One of these energy bars has as much caffeine as a shot of espresso

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There are times when you don’t have access to coffee or tea, but you still need a caffeine buzz. Or many you just don’t like the taste of coffee or tea. That’s what Verb Energy bars are for.

Each 90-calorie bar contains core ingredients like almond butter and agave. They come in flavors like Coconut Chai, Maple Blueberry, Simply Cocoa, and Salted Peanut Butter. They are all gluten-free and vegan. Best of all, they contain green tea caffeine, which has L-theanine in it.  Some studies have shown that L-theanine reduces anxiety.

Want to try some? Good timing. Verb Energy is offering a trial pack of four bars for free – all you pay for is the $3.95 in shipping. Read the rest

Huawei’s next tablet might look like an iPad Pro

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Image: @evleaks

Huawei is apparently working on a new tablet, and it looks pretty darn similar to an iPad Pro, according to leaked renders posted by 91Mobiles (via Android Central). The biggest difference seems to be its cameras — Huawei’s tablet appears to have a dual-lens back camera and a hole punch display housing a front-facing camera. It’s actually the second Chinese-made gadget we’ve covered today that cribs heavily from Apple — Xiaomi’s new smartwatch has a strong resemblance to an Apple Watch.

Huawei’s new tablet might even adopt Apple’s “Pro” nomenclature — serial leaker Evan Blass said it will be called the Huawei MatePad Pro.

Image: 91Mobiles

The tablet seems to have a magnetic keyboard case like Apple’s Smart Keyboard…

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Costumes of Greatness: ‘Blue Screen of Death’

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This is a genius Halloween costume idea.

The Microsoft Windows ‘Blue Screen of Death,’ as the MS-DOS crash display has long been affectionately known.

IMGURian @gnocchithesphynxcat really nailed it.

“Yes, I take public transit to work, and yes, I wore my costume.”

Today’s Halloween costume at work: the Blue Screen of Death!

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This guy sacrificed 4 years of beard growth for an epic costume

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He was growing this beard out for four years.

Wait ’til you see what he transformed into for Halloween.

But first, he had to cut that beard off.

IMGURian @teekal “sacrificed four years of beard growth for Halloween 2019,” and all I can say is — worth it. Well done, Super Mario, sir.

Sacrificed Four years of Beard Growth for Halloween 2k19… No regrets.

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Memory Palace episode about Bobby “Boris” Pickett, the guy who sang “Monster Mash

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This episode of Nate DiMeo’s excellent Memory Palace podcast is about one-hit wonder Bobby “Boris” Pickett, who wrote and performed the Halloween favorite, “Monster Mash” in 1962.

“If you want to really dig in,” says Nate, “you should read, Monster Mash: Half Dead in Hollywood, his autobiography. If you have $1,500 you can buy a copy on Amazon.

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Xiaomi mimics the Apple Watch with its first smartwatch

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Xiaomi smartwatch | Xiaomi, via Weibo

In the past, Xiaomi’s products have looked a lot like Apple versions, and Xiaomi’s first smartwatch, which will launch on November 5th, appears to be no exception. From the images and video teasers Xiaomi released through Weibo earlier this week, it bears a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch (via XDA Developers).

Xiaomi, via Weibo

Xiaomi smartwatch

The watch has an almost-identical rectangular touchscreen face with rounded corners and a lookalike rotating ridged crown button for scrolling, which is also located above a similar-looking pill-shaped button on the right side of the watch. Those are all right where you’d find them on an Apple Watch. Although the Xiaomi watch’s face is a little thicker and less…

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Challenge: Eat ‘biggest burger’ in Bangkok, a 10,000-calorie monstrosity

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Would you eat this gigantic burger?

In Thailand’s capital city Bangkok, a hamburger joint has become internet-famous for a nearly 13 pound burger patty with fried onion rings, bacon and mayonnaise. YouTube personalities started challenging one another to try and finish it.

Among the poor fellows who managed to do it — but not within the time limit — was one guy who said, “I will eat a burger at some point (in the future), but not any time soon.”


Chris Steaks and Burgers is offering a 10,000 baht ($330) prize for anyone who can finish the mammoth snack in nine minutes – one baht for every calorie.

Owner Komdech Kongsuwan, who says it is the country’s biggest burger, dreamed up the contest after three customers managed the feat. New challengers are coming through the door every day.

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Amazing! 7-months-pregnant lady cosplays ‘Fat Thor’ from ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (Chris Hemsworth)

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This is the most amazing expecting mom costume idea ever.

Marvel did a weird thing in Avengers: Endgame by making Thor (Chris Hemsworth) get fat.

This pregnant woman did an amazing thing by cosplaying as the big-belly Marvel superhero for Halloween.

Pure genius.

She won the office Halloween costume party, and the internet, too.

Almost 7 months pregnant, had to take advantage of a big belly and be Fat Thor for Halloween.

IMGUR: Almost 7 months pregnant, had to take advantage of a big belly and be Fat Thor for Halloween.

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Do yourself a favor and listen to RL Grime’s annual Halloween mix

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My truth: I don’t like Halloween. I think it’s fun, sure, and I do love any excuse to party or eat candy, but there’s something about the ritual of it that gets to me — something about pretending to be someone or something else, when it’s so hard even to just be yourself. Or maybe it’s that Halloween changes: eventually you stop eating your neighbors’ candy and start giving it out yourself. Or the fact that, in New York City at least, it’s one of the messier weekends of the year. I think I might just be a curmudgeon. But I enjoy things! I promise. Actually, now that I think of it, here’s one.

