eBay launches a new smartphone trade-in service with instant payouts

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eBay announced its new Instant Selling program for smartphones today, which will allow users to list their old phone on the platform and immediately receive an eBay voucher in return. eBay says it’s offering higher return rates than Gazelle, EcoATM, AT&T Trade-in, Apple Give Back, and Verizon Trade-in.

For a 64GB unscratched, unlocked iPhone X, for example, you can get up to $490 on Gazelle, $260 on EcoATM, $450 through AT&T Trade-in, $525 through Apple Give Back, and $500 through Verizon Trade In; eBay values the iPhone X at $679.

For a 64GB unscratched Samsung Galaxy S8, you can get $185 through Gazelle, $85 through EcoATM, $180 through AT&T Trade-in, and $185 through Verizon. (Apple doesn’t accept the S8.) eBay offers $271.


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Mui is an interactive wooden panel that can control your smart home

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Forget E Ink or OLED screens. Now, the hottest new display is a piece of wood. With the Mui interactive wooden display, which is now funding on Kickstarter, you can choose a Sanded Sycamore, Cherry, Maple, or Ash panel to send and receive messages, check the news and weather, and control your smart home. Via IFTTT, it can also connect to a Google Home, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, Sonos, and other smart home services.

We got an early preview of Mui last year, and we came away impressed with its elegant design and concept. The display is activated when you touch the surface, showing a minimal menu that disappears when the panel goes back into sleep mode. Early adopters can back Mui for $499. Its price will go up to $999 when it ships, which…

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Marilyn Manson is selling a dildo in his likeness

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Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson continues making things weird with his latest merchandise offering, a dildo with his face on it.

The eight-inch-tall sex toy boasts a solid 1.5-inch thick diameter and is described as “soft” and “lifelike.”

Get one now for $125 at his site. [To note: the Manson’s face is painted on and “may fade with multiple uses.”]

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That Time Atari Cracked the Nintendo Entertainment System

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It was darkest hour for the video game industry following the holiday shopping season of 1982. The torrent of third party developed titles had flooded the home video game console market to the point of saturation. It incited a price war amongst retailers where new releases were dropped to 85% off MSRP after less than a month on the shelves. Mountains of warehouse inventory went unsold leaving a company like Atari choosing to dump the merchandise into the Chihuahuan desert rather than face the looming tax bill. As a result, the whole home video game industry receded seemingly overnight.

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Snapchat’s new segmented lens tech makes the screaming cowboy meme real

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<em>Imagine this, but everywhere.</em>

Snap has added new lenses to Snapchat, including the option to create ones that apply effects to things like the sky or hair or use a portrait mode cutout to put users on an entirely new background.

With the new lenses, you can do cool things like change hair colors, teleport users to a tropical vacation, or add some spectacular constellations to the night sky. However, one filter may have already reached its zenith just hours after its release: it lets you use the skybox-segmenting tech to add the iconic screaming cowboy meme (aka singer Jimmy Barnes as a guest vocalist in Kirin J Callinan’s 2017 song “Big Enough”) to the sky in your photo.


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Watch a Tesla Model S get stolen with a key fob hack

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Tesla’s cars may be high-tech, but that doesn’t mean they’re foolproof when it comes to security. This fact is on display in a new video that shows, without the proper protections in place, that it’s not that hard to steal one of the company’s cars.

The video shows two thieves skulking around a Model S at night while it’s parked in a driveway in the UK. Using a tablet and a phone in tandem, they eventually intercept the frequency used by the Tesla owner’s key fob, even though it was “at the back of the house,” according to the owner. The thieves then relay that signal to the car, tricking it into thinking that the owner was using the key fob to get in and drive.

Thefts like these are a risk with just about any car that allows for…

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Asus’ new Zen AiO 27 desktop has a hidden wireless charger in the base

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Asus just announced its latest Zen AiO 27 computer: a sleek, all-in-one desktop with a 4K 27-inch touchscreen and a built-in 7.5W Qi wireless charger in the base so you can charge your phone while you’re at your desk.

