Puppy, 4 weeks old, makes cutest sound in the world

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The sound this tiny little 4-week-old “pound puppy” makes when he’s smacking his toof-less gums around that soaked kibble? It gives me all the squees in the world. Look at that little dude just go.

That chubby little belly!

Those crusty li’l paws!


Little Mowgli is 4 weeks old, can smack on some soaked kibble, and smiles in his sleep.

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Cat tries a lick of ice cream for the first time

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Look at this cute kitty getting a little taste of ice cream on a spoon from her human. Not an every day thing, but it’s okay as a fancy once-in-a-while.

“This is Hallie,” says IMGURian DOWNVOTEALLEMOJIS, who adopted her.

“Named because we found her abandoned on a Halliburton well site in the dead of winter.”

“Kept her warm in the diesel truck and fed her cans of tuna.”

“Had her almost 2 years now. She’s a lucky girl! And so are we.”

What kind of ice cream?

“Strawberry, my favorite.”

Her first ice cream

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“The Stab”: a forgotten nearly-was Haunted Mansion changing portrait

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The queue area at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland features a row of changing portraits wherein paintings everyday scenes are revealed as sinister and haunted (originally the effect was done with crossfading slide-projectors; now it’s done with an amazing, crisp electroluminiscent effect).

There were a lot of potential gags designed for the hallway (for example, the miser who spontaneously combusts!), and while the paintings the Imagineers settled are part of the best queue in theme-park history, I can’t help but wish a few of those nearly-was gags had made it into the ride.

One example is “The Stab,” based on a well-known Currier and Ives print, which Imagineer Marc Davis reimagined as a murder scene. As the Long Forgotten Blog writes: “So it’s another example of Marc riffing off of a known image, in this case wickedly reading murderous intent in this dear lady’s so seemingly innocent eyes. You know, her face does seem to me to have an utter blankness about it, despite the Mona Lisa smile, that allows the viewer to imagine virtually any thought lurking behind it.”

Long Forgotten also mentions that my friend (and sometime Boing Boing contributor, and former Imagineering colleague) Chris Merritt is just wrapping up an astounding, two-volume history of Marc Davis that comes out on Labor Day. Chris was Davis’s protege, and the rarities, never-seen sketches, and insider dope he has on Davis are absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve pre-ordered my copy: it’s a $105, slipcased, two-volume hardcover set. Read the rest

The “sitting and smiling” guy sat and smiled for 8 hours straight yesterday

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Benjamin Bennett has a YouTube channel of 300 videos where he silently sits in a corner for four hours and smiles into the camera without taking a break. Yesterday he made an 8-hour video of sitting and smiling.

He also has a newer video series called “Walking and Talking” where he rubber bands a camera to a stick and delivers stream of consciousness philosophical musings for four hours per episode.

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Panic averted! Two empty Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks have arrived

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Shipping on my favorite notebooks went from 30 days to overnight.

Last time I ordered a Maruman notebook it took a month for it to arrive. I love the Mnemosyne paper for writing upon with fountain pens and my favorite inks. I have been writing a lot lately, letters to friends as well as the mundane shit that passes thru my head. As my last notebook filled up I started to freak out a bit.

I did not, however, get off my ass and just order a new notebook.

I waited until I was surely doomed. Then I checked online and delivery times were down to 1 day. I ordered 2 notebooks. I like the “182” which is about 5″x8″, spiral bound with perforated and SQUARE RULED pages.

I rarely tear pages out, but perforation is nice when you need it.

Ink doesn’t feather. Pens both fine and medium glide over the surface. The white is good for me to spend lots of time staring at a blank page thinking about whatever terror I am trying to get out of my head and onto a page.

There are many size and rule options.

My go-to pen is a Parker Duofold International with a medium nib, and my favorite daily-use ink is Noodler’s Heart of Darkness.

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Already regretting asking Charles Bukowski to review the new ‘Cats’

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somebody needs

to throw a god damn boot

at Mr. Mistoffelees


screw this jellical distraction

this is not quiet, small

nor should one anthropomorphize

a pissant cat

prancing about a stage

you don’t know what theater is

I am telling the director, who is not there

fuck your memories!

there is no fire, it is a cop out, a fake

something to cry in a theater that needs emptying

as they escort me to the door

threatening legal action

I go to Charlie’s and order a pint of rye

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Where to catch me at Burning Man!

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This is my last day at my desk until Labor Day: tomorrow, we’re driving to Burning Man to get our annual dirtrave fix! If you’re heading to the playa, here’s three places and times you can find me:

1. The Liminal Labs Couch Chat, Weds, 12 noon, at Camp Liminal Labs (8:15 and Center Camp). Liminal Labs is my camp (celebrating its 21st year!), and every year, we put on a public lecture. This year, I’m hosting Andrew “bunnie” Huang (previously) the legendary hardware hacker and entrepreneur whom EFF is representing in a lawsuit to overturn part of the DMCA to make it legal to bypass DRM.

Seating is always limited at these things (our living room is big, but it’s not that big!) so come by early!

2. Center Camp Speaker Series, Weds, 3PM, at Center Camp Cafe. I’m doing a solo talk on the Center Camp stage again, about Big Tech, competition, and corruption.

3. Palenque Norte at Camp Soft Landings, Fri, 1PM, 8:30 and E. I’ll be talking about “Surveillance Capitalism” and our “epistemological crisis,” and how we can choose to fix Big Tech, or the internet, but not both.

I hope you have an amazing burn — we always do! This year I’m taking a break from working in the cafe pulling shots in favor of my first-ever Greeter shift, which I’m really looking forward to.

