Style or Format JSON Data in jQuery

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In this post, we will discuss how we can format or style the JSON you get from the server. Sometimes you may need to show the exact JSON you get from your API or from server on your web page. Normally, if you just bind this JSON to any pre tag, it will look like just a straight line. To overcome this we have an option in jQuery. I hope this is helpful!


For the past few months, I’ve been working with some Web API projects. As you all know, the preferred output of an API is JSON, so I am returning JSON from my API. I wanted to show this JSON in a pre tag as a result, but in a formatted or stylish way. Here I am going to explain how we can do this.

Marvel confirms X-Men TV spinoff series in the works from the creator of FX’s Fargo

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FX Networks has partnered with Marvel to produce a full season of Legion — the TV show set in the X-Men universe that follows the son of Charles “Professor X” Xavier — after the network received a pilot episode last year. That pilot was the work of Noah Hawley, best known for his well-received TV adaptation of Coen brothers movie Fargo, and focuses on David Haller, a psychiatric patient who finds out the voices he has been hearing in his head may actually be real.

Hawley will work as executive producer on the show, while the cast will feature Parks and Rec‘s Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, and ex-Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens in the main role as David Haller. It’s not obvious yet whether the show will tie in explicitly with the X-Men movies…

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Amazon doesn’t have a wearable — yet — but Bezos also isn’t saying ‘no’ to the idea

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For an online retailer Amazon has made a lot of hardware products, some having been more successful than others. But there’s one category that Amazon hasn’t officially entered yet: wearables.

I had the rare opportunity to ask Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos about his interest in this area at Code Conference this evening, following his on-stage interview with Walt Mossberg (which you should really watch in full, if you have the time). Bezos, not surprisingly, declined to comment on the company’s product roadmap — but he also didn’t say Amazon wasn’t working on wearable tech, either.

‘I don’t think you’ve seen the tip of the iceberg yet,’ Bezos said

“I think it’s a super market, and I obviously can’t talk about our future roadmap,”…

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Asian indie film platform Viddsee signs content deal with Discovery

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Viddsee founders Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan Viddsee, a streaming platform for independent short films in Asia, and Discovery Networks announced a content partnership today. The agreement is noteworthy because this is not only the biggest deal of its kind that Singapore-based Viddsee has inked so far, but also marks the first time Discovery’s content, including documentaries, will be available online in Asia. Read More

AMD’s Radeon RX480 is the cheapest VR-capable graphics card yet

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Nvidia took to Computex to show off its recently announced GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080, high-end graphics cards that retail for north of $380, but longtime rival AMD chose a different approach at the Taiwanese show. AMD used its own Computex press conference to reveal its new Radeon RX480 video card, a powerful new card capable of running VR games for Oculus’ Rift and HTC’s Vive headsets, that will retail for a comparatively cheap $199.

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Microsoft Sells 1,500 Patents To Xiaomi To Build ‘Long-Term Partnership’

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Software maker Microsoft Corp is selling about 1,500 of its patents to Chinese device maker Xiaomi, a rare departure for the U.S. company and part of what the two companies say is the start of a long-term partnership. The deal, announced on Wednesday, also includes a patent cross-licensing arrangement and a commitment by Xiaomi to install copies of Microsoft software, including Office and Skype, on its phones and tablets. Wang said the acquisition of Microsoft patents, which included voice communications, multimedia and cloud computing, on top of some 3,700 patents the Chinese company filed last year, were “an important step forwards to support our expansion internationally.” Florian Mueller, a patents expert who consulted for Microsoft in the past, said it was rare for Microsoft to actually sell its patents, adding “it’s possible Microsoft found it easier to impose its Android patent tax on Xiaomi as part of a broader deal that also involved a transfer of patents.”

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AMD’s next-generation laptop processors are available now

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AMD is marking the occasion of Computex Taipei by launching its next-generation laptop processors. The seventh-generation Bristol Ridge A-series APUs — that’s AMD parlance for “Accelerated Processing Units” that include a CPU and GPU on the same chip — feature CPU cores based on the new Excavator architecture alongside Radeon graphics. The FX chips are at the high end of the range, while the A12 and A9 are positioned as competitors to Intel’s Core i5 and i3 processors respectively.

AMD is claiming that Excavator delivers up to 52 percent improved CPU performance over the sixth generation, with up to 53 percent higher visual performance than the integrated graphics in unspecified Intel Core i7 processors. As for power efficiency, AMD…

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Jeff Bezos thinks trying to get revenge on Gawker is a waste of time

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Speaking today at the Code Conference, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spoke out against Peter Thiel’s crusade against Gawker Media. Bezos who was perhaps speaking more as the owner of The Washington Post than as the CEO of Amazon, shied away from discussing the specifics of the Hulk Hogan sex tape trial that Thiel has been funding. Nevertheless, he doesn’t approve of the tactic. “Do you really want to spend your time trying to right some, even if it’s legitimate, wrong?” he asked. The answer, for him, is clearly no.