For the better part of a decade, one of my favorite internet Halloween traditions has been waiting for trap producer Henry Steinway — better known…

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Non-marring nylon spudgers for prying open electronics

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This set of nylon spudgers is excellent.

My Amazon Kindle Voyage is one of my most treasured pieces of electronica. The battery, after 5 years, started to give up the ghost. It is dying in a rapid and dramatic fashion. I really did not want a different model Kindle and the Voyage is discontinued.

I was worried I could not open the Voyage without destroying it. Amazon famously glues things in place and I tend to break plastic bits.

Instead of using a small eye-glass repair sized flathead screw driver, I decided I would try the right tool for the job. This set of spudgers matched with slow and steady movement did the trick. Amazon used double-sided sticky tape to make shit annoying. I was easily able to open the case.

3 Non-Mar Nylon Spudger Pry Bar tools to Open and Repair iPhone, Smartphones, Laptop, and Electronic Plastic Cases via Amazon Read the rest

I’ve tried a lot of different kitchen knife sharpeners, and this cheap one is my favorite

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This Kitchen IQ Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener costs just on Amazon. I’ve been using one for years and it’s my favorite knife sharpener.  I like it because of the way you hold it with one hand along the edge of a kitchen counter and with the other hand you draw the knife through the slots. It’s a safe way to sharpen a knife and I don’t see how someone could make a mistake and hurt themselves. One slot is “coarse” and the other is “fine.” I typically use the fine slot every week or so to restore the edge on a knife. I rarely use coarse because it removes quite a bit of steel from a knife, but sometimes that’s just what’s needed to sharpen a dull knife. Over 11 thousand people have reviewed this sharpener on Amazon, and has an average star rating of 4.3. Read the rest

The Family Acid book release and party in Los Angeles!

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The Family Acid: California is the new book of photographs by Roger Steffens that I published with Timothy Daly, my Ozma Records partner and co-producer of the Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition. Limited to just 1,500 clothbound copies, it’s a far-out photo album from a very unconventional family.

We hope you can come meet the whole Family Acid (and us) in Los Angeles next Thursday, November 7, at The Standard Hollywood for a photo show and reception from 7-11pm! And if you can’t make it, we have some copies available directly from our site, Ozma Records, along with a limited-edition Family Acid photo print on perforated LSD blotter paper (undipped) signed by Roger himself!

For more than 50 years, photographer Roger Steffens has explored the electric arteries of the counterculture, embracing mind-expanding experiences, deep social connection, and unadulterated fun at every turn. After serving in Vietnam at the end of the 1960s, Steffens immersed himself in California’s vibrant bohemia. Since then, with his wife Mary and children Kate and Devon, he has sought out the eccentric, the outlandish, and the transcendent. Just as often, it finds him, grinning, a camera in one hand and a joint in the other. Steffens took the spectacular snapshots in this new collection between 1968 and 2015 during his family’s freewheeling adventures throughout the visionary state they call home.

A full-color, 192-page hardcover with foil stamping and tipped-on cover photo, The Family Acid: California contains hundreds of stunning images curated by Kate Steffens along with detailed captions and original essays by Roger Steffens and Tim Page. Read the rest

What’s inside the AirPods Pro? Here’s a teardown

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Our friends at iFixIt took apart the new AirPods Pro to see what’s inside. An awful lot is stuffed into a very small package. Unfortunately, IFIxIt deems the AirPods Pro to be non-user-repairable: “While theoretically semi-serviceable, the non-modular, glued-together design and lack of replacement parts makes repair both impractical and uneconomical.”

Image: IFixIt Read the rest

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is perfectly silly slapstick comedy

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Most video game protagonists walk with purpose. Nathan Drake has a particular swagger as he strolls through ancient tombs, while Leon Kennedy holds himself with the confidence of a trained professional amid the horrors of a zombie infestation. Luigi isn’t like that. Mario’s bumbling brother is always slightly on edge, and that has never been more apparent than in Luigi’s Mansion 3, which launches today, October 31st, on the Nintendo Switch. Luigi shivers as he walks down dimly lit hallways and opens doors with no small amount of trepidation. When he runs, he moves so fast that his head trails behind, like in a Looney Tunes cartoon. He is not remotely brave — and that’s what makes the game so hilarious.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is part of a rare…

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Here’s when Black Friday deals start at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more

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Black Friday is happening on Friday, November 29th, but if you shop on that day only, you’ll probably miss out on some great deals. That’s because several retailers, including Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Newegg, and GameStop, aren’t waiting for the shopping holiday to start. They’re already offering some great deals, and it’s only going to ramp up from here.

Whether you’ll be on the lookout for the best deal on Black Friday, or in the weeks leading up to it, it helps to have a plan of attack. Where and when will you shop? How much are you looking to spend? Will you be shopping online, or are you willing to make the trek to your local store? These are all good things to think about, and we’ll keep the info below updated to help…

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Android Studio 4.0 backs native UI toolkit

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Google has rolled out a preview of the Android Studio 4.0 IDE, with support for the Jetpack Compose toolkit for building native Android UIs.

Android Studio 4.0 “Canary” works hand in hand with Jetpack Compose, which leverages Kotlin APIs, reduces coding requirements to build native UIs, and automatically updates a UI when state changes. Now entering a developer preview phase, Jetpack Compose is accessible in Android Studio.

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