FreeCAD vs SolveSpace

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When you are ready to design real things, you’ll find simple CAD programs can be pretty limiting. Serious modern designs tend to use parametric modeling where you don’t necessarily set dimensions and positions of everything but instead constrain the design by describing the relationship between different elements. For example, you …read more

Watch The Ramones on the Sha Na Na television variety show in 1979

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Sha Na Na was a strangely popular TV variety show that aired in the 1970s. Featuring a 1950s tribute band of the same name, the program featured comedy skits and and performance from contemporary musical acts. Every episode ended with “Bowzer” Bauman’s sign-off “Good night and grease for peace!” Notably, Sha Na Na had previously played Woodstock (at Jimi Hendrix’s urging) and later appeared in the film Grease as the National Dance-Off band.

This odd TV simulacra of 1950s cartoon rock-and-roll culture was at its weirdest when The Ramones—who themselves were inspired by 50s and 60s bubblegum pop—appeared on Sha Na Na in 1979.

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How to Handle Alerts and Popups in Protractor With Selenium?

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There are times in the life-cycle of various web applications where you need to interrupt a message to the user. These may be warnings, alerts, or information. Browsers have native dialog boxes, one that you can show to alert users to these important messages using JavaScript.

Suppose you fill in an application form and accidentally miss out on a couple of details. How do you know this unless there is a notification alert or a pop-up window? Or If we test a web application using Selenium JavaScript and try logging in to a web site, but do not add an email ID or password to the required fields, the program sends an alert. This is precisely what I will be talking about today. I will be performing Selenium test automation using Protractor to handle alerts and pop-ups. 

No Man’s Sky has a new ‘Desolation’ update that turns it into a horror game

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No Man’s Sky is getting yet another genre-bending refresh: the new “Desolation” update turns the usually upbeat space exploration adventure into a horror game that looks a whole lot more like Alien.

While No Man’s Sky has had some horror-ish elements before, like its “Whispering Egg” items that can cause the aptly named “Biological Horrors” to appear and attack players, the Desolation update looks to take things further by adding abandoned derelict freighters filled with overgrown alien infestations that feel like they came right out of Dead Space.

In typical No Man’s Sky fashion, the abandoned freighters are procedurally generated, with each one featuring its own hazards, design, and disasters that caused the crew to…

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The Espresso Display is a fantastic portable display for your Mac or PC

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Australian-based hardware startup Espresso Displays has taken a category with a lot of relatively unremarkable, but functional entrants, and added features, design and quality improvements to set itself apart from the crowd. The Espresso Display offers a portable form factor for easy packing, magnetic mounting, single cable operation via USB-C with a compatible modern Mac, […]

The Dell XPS 13 (9300) Review: Return of the King

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Dell changed the Windows laptop market in a single stroke with the launch of the updated XPS 13 back in 2015, ushering in the world of the InfinityEdge display, and moving the entire industry forward. We were fortunate enough to get a chance to check out the precursor to the new XPS 13 back in November, with a review of the XPS 13 2-in-1. Dell had chosen not to rest on their laurels, and the 2-in-1 proved to be one of the best notebooks around if you needed a compact and powerful convertible laptop.

Today we are evaluating the traditional clamshell version of the 2020 XPS 13, and while it offers many of the same features and design touches, it does so in a more familiar form factor that many customers are going to prefer. As a result, with the same Ice Lake processor underpinning it and Dell’s expert design capabilities on full display, the XPS 13 has the makings for one of the best 13-inch notebooks of the year.

Neil Gaiman interviewed about The Sandman audio adaptation

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Audible · The Sandman | “Death Isn't Happy with Dream”

Eventually, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman will make its way to Netflix as the TV series announced last year. Meanwhile though, we can listen to a new audio adaptation of the classic comic. Released this week on Audible, the audio drama features the voices of Gaiman as narrator, James McAvoy as Morpheus, and Kat Dennings as Death. Listen to a clip above. From an interview with Gaiman in Entertainment Weekly:

You’ve previously done audio adaptations of your novels Neverwhere and Good Omens. What was the difference translating a comic book into that format?

