home from a 5-week stay in Japan with my family. We spent the first 10 days in Kyoto and Koya-san, and the rest of the time we stayed in an apartment in Tokyo, where I worked on Boing Boing, Cool Tools, and Institute for the Future. Despite the high temperatures and humidity, we had a great time. I’ll be writing about the trip here in the days to come.

To start things off, here is something I bought at a chain store called Vanguard Village. There is nothing like Vanguard Village in the US as far as I know. It has CDs (Japanese still prefer CDs over MP3s), clothes, makeup, masturbatory aids, manga, books, and tons of other stuff. One shelf was devoted entirely to weird body cleaning products. I bought a few different products to try out. One of them was this nose hair removal kit called Gosso. It cost about $8 and contains enough materials to rip the hair out of six nostrils. (Amazon sells an identical looking kit that can clean out 20 nostrils for $12).

To use it, you heat up waxy pellets in a microwave oven, apply the molten wax to a plastic stick, shove it into your nostril (twisting as you do so), waiting 90 seconds, then yanking the stick out and screaming “SHIT! THAT HURT!”

I have heard removing nostril hairs is a bad idea because they act as filters. But I have 10 times more nostril hair than I did when I was young, and after I used this, I still had hairs farther in the back of my nose. I’m glad to have a nose that doesn’t have hairs sprouting from the nostrils.

Rover V2 Handles Stairs as Easily as the Outdoors

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Rover V2 is an open-source, 3D-printable robotic rover platform that has seen a lot of evolution and development from its creator, [tlalexander]. There are a number of interesting things about Rover V2’s design, such as the way the wheel hubs themselves contain motors and custom planetary gearboxes. This system is compact and keeps weight down low to the ground, which helps keep a rover stable. The platform is all wheel drive, and moving parts like the suspension are kept high up, as far away from the ground as possible. Software is a custom Python stack running on a Raspberry Pi …read more

Saint Louis University is placing 2,300 Echo Dots in student living spaces

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Saint Louis University has announced that it will be placing Amazon Echo Dot devices, powered by Alexa for Business, in every student residence hall room or student apartment on campus. While other colleges, like Arizona State University, have put Echo Dots in student housing before, SLU says this is the first time a college will equip every student living space with an Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

SLU’s Echo Dots will come with a unique skill that will allow students to ask over 100 university-specific questions like “What time does the library close tonight?” and “Where is the registrar’s office?” It will also be able to provide information about student events, speakers coming to campus, concerts, and more.

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Meet the Disrupt SF 2018 Virtual Hackathon judges and our semi-finalists

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Holy hackathon, people. Here’s an exciting update on the judges and semi-finalists who are set to make the Virtual Hackathon — at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 on September 5-7 — an event that redefines “epic.” Since June, more than 1,000 developers, programmers, hackers and tech makers all over the world have been hard at work […]

Striking similarity between David Bowie and cartoon man on Devo album cover

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Joel Gion of Brian Jonestown Massacre posted these images on his Instagram. Coincidence or… something else?

Well, David Bowie did help Brian Eno produce Devo’s “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” (1978). But apparently illustrator Joe Heiner based the cover art on a photo of golfer Juan “Chi-Chi” Rodríguez mixed with an image Mark Mothersbaugh had “procured from a local newspaper that morphed the faces of U.S. presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.”

Still, the resemblance here is striking.

More on the cover art at Wikipedia.

Open-air urinal facing tourist boats in Paris not welcome by all

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A supposedly odorless, open-air urinal has been set up in the middle of Paris, and some folks are irked. The bright red no-flush urinal – set up so that pissers face tourist boats cruising the Seine river – could pass as a planter, trash can, or some sort of utility box at first. But a sign above it reads “uritrottoir” (pavement urinal).

Three other similar urinals were set up in Paris months ago, but this one, on the Ile Saint-Louis, “has met with a more robust response,” according to CBS.

But some residents have complained that the bright red boxes are a blight on the picturesque streets of the city.

Others say there is something more than a little distasteful about encouraging men to urinate right on the street, even if it’s into a box…

“It’s a little bit in the open, some people might be uncomfortable,” he said as several boats packed with tourists floated past along the Seine…

Local resident Francoise said she was “outraged” by its presence, describing it as “really not very attractive”.

Others like the idea of it, but think the location isn’t appropriate, while the biggest complaint is that it discriminates against women, because it caters only to men.

Here’s a video showing the urinal with some action. A fun bonus attraction for those cruisers.

Track Everything, Everywhere with an IoT Barcode Scanner

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I’ve always considered barcodes to be one of those invisible innovations that profoundly changed the world. What we might recognize as modern barcodes were originally designed as a labor-saving device in the rail and retail industries, but were quickly adopted by factories for automation, hospitals to help prevent medication errors, and a wide variety of other industries to track the movements of goods.

The technology is accessible, since all you really need is a printer to make barcodes. If you’re already printing packaging for a product, it only costs you ink, or perhaps a small sticker. Barcodes are so ubiquitous …read more

Watch how much this police dog loves (or hates) a Jack-in-the-box surprise toy

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In the below video, Redondo Beach police officer Kyle Lofstrom pops the weasel and police dog Ammo responds accordingly.

“I can’t tell if this means he likes his new toy or hates it,” Lofstrom posted on the K9 team’s Instagram.

(via Laughing Squid)

Friday Hack Chat: LED Diffusion

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A decade ago, the first Arduino projects featuring addressable RGB LEDs came on the scene, and the world hasn’t been the same since. Now we have full wall video displays with WS2812s and APA102s, wearable blinky, and entire suits of armor made of LEDs. The future is bright, and in RGB.

For this week’s Hack Chat, we’re going to be talking all about how to maintain the blinky without eye-searing brightness. It’s the LED Diffusion Hack Chat, full of tips and tricks on how to get the glowey without it being imprinted on your retina.

Our guest for this week’s …read more

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