Bezos quoted Confucius (or at least the apocryphal version of him), saying “Seek revenge, and you shall dig two graves, one for yourself.” His criticism wasn’t much more pointed than that, however. He painted it mainly as simply a…

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Amazon waiting for ‘acceptable business terms’ to put Prime Video on Apple TV

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Why isn’t there a Prime Video app on the Apple TV — and why doesn’t Amazon sell either the Apple TV nor the Chromecast on According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, it all comes down to “acceptable business terms.”

Bezos argues that for video players, he only wants Amazon to sell devices that support Prime Video. And while “you can always get the video player on the device,” you can’t always get them on “acceptable business terms.” When our own Nilay Patel pressed Bezos and asked whether those terms involved Apple’s famous 30 percent cut on all purchases, Bezos said that “private business decisions should stay private.”

He nevertheless pointed out that Amazon is happy to sell other “competitive products” to the Fire TV, like the…

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This Facebook bot will pick your next movie for you

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The_Bots_and_the_Bees_screenshot As we’ve discussed, Facebook’s bot platform is still in its early stages, and most apps aren’t ready yet to become part of your everyday life. This is mainly due to shortfalls in natural language processing and the trial-and-error process of developers actually figuring out how users are going to use bots.
But one company, the slightly inappropriately named And Chill, has… Read More

AMD Teases Radeon RX 480: Launching June 29th For $199

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Kicking off at this moment is AMD’s Computex 2016 keynote. The company has multiple announcements scheduled this evening, but we’re going to jump right into an area that has been of extreme interest for many of our readers: GPUs.

Ahead of this evening’s event, AMD send out an email to the press teasing the first of their discrete Polaris architecture based cards. Called the Radeon RX 480, AMD has unveiled much of the product’s specifications, but also its price. When the card hits the streets on June 29th, it will be starting at the crucial mainstream battleground price point of $199.

Atari Is Going To Build IoT Devices

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angry tapir quotes a report from Computerworld: The latest entrant in the Internet of Things is legendary gaming company Atari, which plans to make consumer devices that communicate over the SigFox low-power network. The devices will be for homes, pets, lifestyle, and safety. Atari has signed a deal with the communications service provider, Sigfox. “The initial product line will include categories such as home, pets, lifestyle and safety,” the companies said in a statement. “By connecting to SigFox’s global network, the products will benefit from its competitive advantages: a very long battery life and a simple solution that does not require local Internet connectivity and pairing. As soon as the battery is inserted in the object, it is immediately connected to the network.”

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Elon Musk suggests Tesla Model 3 won’t get free Supercharger use

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At Tesla’s annual shareholder’s conference in Mountain View, California today, Elon Musk addressed a question from a young Model S P85D owner about how the company would handle an influx of Model 3s to its Supercharging stations, which are currently offered as a free service to Tesla customers. In response, Musk said “it will not be free long distance for life unless you purchase that package,” though he didn’t specify what the “package” was or how much it might cost as an add-on with the purchase of a Model 3.

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Satanic figures are hidden in Doom’s soundtrack

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Until now, no secret could challenge the Doom reboot’s best and most beloved easter egg: the toy soldier fist bump. But it turns out there’s an even juicier hidden item that goes well beyond the game itself. Reddit user Tomcb ran Doom‘s soundtrack through software to see its spectrogram, which is a visual representation of an audio file’s spectrum of frequencies.

The result, if you take a look at the song appropriately titled “Cyberdemon,” is an easy-to-see combination of “666” and an inverted pentagram spelled out in the graph. That’s a clear sign that video games are using subliminal messaging to turn young children into satanists. Or it’s just a really cool wink and a nod from creator Id Software, which faced those very accusations…

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Bill Kristol’s apparent independent presidential pick is terrified of being cucked

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Move over, Mittens! David French is the man to lead true conservatism to vict–wait, who? Daily Beast explains a pick so offbeat one almost assumes he must be the rumor’s source.

And so, as Bloomberg Politics reported Tuesday evening, he appears to be going with the most devastating pick of all: National Review blogger David French. A conservative thinker with such strong name recognition he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.

He does, however, fit the fan-fiction archetype of a Bill Kristol candidate.

According to his bio, French is a constitutional lawyer who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was awarded the Bronze Star. He lives in solid-red Tennessee with his wife and three kids. He once contributed to a New York Times best-selling book about fighting ISIS.

“To say that he would be a better and a more responsible president than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump,” Kristol recently wrote of French, “is to state a truth that would become self-evident as more Americans got to know him.”

French’s obscurity is matched by the bland neoconservatism of his positions: if you’re gay, feminist, think Black lives matter or simply a millennial, he’s probably got a negative thing or two to say about you. But he’s also fabulously insecure, as noted by Politico’s Kevin Robillard, insisting that his wife not communicate with men by phone or email lest she encounter the “ghosts of boyfriends past.”

Which is to say that #NeverTrump’s great hero, their presidential hopeful, is a man who is literally terrified of being cuckolded. They found the one candidate in America with such a specific, total, paralyzing fear of being betrayed by his wife that he perfectly attaches to the Trumpkins’ one innovation to the annals of distinctive insults: cuck.

You may laugh, but it really speaks to the yawning cluelessness with which these guys are wandering the burning Roger Corman castle of conservatism; amusing in its harmony with their wannabe-erudite smugness even as it speaks of dark days ahead for all.

I do hope French is in on the joke, the poor bastard.

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