Lomography’s next instant camera should take way better photos

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When I reviewed the Lomo Instant last spring, I said I wished Lomography had taken a little more inspiration from its own LC-A and developed a great automatic exposure system for its first instant camera, given the expense of instant film. Well, here we are a little over a year later, and it looks like Lomography may have done just that.

The Lomo Instant Automat is an updated model that Lomography describes as “the most advanced automatic instant camera,” with aperture, shutter speed, and flash adjusting automatically depending on the lighting situation. Focusing is still manual, the film is still Fujifilm’s Instax Mini format, and you’ll still be able to use a range of accessory lenses.

If Lomography has done a good job with the…

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Angular 1.5 Packages for Sublime Text 3

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One of my friends was using Sublime Text 3 as an editor for an Angular JS application but he was using it without packages, so he had to do everything manually. I suggested to him a few packages and now he is much more productive than ever. So in the blog post, I’m going to share a few tips and packages for working with SublimeText.

Installing Packages on Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 support packages that make it a great choice for any kind of Web Development project. This makes a developer’s life easier allowing us to be much more productive than ever. Sublime Text does not come with an inbuilt package manager but there is a third party package manager called “Package Control”. You can find more information about that on the following location:

There is also instruction provided for installation at the following link:

Angular JS 1.5 Packages for Sublime Text

JS Hint:
If you have ever work with JavaScript you should know about using linters. JS Hint is a JavaScript linter which will lookat  your code and verify that it has proper styling, proper syntax, and report any errors related to JavaScript best practices.

To make sure that this plugin works correctly. You need to install JS Hint installed globally via npm:

 npm install -g jshint 

Then type Ctrl+ Shift + P and select install package.

Once you click on Install, it will load the extension from the repository and you can install the extension you choose.

This package was developed by the Angular UI Team. It contains lots of functionality like:

  • Code completion for built-in Angular libraries
  • Angular-related snippets
  • Directive completion of Custom Defined Directives

To Take advantage of this plugin’s syntax highlighting You need to change the view type of your HTML page file: View-> Syntax-> HTML(Angular.js).
And then you can utilize code completion like the following.
This package helps you format your JavaScript and JSON. It is based on JS Beautifier. It is highly configurable and you can also define your preferences. There are plenty of options available which you can see using the following link:

John Papa’s Angular Snippets for Sublime Text:
John Papa has created great snippets for Angular JS and they are very useful. He has written a nice blog post about how to install it with Sublime Text. You can refer to that using the following link:

After installing that, you can create lots of angular boilerplate code very easily. For example, If you want to create an angular controller just type ngcontroller.

Upon pressing tab, it will create an Angular controller like below. It will also follow the best practices written in John Papa’s style guide.

That’s it. Now you should be much more productive with Angular and Sublime Text editor. Hope you like this post. Stay tuned for more!

HP’s new PC looks like a speaker

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HP is unveiling a new PC today that looks far more like a speaker than a desktop computer. And that’s kind of the point: HP is hoping that by cramming a computer into a small package that might even look like furniture around your house, you’ll be a lot more willing to set it out in the open on your desk.

The computer is called the HP Pavilion Wave. The Wave is tall triangular prism with curved sides, covered nearly edge to edge in a woven black and white fabric that makes it look like the outside of a speaker. The only interruptions are for a USB and headphone jack on the front and then for a strip of ports down the back, which includes more USB ports (one of which is USB-C), an HDMI port, and an SD cart slot, among others.

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Your BB-8 will never age because it has software updates

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Last September, Sphero released a robotic BB-8 that could be controlled through an app. Then at CES, the connected play company showed us a new way to control the droid: a Force Band. All we needed to do to make BB-8 glide around was slap the band on and move our arm. Over the eight months since then, Sphero has finalized its Force Band, and today it announced that it plans to release it on September 30th. The company will also introduce a new “battle-worn” BB-8 that’s more accurate to the droid’s appearance in The Force Awakens. (It’s a lot dirtier looking.) Both items will be available on Sphero’s website, as well as at other stores, like Apple, Target, and Disney.

Sphero now has two BB-8-related iOS / Android apps. One for the…

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Trump calls for ‘ideological certification’ of immigrants, and mass deportations—including Hillary Clinton

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Trump said immigration would be suspended from countries like Syria and Libya [Carlo Allegri/Reuters]

After a very weird day in Mexico with President Enrique Peña Nieto, then a Twitter shitstorm in which Trump was accused of lying about the content of that meeting, the Republican Presidential candidate gave a long-awaited speech in Arizona that was to put forth his policies on immigration.


Staff Breach At OneLogin Exposes Password Storage Feature

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River Tam quotes a report from CSO Australia: Enterprise access management firm OneLogin has suffered an embarrassing breach tied to a single employee’s credentials being compromised. OneLogin on Tuesday revealed the breach affected a feature called Secure Notes that allowed its users to “store information.” That feature however is pitched to users as a secure way to digitally jot down credentials for access to corporate firewalls and keys to software product licenses. The firm is concerned Secure Notes was exposed to a hacker for at least one month, though it may have been from as early as July 2 through to August 25, according to a post by the firm. Normally these notes should have been encrypted using “multiple levels of AES-256 encryption,” it said in a blog post. Several thousand enterprise customers, including high profile tech startups, use OneLogin for single sign-on to access enterprise cloud applications. The company has championed the SAML standard for single sign-on and promises customers an easy way to enable multi-factor authentication from devices to cloud applications. But it appears the company wasn’t using multi-factor authentication for its own systems. OneLogin’s CISO Alvaro Hoyos said a bug in its software caused Secure Notes to be “visible in our logging system prior to being encrypted and stored in our database.” The firm later found out that an employees compromised credentials were used to access this logging system. The company has since fixed the bug on the same day it detected the bug. CSO adds that the firm “also implemented SAML-based authentication for its log management system and restricted access to a limited set of IP addresses.”

