Files by Google adds PIN protection for your most sensitive files on Android

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The new Safe folder appears under Collections in the Files by Google app. | Image: Google

The Files by Google app, which primarily gives Android users an easy way to manage files and free up space on their phone, is getting a new PIN-protected “Safe Folder” feature. After setting up a four-digit PIN, you can store any of your sensitive files in this encrypted folder. The folder is locked the moment you switch away to another app, and its contents are only accessible through Files by Google.

According to Google, the feature is mainly designed to help people who share Android devices, which it says is common for women in many parts of the world. Safe Folders keep important files like identity documents safe and secure from accidental deletion or sharing by kids, for example. And yes, it could also help anyone who wants to keep…

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Logitech’s new G923 racing wheel comes with an advanced force feedback system

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Logitech G923 racing wheel | Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Logitech is announcing its first new racing wheel in five years: the G923 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC. The G923 succeeds the G29 and G920 and will be available in August for $399.99.

Though the G923 looks very similar to the G29 and G920, it features an all-new force feedback system the company is calling “TrueForce.” The system is designed to provide more realistic feedback through the wheel, thanks to integration with a game’s physics and audio engines. The wheel can then take those inputs, such as the level of noise coming from a car’s engine or the surface the wheels are traveling over, and translate them into vibrations that can be felt through the wheel. The company says the electronics inside the wheel are able to sample…

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Apple Maps’ Look Around feature gets first international expansion

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Look Around, the Apple Maps feature that provides 360-degree views of locations at ground level, is starting to expand outside the US. Unusually for Apple, it’s coming to Japan before anywhere else, and is now live in four cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto. The update was spotted by Ata Distance.

Look Around is essentially Apple’s answer to Google’s Street View. You can bring it up in supported areas by tapping the binoculars icon, which initially displays the Look Around view in an expandable pop-up window. The transitions between photos are smoother than in Street View, which helps make it feel more like you’re actually exploring the area.

Still, Apple has been very slow with the rollout. Look Around first came to the US as part…

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This training package can help teach you to run networks like a professional programmer

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With more and more companies moving all their operations into the cloud, the need has never been greater for those with the skills to map exactly how an organization reconstitutes itself in that new environment.

Network architects responsible for determining all the communication, storage, and infrastructure needs of an expansive organization are among the most sought-after pros in computer science today, bringing home salaries of over $135,000 a year in many cases.

The journey to a role like that can begin with training like the knowledge found in The Complete Computer Networking eBook and Video Course Bundle

The collection is your very own computer networking reference library, including five ebooks and five videos covering over 14 hours of content on a truckload of critical topics, including DevOps, programming, AWS, CCNA, and more.

For every important decision about how to administer a network, there are a dozen different paths to a solution — and this training takes that into account, examining several of the most popular tools for managing and growing a busy network.

The ebooks start you off with a smattering of training from across the discipline. Want to know how to run a Linux network? The Hands-On Linux for Architects ebook has everything you need. Maybe you’re doing all of your coding in the C programming language — in which case Hands-On Network Programming with C explains utilizing network sockets, implementing internet protocols, designing IoT devices, and more with C. Or the AWS Certified Advanced Networking: Specialty Exam Guide can help you develop technical skills and expertise to automate AWS networking tasks and advanced skill sets to build effective AWS networking solutions of your own. Read the rest

Indie darling Alto’s Adventure and its sequel are finally coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch

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alto’s adventure

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, two mobile games we at The Verge love because of their beautiful art style and polished gameplay, are finally coming to PS4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store as The Alto Collection on August 13th. This will also be the first time Alto’s Odyssey comes to Windows. A Nintendo Switch port is “coming soon,” with no firm release date announced yet.

