Playing Pong With Micro:bits!

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Where would the world be today without Pong, perhaps a lot less fun? For people like [Linker3000] the game is an inspiration toward teaching the next generation of hackers to build and play their own version using Micro:bits as controllers!

Aiming for doing all manner of diligence, [Linker3000] says the code can simply be uploaded to an Arduino — foregoing throwing together a circuit of your own — if you want to jump right into things. For the workshop environment, this setup uses composite video outputs — but this shouldn’t be an issue as most TVs still retain these inputs. …read more

Linksys is now selling a cheaper version of its Velop mesh router

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A year after the launch of its Velop mesh router system, Linksys is back with a smaller, cheaper model, with one big catch: it’s slower, too.

The new Velop units, first announced in January, are available to preorder today with sales starting May 15th and will be sold in one-, two-, and three-packs, for $129, $199, and $299. That’s a lot cheaper than the old models, which cost $200, $350, and $450 for those same quantities. Because it’s a mesh system, which uses multiple router units working together to blanket a home with Wi-Fi coverage, you’ll presumably want at least two.

There’s one substantial difference between the cheaper and more expensive models. The cheaper models are dual-band routers, meaning they broadcast two wireless…

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Game-Ception: Pokemon Red Playable Inside Minecraft

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If you’ve ever wanted to take a dive into and visualize a game’s code, this could be a seminal example in a literal sense. After twenty-one months of effort, the entire Pokemon Red game is now playable inside Minecraft.

[Mr. Squishy] is the mad genius behind this project, laboriously re-coding the game literally block by block. A texture pack is needed for the specific sprites, but otherwise it is playable without mods. It’s not immediately apparent when loading in to the level, but chip your way through the floor of the stadium and you are confronted by something awe-inspiring: sprawling …read more

Training The Squirrel Terminator

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Depending on which hemisphere of the Earth you’re currently reading this from, summer is finally starting to fight its way to the surface. For the more “green” of our readers, that can mean it’s time to start making plans for summer gardening. But as anyone who’s ever planted something edible can tell you, garden pests such as squirrels are fantastically effective at turning all your hard work into a wasteland. Finding ways to keep them away from your crops can be a full-time job, but luckily it’s a job nobody will mind if automation steals from humans.

[Peter Quinn] writes …read more

UNICEF wants you to mine cryptocurrency for charity

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UNICEF has launched a page that lets you donate to its Australian branch without giving any money at all. All you need to do is give away part of your computing power to let it mine cryptocurrency.

Over 2,600 people have already donated through what UNICEF calls The Hopepage. Users are able to set what percentage of processing power they’re willing to give the website out of a max of 80 percent. (Be careful not to set the percentage too high.) The longer they stay on the site, the more cryptocurrency they’re helping to mine on UNICEF’s behalf. The site says the cryptocurrency will go toward giving children life-saving supplies “like safe water, therapeutic food, and vaccines.”

Once you click Start Donating, a pop-up in the browser…

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This Dust Collector Will Blow You Away.

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As [Marius Hornberger] was working in his woodshop, a thunderous bang suddenly rocked the space. A brief search revealed the blower for the dust collector had shifted several inches despite being stoutly fastened down. Turns out, the blower had blown itself up when one of the impeller fins came loose. Time to revise and build a bigger, better dust collector!

[Hornberger] is thorough in describing his process, the video series chronicles where he went astray in his original design and how he’s gone about improving on those elements. For instance, the original impeller had six fins which meant fewer points …read more

Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in May

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Summer movie season kicked off early this year with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, but in spite of its history-making performance at the box office, audiences no doubt have an appetite for things other than Marvel superheroes. Fortunately, May will bring a lot of new alternative options to television screens.

Netflix is adding several films and TV shows to its original content lineup, including the zombie movie Cargo on May 18th, the Amanda Seyfried and Clive Owen science fiction film Anon on May 10th, and the fourth season of the comedy series stalwart Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on the 30th. The second season of Dear White People is premiering on May 4th. And for viewers interested in timely comedy programming: former Daily Show…

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Sonos is reportedly working on a Playbar update with Alexa voice controls and an HDMI input

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FCC filings submitted by Sonos in March suggest that the company is working on a new speaker, potentially a follow-up to the Playbar. The filings, which were first spotted by Variety, reference model number S14. The device will reportedly incorporate an HDMI port, which would be new for the Playbar. (It previously relied on an optical in port.) The label filing, which you can see below, depicts a microphone. This probably means the mysterious speaker will ship with support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, just like the Sonos One from last year.

This is the label filing; it looks similar to the Sonos One’s device interface:


Although most publications — including German website iFun, which seemingly found a…

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There’s something called Bacoin now

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To paraphrase a saying popularized by countless dorm room stoners: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you use the hype around decentralized crypto economies to sell bacon.” The latest example of this age-old adage comes to us from Oscar Meyer and involves their exciting new cryp-faux-currency, Bacoin. […]

When cleaning slides, film or just my lenses, I use PecPads

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When cleaning off slides for scanning, or the lenses on cameras that haven’t been made for decades, I use PecPads.

I used to ruin positives when trying to ready them for scanning. Then I was told about PecPads. I have not ruined a slide in years and years. I also use the non-abrasive gauze-like pads to clean the lenses on my treasured Rolleis.

I use microfiber clothes on my glasses, but superstition keeps me using PecPads on photographic equipment.

PEC-PAD Lint Free Wipes 4″x4″ 100per/Pkg via Amazon

Universal Quick-Release Bar Clamps

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The typical hacker can never say no to more tools. And when it comes to clamps, one just can’t have enough of them. From holding small PCB’s to clamping together large sheets of plywood, you need a variety of sizes and quantities. So it would be pretty neat if we could just 3D print them whenever needed. [Mgx3d] has done that by designing 3D printable bar clamp jaws with a quick release mechanism that can be used with standard T-slot aluminum extrusion. This allows you to create ad-hoc bar clamps of any size and length quickly.

The design consists of …read more

LG’s G7 ThinQ will feature a Boombox Speaker that doubles the bass

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LG Boombox Speaker

LG’s next flagship smartphone, the G7 ThinQ, is debuting in just a couple days, and another teaser has been dropped. Speaking with Engadget, LG says that the phone will have a Boombox Speaker that “increases the base sound level by more than 6dB with twice the amount of bass.”

According to LG, the Boombox Speaker will use a resonance chamber within the phone, which supposedly has more than 10 times the resonance space found in traditional smartphones. Additionally, bass can be further amplified by placing the phone on a solid surface, using the resulting surface vibrations to deliver sound.

There’s more audio news with the G7 ThinQ. The phone will come with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC like previous LG models, which allows for things like digital…

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These award-winning earbuds deliver crisp Bluetooth audio

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Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to invest in a bulky pair of high-tech earphones to enjoy your music in its full aural glory. Boasting the latest CSR Bluetooth 4.2 chipset and passive noise cancellation, the AVANCA Minim True Wireless Earbuds deliver crisp, uninterrupted music, and they’re completely wireless. You can get them in the Boing Boing Store on sale for $54.99.

A 2017 Red Dot Design Award winner, these earbuds are engineered with first-class speaker drivers that produce a balanced frequency curve for full stereo sound. They feature touch controls that are compatible with popular listening apps like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Groove, and they also boast Clear Voice Capture tech, so you can hear phone calls with added clarity.

You can pick up your own pair of AVANCA Minim True Wireless Earbuds on sale today in the Boing Boing store for $54.99.

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