The Genius Pack is the perfect carry-on when you’re ready to travel — and it’s now over half off

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We’d all love to make the trip home this year for the holidays, but the reality is, that’s probably not in the cards for millions right now. But with encouraging signs that a COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021 may be the light at the end of our dark and dreary 2020 tunnel, it isn’t too early to start thinking about all those trips you’ve spent months planning. — Read the rest

Nintendo Switch update lets you share screenshots to your phone or PC

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Nintendo has released a new firmware update for the Switch, and for once it actually adds some features to the console’s barebones OS.

The biggest one is a new way to share screenshots and videos directly to your smartphone by scanning a QR code. The process is a little awkward, but it definitely beats the previous method of uploading everything to Twitter or Facebook first.

Here’s how it works:

You can also now copy screenshots and videos to your PC over USB.


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Make:Cast – Ten Years of Open Source Hardware

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Ten years ago, a community came together around a definition of open source hardware to be clear about what it means to share designs for physical things, and doing so in a way that allows others to make, modify, distribute or use those things. This definition has been managed by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA). In this episode, I talk with Alicia Gibb, Executive Director of OSHWA and board president, Michael Weinberg about the growth of open source hardware, its certification process and the role of open source hardware in the maker response to COVID-19.

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Enterprising developers are emulating PS2 games on the Xbox Series S and X

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Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Developers have now made it possible to emulate PS2 games on the Xbox Series X and S using the RetroArch emulator — something that the PlayStation 5, a successor to the PS2, can’t.

Thanks to the Xbox Series X / S consoles’ “Developer Mode,” the emulation software can be added as a Universal Windows Application (UWA), allowing users to download a retail version of the emulation software directly to their console without tricky workarounds, so players don’t have to wait for a re-release to play an older favorite.

While RetroArch is able to emulate several different consoles, the compatibility for running PS2 games using the PCSX2 core is particularly notable because of how limited Sony’s PlayStation 5 is when it comes to backwards…

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Leveraging CloudAMQP Within My Heroku-Based SaaS Solution

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In the “Using Heroku to Quickly Build a Multi-Tenant SaaS Product” article, I documented the foundation for a new SaaS solution that I am building (initially for my sister-in-law) — utilizing the Heroku ecosystem. Using Heroku allowed me to deploy the app quickly, without having to worry about infrastructure, DevOps, scalability when the app gets popular, etc. The “Integrating Twilio Into My SaaS Solution In Heroku” publication provided an example of how easy it is to create a Twilio instance and integrate the solution into my Fitness-based SaaS solution. This current journey has resulted in a feature set that both trainers and their clients have been able to enjoy.

This article is going to focus on invoicing clients for services that have been performed and will utilize messaging solutions within the Heroku ecosystem. The goals of the invoice process are as follows:

First Xbox Series X update rolling out with more dynamic backgrounds and UI changes

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New Xbox Series X dynamic backgrounds. | Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is starting to roll out the November update for the Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One consoles today. The software update is the first dashboard update for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, and it includes more dynamic backgrounds that are exclusive to the Xbox Series X and Series S.

The update adds six new dynamic background designs, including ones that are clear nods to older Xbox consoles. Each can be selected from the settings panel of the Xbox dashboard, and Microsoft says it’s working on additional styles, colors, and designs for future console updates.

Image: Microsoft

The new dynamic backgrounds.

Alongside the updated dynamic backgrounds, the Xbox Series X and S are getting a new tag that…

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Raspberry Pi made a tiny $5 fan for cooling down your miniature computer

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been on a roll this year with cool new hardware: there’s the upgraded Raspberry Pi 4; the new Raspberry Pi camera; and my personal favorite: the Raspberry Pi 400, a keyboard that’s actually a fully self-contained computer. Its latest product is a little more humble: a $5 fan and heatsink set that’s designed to keep your Raspberry Pi 4 cool, even for the most demanding overclockers.

Fan cases for a Raspberry Pi aren’t exactly new, but there’s something particularly charming to me about the official model, like the satisfying way it clips onto the existing “official” Raspberry Pi 4 case or the bespoke heatsink that’s perfectly sized for the mini-computer’s processor.

While the idea of adding a fan to a…

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Disney digitally removes The Mandalorian’s accidental crew member cameo

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Image: Disney

In line with bad things happening in 2020, Disney has digitally removed a lone crew member who accidentally appeared in the background of a recent Mandalorian episode.

The crew member, who the internet lovingly dubbed “Jeans Guy,” appeared at the 18:54 mark in season 2, episode 4. Back flat against the wall, the crew member was not in the shot for very long, but they made an impact on Star Wars fans everywhere. People even made mock designs for action figures based on the crew member! You can’t buy that kind of love. The Verge has reached out to Disney about the digital erasure.

Upon revisiting the scene, however, the crew member is nowhere to be found, something I was worried would happen. The beauty of digital editing technology is…

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5 reasons you don’t want to miss out on TC Sessions: Space 2020

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We’re just about two weeks away from launching TC Sessions: Space 2020, our first focused foray into early-stage space startups and the essential satellite industries that support them. Buy your pass and join us on December 16 – 17 for two days packed with all the right stuff, including untapped opportunity. Still looking for a […]

Wasps threaten airplane safety

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Wasps are threatening airplane safety at Australia’s Brisbane Airport. The keyhole wasps have identified an airplane’s “pitot tube,” an externally-mounted sensor that measures airspeed, as an ideal location to make a nest of mud and grass. “We realized that this wasn’t just an inconvenience, that you just had to clean these things out and swat the wasps away,” says Eco Logical Australia researcher Alan House. — Read the rest

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