It’s a clever idea that should appeal to anyone who is considering picking up a Zen AiO 27. After all, the whole point of an all-in-one computer is to give your desk a clean look. Why spoil that with an extraneous wireless charger?

The Zen AiO 27 also offers some pretty good specs for a 2018 desktop. It has an Intel 8th Gen Core i7-8700T processor, a Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 2TB hard drive and 512GB PCIe SSD for storage. Asus isn’t skimping on ports, either: there’s a Thunderbolt 3 port, three…

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Gjemeni puts your couch in a box

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Gjemeni, pronounced Gemini, is a new furniture-on-demand service from founder Sean Pathiratne. The company offers decidedly tech-forward furniture that comes in a single box and can be assembled by anyone in a few minutes. Pathiratne sees his company as a fashionable and agile furniture company that brings stylish stuff to your living room in the […]

Issue design citations with the Typographic Ticket Book

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Have bad type choices got you bummed out?

Don’t despair, type foundry Hoefler&Co. has got you covered. Their 50-page novelty Typographic Ticket Book makes it easy to play the enforcer of design infractions like “improper kerning” and “unironic use of Helvetica.”

Fast Company:

…let us praise Hoefler & Co.’s attention to detail. The Ticket Book nails all the design conventions of municipal meter-maid gear: “things set in ALL CAPS that would be easier to read in lowercase, searing colors that dazzle the eyes, and confounding administrative indicia like bar codes and form numbers,” says Jonathan Hoefler. “And Helvetica. If the state is dressing you down, it’s always in Helvetica. Helvetica means you’re in trouble.”

The delights don’t stop there. Individual citation codes run the gamut from dad-jokey (“poor typeface choice: 72-60-HUH”) to so-inside-baseball-it-hurts (“improper hyphenation/justification: 72-436-RVR“), with a few dashes of guffaw-inducing surrealism thrown in for kicks (“improper word spacing: 72-428-C/WLKN”… get it?). The ticket book includes 32 “common design infractions,” which Hoefler admits he had to edit down. “Space permitting, [it] could probably have run to at least 60,” he says.

The Typographic Ticket Book is available from Hoefler&Co. for $10.

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Getting Started With Angular 7.0

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Angular has released its latest version, Angular 7.0. In this article, we will explore the following points:

  • What’s new in Angular 7.0.
  • Creating your first Angular 7.0 application using the Angular CLI.
  • How to update existing Angular applications to Angular 7.0.

What’s New in Angular 7.0

  • While creating a new Angular application, the Angular CLI will prompt the user to select if they want to add features like Angular routing or the format of stylesheets they want to use in their application.
  • Angular 7.0 applications will use the Bundle Budget feature of the Angular CLI to warn developers if the application bundle size exceeds the predefined limit. The default value for the warning is set to 2MB and for error is 5MB. This value is configurable and can be changed from the angular.json file. This feature enhances the application performance considerably.
  • The Component Dev Kit (CDK) of Angular Material also receives some new features as part of this update. The two newly added feature of CDK is mentioned below:

1. Virtual Scrolling

If you are trying to load a large list of elements then it can affect the application performance. The can be used to load only the visible part of the list on the screen. It will render only the items that can fit on the screen. When the user scrolls through the list then the DOM will load and unload the elements dynamically based on the display size. This feature is not to be confused with infinite scrolling which is altogether a different strategy to load elements. You can read more about Virtual Scrolling here.

Samsung updates its Windows VR headset with better display tech

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Samsung is refreshing its Windows Mixed Reality headset today with the new HMD Odyssey+. Samsung’s original headset was one of the best for Windows Mixed Reality, and this refreshed model makes some minor tweaks to improve things. The headset has the same size dual 3.5-inch AMOLED displays at 1440 x 1600 resolution per eye (with 110-degree field of view), but this time around there’s a wider eye box to prevent fogging and some new display technology.

