Google AI helps you write a poem in the style of famous poets of the past

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Screenshot of Google AI tool "Verse by Verse"

Google has released “Verse by Verse”, a AI tool that lets you pick several poets from the past, and then write a poem with the AI suggesting lines composed in their style.

As Engadget describes it:

You can select up to three poets for inspiration, including the likes of Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman and Edgar Allen Poe.

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“IvanKKKa is a Nazi” by a new wave band that’s “definitely not” Green Day

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The mysterious new wave band The Network, who swear they’re not Green Day even though everyone knows they’re Green Day, have released their first new music since their 2003 debut, Money Money 2020.

The 4-song EP Trans AM includes such a danceable synth-rock bangers as “Ivankkka is a Nazi” (above), which you should listen to if you’ve ever wanted to hear someone sing about “Gucci Swastikas.”

The dark art of playing world-class Scrabble

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You might enjoy playing Scrabble with your family and friends, but when you get outside your social bubble and run into a serious or even tournament-grade Scrabble player, well, that’s a whole different world.

When the top players gathered in Torquay, England, last year for the World Scrabble Tournament (this year’s contest should have been this week, but has been cancelled thanks to you-know-what), it was to use ‘words’ like these in their games: dzo, ch, foyned, ghi…

Yep, that’s right; a whole lot of words that, let’s be frank about this, are not words.

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Nintendo’s Game & Watch can run Doom, barely

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Image: stacksmashing

Intrepid developers have done the expected and necessary: Doom now runs on Nintendo’s recently released Game & Watch portable. The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. was designed to run three games, but successfully porting Doom shows it can handle others if you have a lot of patience (via Hackaday).

This version of Doom is not perfect, of course. In order to get the game to run even at the slower speed shown in the video below, sound had to be disabled and textures had to be simplified to fit the game on the small portable. And getting that far wasn’t easy: programmers stacksmashing and Konrad Beckmann had to trick the Game & Watch to offload its firmware by injecting code into the external storage accessed by the Game & Watch’s tiny…

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The best Black Friday deals on Apple devices

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The iPhone 12 looks great. The new design feels both modern and classic.
iPhone 12. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

It’s rare that Apple slashes the prices on its own products. Fortunately, other retailers are putting a lot of Apple products on sale for Black Friday. A bunch of retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, Walmart, and Woot are slashing the prices on everything from wearables to its wireless earbuds.

Additionally, Apple’s direct website will mark down prices on several products beginning on Friday, November 27th, and running until Monday, November 30th. If you buy an eligible product during Apple’s Black Friday event, the tech giant will give you up to a $150 gift card.

Below, we have listed all of the best Black Friday discounts you can take advantage of if you are looking to buy any Apple device.

iPhone and iPad deals

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Here are the best Black Friday deals happening at Best Buy

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The 55-inch Vizio OLED TV is $900 at Best Buy | Image: Vizio

Best Buy was one of the first retailers to launch Black Friday deals — all the way back in mid-October to go up against Amazon Prime Day. Now that Black Friday is actually here, of course, Best Buy is back with a bunch of great sales that you can take advantage of. Best Buy stores around the US will be closed all of Thanksgiving, but if you want to shop in-person, most will re-open at 5AM local time on Black Friday. Alternatively, just stay home and do your shopping online.

Below, you’ll find the best deals currently happening at Best Buy. If you want out what’s happening at other retailers, check out our other Black Friday coverage. As new deals come out, we’ll add those to the top so you can see them easily.

TVs and home entertainment…

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Google and Disney team up for a Mandalorian AR experience

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The Mandalorian just jetpacked into your living room | Google/Disney

Google and Disney have teamed up for a new AR experience featuring The Mandalorian and yes, Baby Yoda is involved. The Mandalorian AR experience “puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the trail of Mando himself, Din Djarin, and The Child,” according to a blog post by Matthieu Lorrain, head of creative, AR partnerships at Google. Players can interact with the characters in AR and capture scenes from the app for sharing.


The Mandalorian is scanning your kitchen

The app is built on ARCore, Google’s developer platform for building augmented reality experiences, and uses its ARCore Depth API, which enables occlusion — when an AR object is blocked from view by other real objects in a scene…

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Amazon’s Echo Buds get new fitness tracking features

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I wasn’t super impressed when I reviewed the Echo Buds around this time last year, but Amazon’s first shot at Alexa-powered fully wireless earbuds was passable. And while they’ve already been on the market for a while now, the company’s continuing to deliver some key updates, including today’s addition of new fitness features. Say “Alexa, […]

Steve McQueen’s film series Small Axe is an intimate experience

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Steve McQueen’s Widows was one of the best movies to come out in 2018: it was a smart, slick crime thriller that showed the acclaimed filmmaker could follow up a challenging drama like Shame and 12 Years a Slave with tremendous crowd-pleasers. Two years later, he’s back with his follow-up effort: Small Axe, which is five whole movies now streaming on Amazon Prime. We knew McQueen was good, and now it’s undeniable that he has the range.

While it presents as a TV series — and that’s how the BBC is airing it across the pond — it’s best to think of Small Axe as five full-on movies, with a new one premiering every Friday. (My suggestion: watch it right after The Mandalorian.) Each film / episode features an entirely new story with a…

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Gift Guide: Which next-gen console is the one your kid wants?

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This holiday season the next generation of gamers, bless their hearts, will be hoping to receive the next generation of gaming consoles. But confusing branding by the console makers — not to mention a major shortage of consoles — could lead to disappointment during the unwrapping process. Before making any big promises this year, you’ll […]

Roblox is hosting a Ready Player Two treasure hunt inside its own virtual universe

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To promote the sequel to Ready Player One — a book about a treasure hunt inside a virtual universe — author Ernest Cline has partnered with the hit kids game Roblox to re-create something akin to the plot of the original novel: a hunt for clues and prizes inside a virtual world.

Roblox says the treasure hunt will take place across seven different game worlds. The first world is already open, but it sounds like the event really kicks off on December 1st when a Q&A with Cline and Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki will air inside the game. Players will be “awarded virtual goods” specific to the Ready Player Two event for completing the treasure hunt.

Warner Bros. previously partnered with R…

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