Apps for helping with homework

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 School’s back in session, which means homework’s back, too! But don’t fret about those tests, there are plenty of apps to help make prepping easier. TechCrunch tested out the study aids and here are our favorites. Photomath Some people are naturally great at math. Others need a little more assistance. Yet everybody could benefit from some practice. Photomath is an app for… Read More

LAMEBOY is Handheld Gaming on the ESP8266

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We’ve had our eye on [davedarko’s] LAMEBOY project for a while now, a handheld setup in roughly the same form factor as the classic Nintendo Game Boy. It’s remarkable how approachable portable electronic design has become, and that’s really what makes this interesting. The design is beautiful, and the closer you look, the more respect you have for what [dave] is doing.

Right now his proof of concept has a 3D printed enclosure whose face is the printed circuit board. We love how the lower left corner of the PCB slips under a pocket in the case, which makes it …read more

1950s Morse key turned into a USB keyboard

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Nomblr created a fully-functional USB keyboard out of a 1950s Morse Key he inherited from his dad.

I can just about remember growing up around beautifully designed analogue devices like rotary dial phones, typewriters, and record players. I’ve always like the idea of converting these largely defunct objects into digital devices, and my Dad’s old Morse key seemed like a simple project to get started on.

It was a surprisingly involved process, requiring not just learning to program a Teensy but also some good old-fashioned woodwork.

Defakto’s Vektor strikes a great balance as a minimalist, slim automatic watch

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 Defakto is a small German watchmaker that has made a name for itself over the years thanks to the unique, but classic designs it boasts thanks to mark founder Raphael Ickler. The latest watch from Ickler and Defakto, the Vektor, continues this tradition of smart, minimalist looks, but adds a very slim case thanks to use of a Miyota 9015 automatic Japanese movement, and brings some extra… Read More

Apple’s new iPhone 8 Plus ad showcases its Portrait Lighting feature

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Apple released an ad for the iPhone 8 Plus, which shows off the phone’s big new feature, Portrait Lighting. The spot features a singer walking towards the camera, lit with the various lighting setups.

Portrait Lighting is a new feature for the iPhone, which uses software to apply several preset lighting effects to a subject’s face. The various presets — Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, and Stage Light Mono — are still in beta, but it’s a neat effect that builds on the iPhone’s Portrait Mode.

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LED Princess Dress Also Lights Up Girl’s Face

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We’re pretty sure that [Luke] took Uncle of the Year last Halloween when he made an RGB LED princess dress for his niece. He recently found the time to document the build with a comprehensive how-to that’s just in time for Halloween ’17.

[Luke] made the system modular so that his niece could use it with any dress. The RGB LED strips are actually fastened down the inside of a petticoat — a fluffy, puffy kind of slip that’s worn underneath the dress. The LEDs face in toward the body, which helps diffuse the light. [Luke] first attached the strips …read more

New trailers: Annihilation, Maze Runner, Spielberg, and more

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Last weekend, I burned through Neo Yokio, which is the new love-it-or-hate-it must-watch series on Netflix. It’s a six-episode anime voiced by a ton of big stars, but the most important thing to know is that it comes from Vampire Weekend leader Ezra Koenig. And I suspect that if you like Vampire Weekend’s simultaneous embrace and mockery of high society, you’ll also find something to like in the show.

There’s a lot to unpack, but the thing that I want to focus on really briefly is Neo Yokio‘s world: it takes place in an alternate universe New York City where demons exist, there is exactly one futuristic robot butler in the entire city, and half of Manhattan has been flooded. (In a hilarious though unrealistic fashion, the water washes…

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Learn Python at your own pace

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Python is one of the first languages taught in university Computer Science degrees for a reason. It’s got a plethora of modern language features that help you write clean, human-readable code that doesn’t dwell on low-level stuff like memory management. But Python skills will take you far beyond introductory CS courses — this language is used extensively in the realm of machine learning, big data, and web development. To get a thorough understanding of everything that this versatile tech is capable of, take a look at the Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle.

If you’ve never coded before, this bundle will introduce you to the fundamentals of programming. But once you’ve wrapped your head around the basics, you’ll start making real web applications, build network services, explore artificial intelligence, and learn to analyze massive volumes of data. 

Here’s everything that’s included in this collection:

  • The Developers’ Guide to Python 3 Programming
  • Step by Step: Build a Data Analysis Program
  • The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications
  • The Complete Computer Vision Course with Python
  • Learn Python 3 from Scratch
  • Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming – Build 7 Apps
  • Python Web Programming
  • Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python

This bundle is available now for $44 from the Boing Boing Store.