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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 9: watch our digital after show tonight with special guest BD Wong!

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The Verge, so far unscathed by corporate overlords and hackers, is still hosting the official Mr. Robot Digital After Show in partnership with USA Network, and we hope you’ll join us tonight directly after the show. Tonight we’re very excited to be joined by special guest BD Wong, who plays one of our favorite Mr. Robot characters. We’re quickly running out of episodes, but don’t worry: the fsociety gang will return for a third season! In tonight’s episode, we’ll see Angela want more from E Corp than it wants to give, and Elliot and Darlene seeking answers as they’re unsure whether the dark army is working with or against them. The truth is out there.

Mr. Robot airs Wednesday night at 10PM ET, and you can watch the Mr. Robot Digital…

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Google’s DeepMind To Apply AI In Head and Neck Cancer Treatments

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Stack: Google’s DeepMind team has partnered with British hospital doctors on an oral cancer program hoping to cut planning times for radiotherapy treatments. After recently announcing a partnership with London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital to use its machine learning technologies to speed up the diagnoses of eye conditions, DeepMind has confirmed a new initiative at the University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Foundation Trust. According to Google’s artificial intelligence unit, cancer treatments including radiotherapy involve complicated design and planning, especially when they involve the head and neck. Treatments need to obliterate cancerous cells while avoiding any healthy surrounding cells, nerves, and organs. UCLH plans to work with DeepMind to explore whether machine learning can reduce planning time for these treatments, particularly for the image segmentation process which involves clinicians taking CT and MRI scans to build a detailed map of the areas to be treated. The report adds: “DeepMind algorithms will be set to work on an anonymized collection of 700 radiology scans from former oral cancer patients, learning from the historical data in order to draw its own conclusions without human support.”

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Samsung delaying some Galaxy Note 7 shipments amid reports of exploding batteries

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Samsung has a hit a snag with its well-received new Galaxy Note 7, according to Reuters. The phone maker is delaying shipments of the device to perform more quality control tests on the device. This comes after user reports of exploding batteries. This could cause some serious problems for Samsung, which said last week demand for the Galaxy Note 7 has vastly exceeded supply since going on sale earlier this month.

“Shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality,” a Samsung representative told Reuters in a statement. Samsung is not explicitly saying it’s looking into battery issues. The company is also not saying which models of the phone are delayed. In North America, the…

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24% off Zackees LED Turn Signal Bike lights

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The use of turn signals drastically increases safety of cars. Now cycling can have that same benefit with these turn signal gloves from Zackees. These machine washable gloves are made from premium materials — tough, flexible leather and breathable spandex. The LED lights are powerful and bright, running on rechargeable coin batteries that will last for several weeks of moderate daily use before needing a charge. Ambient light sensors increase brightness 4x during the day. These gloves average 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 150 people (read reviews), and their typical list price of $99 has been reduced 24% to $74.95.

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Panasonic just announced a slightly more affordable 4K Blu-ray player

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Panasonic already has one 4K Blu-ray player on the market, but at $699 it’s not exactly cheap. To help remedy that issue, the company has announced the UB-700 4K Blu-ray player, which will cost around €500 when released, Panasonic announced today at IFA.

The UB700 will come with most of the same features as the more expensive DMP-UB900 — 60fps playback, HDR support, high-res audio playback (WAV, FLAC, DSD, ALAC), and the ability to stream 4K content — but it won’t come with THX certification or 7.1 surround sound.

The UB700 will give Panasonic a closer competitor in price to Samsung’s UBD-K8500, which is currently selling for just over $300 on Amazon. But both devices still lag behind the Xbox One S, which supports…

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3.6-billion-year-old fossils found in Greenland could be Earth’s oldest

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Australian geologists discovered some really weird and extremely old structures in Greenland: fossilized mounds made by microbes that are dated to about 3.6 billion years ago. That means life on Earth started early — shortly after our planet was formed, 4.5 billion years ago.

The structures — called stromatolites — were discovered in 2012, in a remote area of Greenland called Isua. The researchers noticed the weird formations that were once covered by snow and immediately understood they represented something unique. The discovery is described in a study published today in Nature.


Rocks from Greenland that show signs of ancient stromatolites.

The group followed the discovery by analyzing the…

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Samsung’s Gear S3 has lost what made the Gear S2 special

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My big highlight from last year’s IFA 2015 was the Samsung Gear S2, a smartwatch that finally, truly felt like a normal watch. It was light, its wristband was supple and comfortable, and it had a rotating bezel and a software interface that both felt fresh, unique, and just fun to use. Today at IFA 2016, Samsung introduced the successor to that glorious little watch, and it’s a big old thing bearing the title of Gear S3. The new watch has GPS, LTE, a long-lasting battery, the latest Gorilla Glass designed specifically for watches, and a leather strap — but in becoming better in so many ways, the S3 has also become worse in the one aspect that matters to me most: bulk.

Where the Gear S2 was the unimposing companion that really could…

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Watching a laser machine gun clean rusty metal is a perfect midweek meditation

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The internet is full of tips on how to make cleaning fun, but I want more. I want an invention that would make the task nothing but pure joy: house-cleaning lasers. All of the mesmerizing visual effects of a laser light show! None of the backbreaking scrubbing of spring cleaning!

A small step toward my fantasy is available today. The process is called “laser ablation,” which is a scientific term for using very focused lasers to remove one material from another. Laser ablation is typically used to clean rust and grime off metal.

The handheld version seen below is made by a Belgian company called P-Laser. As P-Laser engineer Thijs Peeters told Digital Trends, it’s basically a laser machine gun that shoots a lot of light bullets. “When…

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