NEIL GAIMAN: The biggest difference is they are made up of words, while comics have pictures. Having said that, comics are weirdly close to audio drama. They sort of work in very similar ways. One of the first adaptations of my stuff I ever did was taking the graphic novel Signal to Noise, which I did with Dave McKean, and doing it for BBC in the mid-’90s. We’re proud of what we’ve done. One of the things I was able to do was give Dirk Maggs, who did all of the heavy lifting on this, the original scripts for Sandman. I had to go into long-forgotten parts of my computer and wander down dusty corridors with cyber cobwebs to find files in Word Perfect 4.1 format, and translate them out of Word Perfect and send them over to Dirk. What was great about that was Dirk got to take instructions I had written 30 years ago for artists to tell them what to draw, and take lines from that to me as the narrator.

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Xbox Series X can play all Xbox One games, unless they use Kinect

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Microsoft is confirming today that its Xbox Series X console won’t support the existing Kinect accessory or the Xbox One games that are built specifically for Kinect. In a blog post laying out Microsoft’s commitments for its upcoming Xbox Series X console, Xbox chief Phil Spencer reveals Kinect games won’t be supported.

“It’s our intent for all Xbox One games that do not require Kinect to play on Xbox Series X at the launch of the console,” says Spencer. “And because of the unprecedented power of Xbox Series X, most of your favorite games will load faster and look and perform many times better on the new console.”

Microsoft has previously been clear about supporting existing Xbox One games, including backward-compatible Xbox 360 and…

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If you’re been monitoring a monitor upgrade, these 10 options might make you pull the trigger

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Maybe after four months, you’re finally getting tired of staring at that less-than-brilliant home computer monitor. Or maybe you really need to create your own dual-monitor configuration in your home office like the one back on your desk at work. Or maybe that 15-inch screen just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you need to step up.

Right now, five of the biggest names in computer monitors are offering up deals on 10 of their top models, each at savings of up to nearly $700. Hopefully, that’s enough incentive to finally pull the trigger on a brilliant new display. Trust us, your eyes will thank you.


You’ve really got to search to find a quality monitor for under $100, so AOC is dropping the price on their AOC 19.5″ Monitor (Certified Refurbished; $79.99; originally $98) to under $80 just to get your attention. Of course, the crisp detailed images and bright vivid colors in HD 1600×900 resolution don’t hurt either. Plus, the screen offers both VGA and HDMI connections so you can watch HD video from virtually any device you own.

For more majestic viewing, the AOC 27″ Monitor (Certified Refurbished; $134.99; originally $169) has virtually no outer edge for a more expanded screen view that displays even bigger than it appears. With 16.7 million colors to present brighter brights and deeper blacks, this monitor also features a built-in IPS (in-plane switching) panel that boosts your image and even increases the available viewing angles for any user.

While the edgeless display is great, you might also want to consider a curved screen experience, one that actually angles light to your eye differently while your eye moves less, which almost feels like surround viewing. Read the rest

LG’s self-cleaning earbuds are now available in the US for $149.99

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Image: LG

LG’s latest true wireless earbuds, whose case has a UV light to kill bacteria on the headphones, are now available in the US for $149.99. The Tone Free HBS-FN6 earbuds’ case has a UV light that kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria on the earbuds’ speaker mesh, LG says. The company debuted the technology with last year’s Tone Plus Free earbuds, which were released in South Korea.

Outside of their self-cleaning case, you can expect a more typical range of features out of LG’s Tone Free true wireless earbuds. Battery life is rated at up to six hours from the earbuds themselves, and you’ll get an additional 12 hours of charge from the case for a total of 18 hours. There’s no active noise cancellation, but the earbuds’ dual microphones should…

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Michelle Obama’s first podcast is a Spotify-exclusive

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Former first lady Michelle Obama is the host of Spotify’s newest exclusive podcast: The Michelle Obama Podcast. The company announced the show today, making it the first podcast to come out of Spotify’s deal with the Obamas’ production company, Higher Ground Productions. The show premieres on July 29th, and new episodes will come out weekly for nine weeks.