More Deals from the Boing Boing store:

1080p HD Waterproof WiFi Wireless Endoscopic Camera $39.99

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle

The MacX Media Conversion Lifetime License Bundle $19.99

Deals on Amazon devices: the new Echo, Fire TV, and more

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Earlier this week, Amazon surprised everyone with a press event that revealed a bunch of new Echo hardware. If you missed any of it, we have the biggest announcements right here. The retail giant is selling a few bundles, allowing you to save on the new hardware including the Fire TV and smaller version of the Echo.

There are also several deals ending tonight, so act fast if anything catches your attention!

Last call

  • Samsung Gear S3: Save $50 on various models of the new smartwatch (was $350–$450, now $300–$400) until the end of today, September 30th.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Until the end of today (September 30th) get $100 off the tablet, bringing the price down to $499.99.
  • HP Laptop and Desktop sale: Until end of today (11:59PM…

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Microsoft Releases ‘Next Generation’ Preview of Skype For Linux

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BrianFagioli writes: Friday, Microsoft released a refreshed preview of Skype for Linux. There are both DEB and RPM packages available, making it easy to install on, say, Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora. In fact, I successfully installed it on Pop!_OS earlier today. Believe it or not, the new interface is quite nice, making it something I could possibly enjoy using on my Linux machine. “Great news for Skype for Linux users — the next generation of Skype for Linux is launching!” says The Skype Team. “Starting today, you can download Skype Preview for Linux and start enjoying new features across all your devices — including screen sharing and group chat. With Skype for Linux, you can take advantage of the screen sharing feature on your desktop screen. Now, you can share content with everyone on the call — making it even easier to bring your calls to life and collaborate on projects.”

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Enresoning An iPhone 8 Ring

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The iPhone 8 was just released last week, and that means some people were standing in line in front of an Apple store for hours waiting to get their hands on the latest and greatest glowing rectangle. [Patrick Adair] had a better idea: he would stand in front of an Apple store for four hours, then do something productive with his new smartphone. With the help of a waterjet, some resin, a lathe, and some very fine grades of sandpaper, he created the Apple Ring.

Setting aside the whole process of actually acquiring an iPhone 8 on launch day, the …read more

For 30 years, Car Talk was the best way to ‘waste a perfectly good hour’ of your weekend

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If you listen to your local NPR station, this weekend marks a significant milestone. Saturday is the last day that most will broadcast an episode of the network’s long-running automotive call-in show Car Talk. It’s an end of an era, and one that will be sorely missed.

For thirty years, Car Talk featured Boston mechanics Tom and Ray Magliozzi (affectionately known to listeners as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers) as they took calls from thousands of callers across the world (and even a couple from astronaut John Grunsfeld from orbit), answering questions about cars, car repairs, or anything else that came to mind. The show began accidentally in 1977 when Tom went to Boston’s WBUR for a radio interview, and was invited back, this time…

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Delightful hanging bacon preserver

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I’ve tried all sorts of bacon-preserving polyhedra, but this one’s especially great as you can hang it in a sunny spot and see your bacon being preserved, day in and day out. I put one just outside my office window and have enjoyed watching all the little bacon angels come and dance flavor into it.

Amazon suggests the alternate uses of “planter” and “tea light candle holder” but frankly the notion that plants would grow in it strikes me as nonsensical pseudoscience, and the latter purpose is clearly unsanitary.

Hanging Clear Glass Pyramid [Amazon Link]

A contemporary terrarium art piece made of pieces of clear glass arranged on a pyramid-shaped metal frame.
Perfect for bacon, prociutto, and pancetta as well as turkey and other meats you would like to preserve. Also great as a store or restaurant display for merchandise or decorations.
Features one open side for perfect airflow and easy access to the bacon and other items within.
**Official MyGift® product** Bacon not included.
Approximate Dimensions: 6″ W X 7.75″ H X 6″ D.

Modern Strongman Games Test Your Speed Instead

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Step right up! What would a Makerfaire be without some carnival games? And being a Makerfaire, they could of course be modernized versions. In [avishorp]’s case, he made a series of games that test your speed and look very much like the old strongman game, aka high striker or strength tester.

In the strongman game, you smash a lever with all your might using a hammer. A puck on the other end of the lever then shoots up a tower, hopefully high enough to hit a bell, winning you a prize. In [avishorp]’s games the puck, tower and bell are …read more

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