Web Component Management

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Within the last 6 months, it felt like a good time to get on board properly with Web Components so I’ve been toying around with bits and pieces. I’ve been thinking about the ecosystem as a whole and I’ve also recently been creating a few elements.

One thing that is really unclear to me is that there is no defined best practice for how to include styles and templates (HTML) with your custom element which means as a consumer of custom elements you are at the mercy of what the component developer thinks is best.

Horten Fyr is Norwegian for Blinkie

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Our Norwegian is pretty weak, so we struggled a little bit with the documentation for a big public LED art project in the lighthouse (translated) in Horten, Norway. But we do speak the universal language of blinkies, and this project has got them: 3,008 WS2812b LEDs ring the windows at the top of the lighthouse and create reactive patterns depending on the wave height and proximity of the ferry that docks there.

This seems to be an evolving project, with more features being added slowly over time. We love the idea of searching for the WiFi access point on the …read more

Using tech to fix the criminal justice system

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police-use-of-force-data Criminal justice reform at the federal level is kind of up in the air, but local jurisdictions around the country are continuing to step up to ensure that we move in the right direction. And local and state levels are where criminal justice policies and procedures matter the most, with local and state officials in charge of more than 90% of the prison and jail populations. Through the… Read More

Google’s bug bounty program pays out $3 million, mostly for Android and Chrome exploits

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security globe If you’re willing to hunt for flaws within its vast array of software and services, Google’s happy to pay up. Over the course of its 2016 Vulnerability Rewards Program, the company paid out $3 million—a third of the total $9 million that enthusiastic researchers have earned since the initiative, more colloquially known as a bug bounty program, launched in 2010. The… Read More

Samsung teases tablet for Mobile World Congress reveal

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We already know that Samsung isn’t bringing the Galaxy S8 along to Mobile World Congress, but what’s going to take its traditional place? It looks like the answer may be a tablet. Samsung just sent out invitations for its MWC press event complete with a shadowy image of what seems to be a new slate.

The invite doesn’t give away any details, but a supposed Galaxy Tab S3 did pass through the FCC earlier today, and Korean outlet ET News claims the device will have a 9.6-inch 2048 x 1536 display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, and 4GB of RAM.

The 2015 Galaxy Tab S2 was a solid tablet with an exceptionally slim design. It wasn’t particularly cutting-edge even upon release, though, so Samsung’s mainstream tablet line is due a refresh. The event…

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ForeScout Technologies filed confidentially for IPO

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cyber-security-data-phone ForesScout has filed confidentially for an IPO, TechCrunch has confirmed. The security company has submitted its S-1 and will be unveiling it to the public closer to its debut. The IPO is likely to happen in the next few months, with an exact date yet-to-be-determined. The JOBS Act from 2012 made it so that the companies could work on revisions to their filings without public scrutiny. It… Read More

Touch Bar MacBook Pros Are Being Banned From Bar Exams Over Predictive Text

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: When it launched late last year, the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar was largely reliant on first-party applications to show off what it could do. Since then, a number of other companies have jumped on board, helping the secondary screen grow into something more than novelty. Of course, as with any new technology, there’s going to be some unanticipated downside. Test taking software company Examsoft, for one, believes the input device could help facilitate cheating among students taking the bar exam. What’s perhaps most interesting here, is that the company’s calling out one of Touch Bar’s more mundane features: predictive text. “By default,” the company writes, “the Touch Bar will show predictive text depending on what the student is typing, compromising exam integrity.” It’s hard to say precisely how the company expects a standard feature on mobile devices to help students pass one of the more notoriously exam out there, but The Next Web notes that some states have already taken action. North Carolina, for one, has required test takers with the new model MacBooks to disable the Touch Bar, while New York is banning the machines altogether.

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Sequoia Capital has quietly announced a leadership change-up, with partner Jim Goetz taking a step back

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roelof-botha Famed venture firm Sequoia Capital has famously handled well its transitions from one powerful team of investors to the next. Founder Don Valentine handed the reins over to Doug Leone and Michael Moritz earlier than he might have, then continued attending partner meetings for another 10 years. (The partners say they were happy for his continued advice and guidance — not that they… Read More

An Awesome Interactive LED Table

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If you want to create a large display with a matrix of LEDs, it’s a relatively straightforward process. Thanks to addressable LED tape and microcontrollers it becomes more of a software issue than one of hardware. [Vincent Deconinck] had some inexpensive WS2812 strips, so he sliced into an inexpensive IKEA coffee table  and mounted them in a grid beneath an acrylic sheet. Some work with Arduino Nanos and a Raspberry Pi later, and he had a very acceptable LED matrix table.