Originally released on iOS in 2015 and both Android and Linux in 2016, Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner snowboarding game. You play as Alto or one of his friends as they traverse the snowy landscape while being chased by village elders; you control your character by tapping the screen, which lets you jump over obstacles and perform tricks. Alto’s Adventure…

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This soulful song won NPR’s 2020 Tiny Desk Contest: ‘Green Tea Ice Cream’ by Linda Diaz

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It’s easy to understand why singer/songwriter Linda Diaz’s deeply soulful “Green Tea Ice Cream” won NPR’s 2020 Tiny Desk Contest:

Diaz is a singer and songwriter from New York City, and her winning entry, “Green Tea Ice Cream,” has a powerful message and euphoric sound. To me, Diaz’s song is about slowing down and trying to find moments to enjoy life. Hearing her sing the line, “you should be living out your dreams / but you’re tearing at the seams” seemed particularly poignant this year as we’re all struggling to find balance in our lives.

Diaz’s compelling entry and captivating stage presence left a mark on our other judges, too. “Linda stood out in a crop of thousands of talented musicians, but I knew early on that she was the one to beat,” Tiny Desk producer and Contest judge Bobby Carter said. “Her tone, her message and the band’s overall musical presentation were simply undeniable.” Carter was so impressed with Diaz’s entry early on that he interviewed her in the very first episode of Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf.

Judges Tarik Moody of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee and Tiny Desk alumna Gina Chavez agreed that we all needed Diaz’s entry this year. “It was meditative and reminded me to take care of myself during this craziness that is 2020,” Moody said. Chavez added, “If harmonies are medicine, then Linda Diaz is a salve for the soul.”

Linda writes:

This song is about finding and honoring your passions/peace in a society that values you based on your productivity.

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There are huge polka dots all over Portland’s Pioneer Square

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Portland’s Pioneer Square is now covered in giant vinyl polka dots, thanks to my pal Bill Will. The large-scale installation is titled “Polka Dot Courthouse Square” and encourages safe distancing while gathering in the square, aka “Portland’s living room.”

Polka Dot Courthouse Square is a series of colorful, 12-foot, vinyl “dots” adhered to the red brick surface of the Square. These dots, spaced 10-feet apart within a structured grid, not only “decorate” our beloved Portland Living Room carpet, but also “set the stage” for performances by a diverse range of Portland artists, musicians, writers, singers, dancers and market vendors – while also welcoming the un-choreographed, open space behaviors of Portland’s citizens and visitors. These performances will be captured through still photography and video then promoted collaboratively with installation partners. In a fascinating double entendre, this art installation not only establishes the safe distancing required for public gathering but also encourages activation by others. It creates a wonderful comment on the push me/pull you aspect of the mandated distancing.

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POLKA DOT COURTHOUSE SQUARE Photo by @pdxdrone25 Livestream (too bright mid day): #polkadotcourthousesquare #pioneercourthousesquare #thesquarepdx #billwillstudio #socialdistancing #installationart

A post shared by Bill Will (@billxwill) on Jul 31, 2020 at 12:47pm PDT

You can see the colorful circles on the square on this live cam (not visible in the mid-day sun).

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Trombonist plays ‘Flight of the Bumblebee” on a watering can

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Trombonist Martyn Stroud offers this humble disclaimer on his rousing watering-can rendition of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee,” “This is not an art form. It’s not even going to be accurate, but it is good fun.” That striped yellow-and-black shirt he’s wearing is a nice touch.

(Neatorama, ClassicFM)

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The wonderfully weird cowboy psychedelia of “Some Velvet Morning”

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This song and video crossed my transom last week and it’s been haunting me ever since. Lee Hazelwood allegedly wrote this song (and others) at the request of Frank Sinatra in an effort to help boost daughter Nancy’s career and send it in new directions.

The video and duet with Hazelwood and Sinatra premiered on her 1967 TV special “Movin’ with Nancy.” That night, Lee and Nancy also performed “Jackson” and Sinatra performed “Sugar Town,” “This Town,” and several other Hazelwood compositions. Lee Hazelwood would end up writing most of Nancy Sinatra’s hits.