Samsung is using Anti-Screen Door Effect (Anti-SDE) tech to improve the pixelation that sometimes occurs with VR headsets. The technology is designed to make the spaces between pixels less visible, and therefore increasing the perceived PPI up from 616ppi in the previous model to 1,233ppi in…

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An extinct dog breed once labored in our kitchens, running on spit-turning wheels

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The Vernepator Cur was once a ubiquitous dog breed in the UK and the American colonies, and it had a job: for six days a week, it ran tirelessly in a wheel in the kitchen that was geared to turn a meat-spit over the fire (on Sundays it went to church with its owners and served as their foot-warmer).

The Vernepator Cur (AKA the “turnspit dog”) was bred to replace the children who once labored in kitchens, turning spits until their hands blistered, and their heyday was 1750 to 1850. But by 1900, they had dwindled away, thanks to the rise of spit-turning machines called clock jacks.

The turnspits were mentioned in Shakespeare; they fascinated Darwin, and their cruel lives led to the founding of the SPCA.

Back in the 16th century, many people preferred to cook meat over an open fire. Open-fire roasting required constant attention from the cook and constant turning of the spit.

“Since medieval times, the British have delighted in eating roast beef, roast pork, roast turkey,” says Jan Bondeson, author of Amazing Dogs, a Cabinet of Canine Curiosities, the book that first led us to the turnspit dog. “They sneered at the idea of roasting meat in an oven. For a true Briton, the proper way was to spit roast it in front of an open fire, using a turnspit dog.”

When any meat was to be roasted, one of these dogs was hoisted into a wooden wheel mounted on the wall near the fireplace. The wheel was attached to a chain, which ran down to the spit.

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Shock win for youngster at Tetris World Championship

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In this clip, 16-year-old Joseph Saelee defeats Tetris seven-time world champ Jonas Neubauer to become the new Tetris Tsar or whatever they call it. It’s mesmerizing! Alex Walker writes:

It was a story straight out of a shonen anime: the new up and comer and the king at the top of the summit, looking down below at the competition.

The second and third game of the series also went completely to the wire. Saelee amassed a lead of more than 160,000 points at one stage by the second game, but had to tap out after things went haywire in the 27th level. Neubauer, behind in points, carried on but went 25 pieces without a long bar – and consequently couldn’t get the points needed to catch up.

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Home Built Flight Sim Combines Virtual and Actual Reality

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Virtual Reality (VR) and actual reality often don’t mix: watch someone play a VR game without seeing what they see and you see a lot of pointless-looking flailing around. [Nerdaxic] may have found a balance that works in this flight sim setup that mixes VR and AR, though. He did this by combining the virtual cockpit controls of his fight simulator with real buttons, knobs, and dials. He uses an HTC Vive headset and a beefy PC to create the virtual side, which is mirrored with a real-world version. So, the virtual yoke is matched with a real one. The …read more

Don’t miss Q&A Sessions at Disrupt Berlin 2018

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Every TechCrunch Disrupt Main Stage features an incredible roster of speakers representing the best and brightest leaders, luminaries and legends at the crossroads of startups, technology, entrepreneurism and investment. It’s an opportunity to hear their perspective, what they’ve learned along the way and catch a glimpse of what the future might hold. Those vibrant interviews […]

Google apologizes for YouTube TV outage, offers free week of credit

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YouTube experienced a major outage last week that also affected subscription services YouTube TV and YouTube Music. YouTube and its associated services were down for nearly two hours before service was restored, and now Google is apologizing to affected YouTube TV subscribers by offering a free week of credit.

“We’re sorry about the unexpected YouTube TV interruption on October 16th,” says a note to subscribers. “We love our TV as much as you do, and our goal is to make sure that you can access your events and shows – whenever and however you want. To help make this right, we’d like to give you a week of free service.”

The credit note of $10 is only available to be claimed by 11:50PM PT on Wednesday October 24th, and subscribers will…

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