The show will explore important personal relationships and how they shape people. Initial guests include fellow podcast host Conan O’Brien, Valerie Jarrett (a former advisor to president Barack Obama), and Marian and Craig Robinson (Michelle’s mother and brother). The show, while available to both free and Premium Spotify users, will feature ads from Tide, Dawn, and Salesforce.

This is…

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Vivo’s gimbal-equipped X50 flagship phones are launching internationally

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Vivo has announced the international launch of its new X50 series of flagship smartphones, including the X50, the X50 Pro, and the X50 Pro Plus. The headline feature is the gimbal-style camera on the two higher-end models, which Vivo says represents a breakthrough improvement on traditional optical image stabilization systems for both photos and videos.

The X50 Pro Plus sits at the top of the range with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, a 120Hz 6.6-inch curved OLED screen, and a 4,350mAh battery with 44W fast charging. The primary camera uses Samsung’s new 50-megapixel ISOCELL GN1 sensor and Vivo’s gimbal system, and it’s backed up with a 13-megapixel ultrawide, a 13-megapixel 5x periscope telephoto, and a…

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After Larry David’s spite goes up in flames, along comes the Ember smart mug

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Have you ever been let down by a business you frequent? Have you ever patronized an establishment and thought, “Man, who’s running this place? A pack of teacup chihuahua’s in a person suit?” That feeling of betrayal inspired Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s character Larry David to open up his very first spite store, Latte Larry’s.

The spite began when Mocha Joe, the owner of Mocha Joe’s, served Mr. David a cup of coffee that became too cool, too fast. The disagreement over proper beverage temperature motivated Mr. David to invent his shop’s signature self-heating mug. Located right next to Mocha Joe’s, Latte Larry’s goal was to ensure that not a single customer’s cup of joe goes cold.

However, Mr. David was unable to revel in the contemptuous victory, for where he goes fiasco follows. His invention ended up in flames, reducing both Mocha Joe’s and Latte Larry’s to ashes. Mr. David blames the accident on an employee’s rogue appendage.

While Mr. David is under investigation, a real-life version of the mugs, ironically called the Ember, has topped Science Focus Magazine’s list of the coolest gadgets for 2020. This iteration of the self-heating mug connects to your smartphone and will keep your beverage at the temperature of your choice for 1.5 hours. If you can stomach the scorching $99.95 price, check out Ember, along with 46 other new pieces of tech, here.

If you plan to avenge your enemies, please be cautious not to take yourself down with them.

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Twitter’s new interface makes it easier to slide into your DMs

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The new interface is similar to what’s offered on Facebook and LinkedIn. | Image: Twitter

Twitter has unveiled a new interface for its direct messages on the web, allowing you to send and receive DMs without having to leave your timeline. While currently you have to open up a separate section of Twitter’s website to look at your DMs, now you’ll be able to access them from a pop-up window to the bottom right of your timeline. From Twitter’s video, it looks like a similar interface to what the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn currently offer for DMs on their platforms.

It looks like a decent improvement for the platform’s messaging interface, but Twitter ended up announcing the feature at the worst possible time, during the worst hack to ever hit the platform. Twitter’s official account announced the roll out of the feature at…

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Explore every moon in our solar system with this interactive atlas

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The Atlas of Moons is National Geographic‘s amazing interactive project to explore the incredible diversity of over 200 moons in our solar system, like Europa, shown above. Each moon is described and shown with as much recent information available.

With the upcoming JUICE launch (aka Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer), public interest in Europa will undoubtedly increase. Via National Geographic:

With a vast global ocean tucked beneath a smooth, icy shell, Europa is considered one of the best places to look for life beyond Earth. Its ancient, alien sea likely contains all the ingredients needed for life as we know it. Peering beneath that crisscrossed crust is a bit tricky, but scientists recently spotted plumes of possible seawater venting into space, which could be sampled by an orbiting craft.

Discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei, it was named after a lover of Zeus. Features are named for people, places, gods, or objects from Celtic myths, as well as for people and places associated with the Greek Europa myth.

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