“Some Velvet Morning” is a strange mash-up of country and pop psychedelia with apparent references to sex, drugs, and Greek mythology. Hazelwood said that he was fascinated by mythology at the time and was particularly interested in the character of Phaedra, a tragic figure in the Greek mythos. Hazelwood said he felt sorry for her and decided to invoke her spirit in a song.

Bonus Track:
There are a zillion covers of “Some Velvet Morning.” Here is Rowland S. Howard and Lydia Lunch’s take:

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Get Ready For Maker Camp: Coding + Cooking + Craft + Circuits

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This week and next Maker Camp has an incredible line up of sessions to stretch your imagination, tingle your tastebuds, teach you new tricks and tech! Last chance Maker Camp sessions! There’s still time to code your own chase scene and make some marvelous meringues! Chefology: Marvelous Meringues: Master kitchen […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has pretty much every feature leaked in new AT&T video

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Image: Samsung Russia

Samsung’s Unpacked event tomorrow will be the official showcase for the heavily rumored and much-leaked Galaxy Note 20. For those who wanted yet another look at the phone in full before it’s unveiling, an AT&T promotional video pretty much shows off every inch of the device and even details its most important specs and new features.

The video, which popped up on Twitter courtesy of South American tech blogger Karlos Peru, appears to have been prepped as a piece of marketing material to promote the new phone and its larger Ultra variant. It doesn’t tell us anything groundbreaking that we didn’t already know or suspect about Samsung’s upcoming extra-large phones, but it is pretty staggering that a video with this much information and…

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This adult-sized giant armored bionic T-Rex skin suit can be yours for just $7500

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From the listing on Etsy:

Once your gig this 6 meters giant armored bionic skin T-Rex costume your visitors will encounter the more powerful T-Rex than any monster previously. This adult-size Alpha rex suit has a rare and elusive clownfish skin that has light armor on its head, neck, spine. What’s more of this Dino costume equipped with mounted Gatling guns with safe water bullets and nerf gun load with soft sponge bullets. this T-Rex suit is armed to the teeth with weaponry. Inside of the Dinosaur suit, you need to wear 40cm tall stilts to walk. you can press and hold the shooting button to make your Gatling guns firing, work the tamed T-rex to attack your prey. like a kids dream come true, Look at this crazy beastly badass Tyranosaurus costume, you can have many attacks, guns, and mini rockets. also, the T-Rex can spray smoke and has red lighting eyes. Tame your own T-Rex warrior start your beast battle.

Keep in mind, however, that this thing also weighs 75 pounds; although your purchase does include a wooden carrying case, in case you don’t want to ride the subway in your Bionic Dinosaur Battle Armor for whatever reason.

MCSDINO, who designed this beautiful work of art, also offers a whole collection of Dino-Riders-esque Robo-Jurassic armor suits.

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Hal Holbrook’s image erroneously used in “Abuse in the Boy Scouts” class-action ad

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I’m SURE this law firm didn’t mean to use award-winning actor Hal Holbrook’s image to be the poster boy of an abusive Scoutmaster. Yes, this is a real ad for a real class-action campaign for Boy Scout survivors to get compensation for being abused. I got this image directly from a trusted blogger pal (who wishes to remain anonymous). I messaged him, “someone young maybe didn’t know it was a famous actor???” and he joked back, “Maybe they googled ‘pervy looking old guy.'” (Readers, do you know why this image is being used?!)

You can see the original photo of Mr. Holbrook, Emmy- and Tony-award winning actor, here on NPR.

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This tribute to 80s entertainment is a good argument that the 80s sucked

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I used to think the 1970s was a bad decade for pop culture. But the 70s gave us A Clockwork Orange, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Deliverance, Jaws, Taxi Driver, The Buzzcocks, Fishbone, The Ramones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Breakfast of Champions, and Surfacing.

It turns out the 1980s was the terrible decade for entertainment, as evidenced by this video “tribute to ’80s Entertainment.” Read the rest

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