An attractive hack, you might say, and leave it at that. But he wasn’t satisfied enough to leave …read more

Star Wars Battlefront’s sequel is coming this year and will have a single-player campaign

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The follow-up to multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront is coming later this year, and according to EA it will feature a number of improvements over its predecessor. Chief among them is the addition of a single-player campaign, one of the biggest missing pieces from the original release. And while the 2015 edition of Battlefront focused on locations and characters from the original trilogy, EA says that the sequel will span “multiple Star Wars eras,” though there are no specifics yet as to what those eras will be.

The original Battlefront — itself a reboot of the Star Wars shooter series — was developed by Battlefield studio DICE, but the increased scope of the sequel means more teams will be working on the project. The new B…

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Facebook is reportedly making an app for set-top TV boxes

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Facebook is building an app for television and is asking publishers to create exclusive, TV-like shows for it, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has been building the app, which would be available for boxes such as Apple TV. It is also talking to media companies about licensing TV-quality shows to be available on the app, the Journal reported, part of a long-term strategy to make video the center of the platform.

Facebook began working on an app last summer after discussing the idea for years, according to the Journal. But it’s not enough to build an app: Facebook needs to fill it with programming. Video on Facebook today consists mostly of short clips and experimental live streams — both formats…

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Raising a $32M Series A, Knock seeks to standout with new model for selling homes

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Human hands making real estate deal with house and money Online real estate service Knock is finishing up a $32 million Series A round led by RRE Ventures. The new company, founded by former Trulia executives, promises to handle the details of home sales in exchange for the traditional six percent commissions. Unlike legacy sellers, though, Knock promises you market-rate returns on your house in advance. And if, for whatever reason, your… Read More

Poison president: Harley-Davidson factory cancels planned Trump visit

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Donald Trump had planned to head to Milwaukee to tour a Harley-Davidson factory and sign some executive orders there. But the company said it wasn’t comfortable hosting him and called it off. CNN’s Jeremy Diamond:

Large protests have been in the works in recent days, particularly in light of Trump’s executive order issuing an immigration ban. It was the threat of protests, and not Trump’s planned signing of executive orders, that made Harley-Davidson uncomfortable, the official said.

When people tell you protests accomplish nothing, they’re inviting you to be lazy, to put up with it, to give up. You don’t have to make the same choices they do.

A beginner’s guide to intersectional feminism

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As everyday discussions about prejudice and oppression get more nuanced, it can be hard to know how to dive into the conversation. This helpful guide by writer Saroful breaks down the basics of what intersectional feminism is and how not to make rookie mistakes when it comes to it. Here’s an excerpt:

Lesson two, which I meant to make lesson one: If it’s not about you, don’t make it about you. If it is about you, do better.

What does that mean? Well. At some point you’re going to hear a statement like “white women are racist.” Your first instinct is going to be “not me! I’m a good person!” Stop for a minute before you jump in with that comment.

First of all, is it contributing anything to the discussion? No. It’s actually derailing the discussion by recentering it on people having to reassure you that you’re a good person. Remember #notallmen? Don’t be that guy. More about derailing in a second, I promise.

Second of all, I chose that statement for a reason, and it’s about to get real uncomfortable in here so let me reassure you FIRST that I love you and I think you’re a worthwhile person: white people are racist. They benefit from systemic racism whether or not they actively contribute to perpetuating it, and they perpetuate it in ways that are invisible to them because they’ve never had to think about it. That’s a thing you can learn about by not jumping in on that discussion and just sitting and listening for a minute.

You can read the full piece “How to survive in intersectional feminist spaces 101” on Saroful’s website. Then check out Saroful’s next article, “So you think you know a thing: Feministing 201”.

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Please God let this be real: Hanna-Barbera to reboot Snagglepuss as “Gay Southern Gothic Playwright”

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Newsarama’s George Marston reports on a HiloBrow interview with Hanna-Barbera writer Mark Russell: he is to reboot Snagglepuss as “a gay Southern Gothic playwright” in the tradition of Tennessee Williams.

Snagglepuss’s adventures in New York will bring him to Broadway, where he’ll deal with issues of his sexuality and the place of homosexuals in the repressed culture of the 50s.

“[Snagglepuss’s sexuality is] never discussed and it’s obviously ignored in the cartoons ’cuz they were made at a time when you couldn’t even acknowledge the existence of such a thing,” Russell explained. “But it’s still so obvious; so it’s natural to present it in a context where everybody knows, but it’s still closeted. And dealing with the cultural scene of the 1950s, especially on Broadway, where everybody’s gay, or is working with someone who’s gay, but nobody can talk about it – and what it’s like to have to try to create culture out of silence.”

Oh, what a joyful day to frolic and play. Whaddya say to that? Whaddya say to thaaaaat?

InfoWorld’s 2017 Technology of the Year Award winners

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2017 Technology of the Year Awards
2017 Technology of the Year Awards

Image by Jane Van Ginkel

Did you notice that Google is giving away its magic sauce? Google engineers used to merely write papers about their creations, then leave it to others to come up with the software. Now we’re fortunate to get the real goods, for datacenter orchestration or deep learning or what have you, straight from the source.

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