While we’re on the subject, there’s still time to sign up for the Liminal Labs Assassination Game! Read the rest

Train for a career in data analytics with 90% off these courses

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The field of data analytics is growing as fast as the internet itself. Self-driving cars, airline pricing, and huge marketing campaigns are all driven by the insights that data scientists can distill out of vast sums of information. Even with the help of powerful software like Python, it’s a highly skilled position.

But those skills are attainable to mere mortals, and the Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle is one good way to dive in.

In 85 hours of exercises and lectures, the course covers the software every data scientists needs: Languages like R and Python, software like Hadoop and Excel. But it’s more than just rote training in the interface. You’ll get a birds-eye view of the linear and logistic regression, forecasting and the other concepts underlying data analytics. By the time you’re done, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to tackle any database – and any job.

The Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle is now available for $49, more than 90% off the original price. Read the rest

SHAG designed Enchanted Tiki Room mouse ears for Disneyland

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Look what SHAG whipped up (that’s a reference to the Dole Whip, btw) for Disneyland: Enchanted Tiki Room mouse ears. Since early July, Disney has been releasing a series of Mickey Mouse ear hats and Minnie Mouse ear headbands designed by notable celebrities, designers, and artists. Photos of the other designs and their release dates can be found on the Disney Parks Blog.

He writes:

I’ll be signing these and other exclusive Disney products at D23 on Saturday, August 24 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm at Talent Central in the Anaheim Convention Center. These limited edition Enchanted Tiki Room Mouse Ears are part of Disney’s Designer Collection, featuring ear hats by Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang, Heidi Klum and other celebrity artists and designers. Mine are debuting at D23 and will be available at Disneyland and Disney World on August 28.

Skip through the images to see the back of the ears:

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I’ll be signing these and other exclusive Disney products at D23 on Saturday, August 24 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm at Talent Central in the Anaheim Convention Center. These limited edition Enchanted Tiki Room Mouse Ears are part of Disney’s Designer Collection, featuring ear hats by Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang, Heidi Klum and other celebrity artists and designers. Mine are debuting at D23 and will be available at Disneyland and Disney World on August 28. @disneyd23 #enchantedtikiears #enchantedtikiroomears #enchantedtikiroom #waltdisneysenchantedtikiroom

A post shared by Josh Agle (@theartistshag) on Aug 20, 2019 at 5:22pm PDT

As you’re probably aware, this is just one of the many groovy products he’s designed for them over the years. Read the rest

Wrap makes your Instant Pot look like R2-D2

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Everyone these days seems to have one of those fancy programmable pressure cookers known as the Instant Pot (IP). Now I’ve learned that people are decorating their IP’s stainless steel exterior with decorating decals and wraps. In fact, over on Etsy, there are whole shops dedicated to beautifying your IP. One shop, in particular, has a magnetic, easily-removable wrap that will make your IP look like R2-D2. If this is your jam, head over to InstantWraps to get one. They offer them in a variety of IP sizes with prices starting at $11.

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How they make the gross sound effects for Mortal Kombat games

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When someone punches you so hard your brain flies out the orifices of your face, how exactly does that sound? Foley artists know how that sounds, and they use a variety of clever techniqes to generate the wet, crunchy, nasty noises required to gross out and entertain players.

If you twist a bell pepper in just the right way, it sounds like someone’s chest cavity being ripped open. A lot of non-gamers may not be aware that Mortal Kombat is still being produced. In the early 90s, the game was at the bleeding edge of realistic digitized violence, and the franchise was so controversial that Congress held hearings about it. Believe it or not, the series has only gotten more violent since then.

MK always had interesting sound design, right back to the original arcade game from 1992. Here’s the sound test, reeling off all the samples like a string of low-fidelity sausages:

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The Miskatonic Papers – an experiential letterpress-printed book inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s work

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I’m a fan of Todd Thyberg’s design work and when he told me he had a kickstarter for a project with a H.P. Lovecraft theme, I asked him to describe the project for Boing Boing. Here’s what he wrote:

Are you a fan of horror, expeditionary adventures from the days of old, or the tactile sensation of letterpress printed goods? Then have I got a book for you! This one, live on Kickstarter right now, is Angel Bomb’s largest and most ambitious project to date!

The Miskatonic Papers is an experiential book; you don’t just read it, you explore and experience the mystery assembling it from various pieces. It’s like breaking open a time capsule and then trying to figure out what happened over 100 years ago. Composed of 50 printed pieces including letters, telegrams, drawings, newspaper clippings, a broadside, burned tatters of found stationery, and a journal which was written by hand and printed by letterpress. All of these items, letterpress printed, hand stamped, aged and weathered, comprise this Stygian work of unnameable horrors. You’ll even receive a cast resin fragment of the artifact that lies at the heart of the story; painted, aged and imbued with evil.

This is my fourth book, inspired by early 20th century author and creator of cosmic horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Growing up reading Lovecraft’s stories, I fell in love with his dark horror and esoteric language. His creepy New England settings and monsters from beyond the furthest reaches of space and time inspired this young teenager, eager for an escape from his small North Dakota town.

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Great price on an Arduino starter kit

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This is the least expensive Arduino-clone starter kit I’ve seen. It’s just on Amazon, and comes with an Arduino Uno clone, a solderless breadboard, resistors, LEDs, jumper wires, pushbuttons, and a lot more.

If you need to learn how to use an Arduino, may I recommend my Skillshare video class? If you sign up here you can get 3 months of Skillshare videos for 99 cents. Skillshare has thousands of great videos to teach you about programming, art, animation and more. I’ve been a happy paying subscriber for years. Read the rest

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