Nintendo is making the perfect Switch Lite case, but it’s only in Japan for now

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Nintendo’s Switch Lite seems like a great portable console. But due to the portable-focused nature, you’ll probably want to get a case for it. Fortunately, Nintendo is making an official one that looks just about perfect — assuming you live in Japan (via NintendoSoup).

The case appears to be made out of some sort of gray cloth, and it clips on to the Switch Lite. It’s not the flashiest case on the market, but it does the basics: it protects the Switch, it has a fold-down cover to keep the screen from getting scratched up, and it cleverly has some dimples on the cover so the joysticks don’t get ruined. (That should help anyone concerned about Joy-Con drift issues.)

The case is set to cost 3,758 yen, or roughly $35.36, when…

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Sony may announce the Xperia 2 at IFA 2019

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Sony’s Xperia 1 came to the US just last month, but next week, the company may already be planning to announce a successor to the flagship smartphone, specifically on September 5th at 12PM BST / 7AM ET during IFA 2019. The model is rumored to be called the Xperia 2, and according to Xperia Blog (via 9to5Google), we might be seeing it for the first time in a batch of leaked images.

It’s easy to tell the Xperia 1 from Sony’s earlier phones. It along with the cheaper Sony Xperia 10 were the company’s first devices to feature a 21:9 aspect ratio display. It resulted in a tall, skinny display that’s a perfect place to watch movies.

Xperia Blog

The device shown off in the leaked renders above appears to be cut from the…

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13 new trailers you should watch this week

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Photo: Disney

Netflix announced this week that a number of its fall films will have exclusive theatrical runs before they start streaming. This isn’t the first time Netflix has debuted its films in theaters — a few hit theaters first last year, too — but this year’s theatrical slate is much larger and seems to indicate something of a shift in strategy.

This year, Netflix is putting 10 movies in theaters ahead of time, up from just three last year (though a fourth was added later). It’ll range from a quiet relationships drama (Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story) to an over-the-top comedy (the Eddie Murphy- led Dolemite Is My Name) to prestige fare (Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman).

That’s a significant portion of Netflix’s fall film slate, and it includes…

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The best Labor Day deals include USB-C hubs, cheap Hulu subscriptions, 4K HDR TVs, and more

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Labor Day is Monday, September 2nd, in the US. Whether you have the day off or not, we salute our hard-working readers, and we’re here to share the best Labor Day-themed deals from around the internet.

Compared to the holiday season, opportunities to save on tech gadgets during the summer and fall are sparse. But if you’re looking to spend a little cash, these discounts will help you get more for your money. We’ve pulled together deals from brands like Ring, Dyson, Google, and retailers like Best Buy and Amazon below.

If an end date is applicable for any these sales, you’ll find it appended to each discount.

Everything that Satechi makes, including its new dual HDMI USB-C hubs (shown in the image above), is 20 percent off on Amazon for…

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Fitbit, Andela, AfricaTech, startups and Brexit, plus content moderation

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Programming note: Happy Labor Day! To our U.S.-based readers, happy Labor Day weekend. Extra Crunch will be off on Monday and will resume publishing next Tuesday. Reminder: EC ticket discounts for Enterprise Sessions and Disrupt SF Next week, we will be hosting our Enterprise Sessions event at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. It’s a […]

Gmail can now tell your co-workers you’re on vacation BEFORE they email you

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Emailing a co-worker without realizing they’re on vacation is a bummer for everyone involved. The second you get that “out of office” auto-reply, you suddenly remember the 20-minute conversation you had about their upcoming trip to Hawaii and feel like a goober. Meanwhile, they come back to a thousand “Hey, can you help with this? […]

Labor Day Special: One extra week on early-bird pricing for Disrupt SF 2019

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Happy (almost) Labor Day to all the hardworking members of the early-startup community — entrepreneurs, founders, investors, engineers and everyone in between. We know how hard you work to build your dream, so we’re cutting you a break and extending our early-bird pricing on passes to Disrupt San Francisco 2019 through 11:59 p.m. (PST) on […]

Did your aluminum Apple Watch mysteriously crack itself? Apple might replace the screen for free

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So your aluminum Series 2 or Series 3 Apple Watch is suddenly cracking around the edges… but you don’t remember bumping it on anything, or being particularly rough with it. Surprise! It might not be your fault at all. Apple says that they’ve determined that “under very rare circumstances”, the displays on aluminum Series 2 […]

Maker Business Profile: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

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  who are you? We are Lenore Edman and Windell Oskay. Together we run Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories in Sunnyvale, California. How did you get started making stuff? We’ve both been making things all of our lives. Whether it is making costumes, bicycle gear, toys, furniture, scientific instruments, or even […]

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Make Workshop: Makelangelo Vertical Plotter

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This week we’re looking at a toy that has become a common occurance at Maker Faires all over the world. This is a vertical plotter by Marginally Clever Robots, called the Makelangelo. It comes nearly fully assembled in the box. You just have to slap a few bits and pieces […]

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The MSI MEG X570 Godlike Motherboard Review: Thor’s Flagship

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With the introduction of AMD’s X570 chipset, motherboard vendors have upped its game in the premium stakes with a variety of premium mid-range and high-end models. The MEG X570 Godlike is MSI’s flagship model and is heavily geared towards gamers and enthusiasts. The premium controller set of the X570 Godlike is spearheaded by Killer Networking: with dual on-board ports, Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax connectivity, and a 10 G Super LAN add-on card in the accessories bundle. Also on offer is up to five PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 slots, two of which come from an Xpander-Z Gen4 add-on card, and a pair of Realtek ALC1220 HD audio codecs which makes this one of the most feature-rich models on the X570 chipset.

Trailer for new documentary series about Bill Gates

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Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates is a new three-part documentary that premieres on September 20. It’s directed by Davis Guggenheim who produced An Inconvenient Truth and directed Waiting for Superman.

“When I thought about topics to cover, I knew I didn’t want to make a promotional piece about his work,” Guggenheim said. “Instead, I opted to focus on the tougher, more complex problems that nobody wants to think about, like sanitation and nuclear energy. Bill chose to take these issues on, even knowing that he might fail, and I had an instinct that seeing him wrestle with these intractable and frustrating problems would reveal something interesting about him as a person.”

It’ll be interesting to see how warts-and-all the documentary really is (or isn’t).
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Amazon reviewers note: “This is a lot of cheese.”

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This short set of Amazon reviews had me laughing out loud! Check out Amazon’s bulk Cheez Whiz offer.

After the top rated review, the remarks purchasers make about their 39 POUNDS of Cheez Whiz are pretty great. I guess folks are surprised at just how much Cheez Whiz 39 pounds really is.

Top rated reviewer is a humorist, however Amazon does list him as a verified purchaser so ENJOY YOUR WHIZ, SIR!

Also, Cheez Whiz is not cheese, but it does include it. Read the rest

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