You don’t need Dyson’s $649 Pure Cryptomic air purifier to get formaldehyde out of your house

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Dyson’s latest air purifier, the Pure Cryptomic, can eliminate formaldehyde that’s floating around in your home. It’s the main selling point that distinguishes this model from the presently-available Pure Cool and Pure Hot + Cool, which can only capture formaldehyde, not destroy it. But before you drop $649 on a formaldehyde-fighting device there are a few things that you should know.

First, it is almost guaranteed that there is formaldehyde in your home. Formaldehyde is just about everywhere. It’s a chemical that’s found in your body, in the environment, and in furniture and wood products. People tend to hear about it in conjunction with health problems, and it’s true — when there’s enough of it in the air, formaldehyde can irritate…

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Leak reveals Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7, 15-inch Surface Laptop, and ARM-powered Surface

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Image: Evan Blass / Twitter

Microsoft’s new Surface lineup appears to have leaked almost in its entirety, thanks to product images obtained by journalist and leaker Evan Blass. Blass posted a series of images to his Twitter account this evening featuring what he says are the upcoming Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3 (13-inch and 15-inch), and an ARM-powered Surface 2-in-1 device.

The images look authentic, and Blass has a storied track record of getting his hands on pre-release images of countless devices over the years. Blass also ended his series of tweets with yet another product announcement, “Not pictured here: dual-screen Surface,” although that seems to indicate Blass may have an image to share later.

Microsoft is expected to announce all of these…

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‘Stranger Things 4’ takes Netflix’s hit retro sci-fi show beyond Hawkins

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“Stranger Things 4” got its first teaser today, courtesy of the official Stranger Things Twitter account. The Netflix series, which is in its fourth season (although the creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, maintain that each installment isn’t really a “season” in the traditional TV sense, but rather more like a movie broken up across […]

Netflix’s superhero drama Raising Dion struggles to find a Stranger Things balance

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Photo by Steve Dietl / Netflix

A young hero must learn to use his exceptional powers to stop a terrible threat and save his friends, family, and possibly the entire world. It’s a pretty typical setup for a superhero origin story, but Netflix’s new series Raising Dion, which launches its nine-episode first season on October 4th, changes things up by making its hero a seven-year-old. Splicing family drama with comic-book action produces some engaging story beats, but the friction between the two genres eventually makes the show fall apart.

Raising Dion follows Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright), who’s left raising Dion (Ja’Siah Young) alone after his brilliant meteorologist father Mark (Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther and Creed) drowns saving a woman’s life. When Dion…

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Halide’s latest update makes switching lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro more intuitive

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Image: Halide

Halide has released a massive iOS update that offers extended support for the multi-lens camera systems on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The most important new feature is the “Tactile Lens Switcher,” which lets you switch between the three lenses of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max at will. This feature can be summoned by long-pressing the camera switcher next to the shutter button, then releasing when you hover over your desired lens.

Image: Halide

This lens switcher offers few quality-of-life tweaks that put it ahead of Apple’s native solution. For one, unlike Apple’s on-screen overlays in the Camera app, Halide’s options don’t obscure the viewfinder. Instead, the dial is accessible in the corner of…

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Turn killer quotes by 50 Cent, Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump and more into wall art

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Who can forget the moment our president, the man in charge of a nuclear arsenal, coined the word “covfefe”? Sadly, it’s easy to forget given the frequency and amount of head-slapping sayings he’s given us – not to mention the disposable nature of his favorite mode of communication.

But not anymore. There’s now a way to enshrine Donald Trump’s words as the age-defining proclamations they truly are, thanks to these framed tweets by Kanye West’s favorite president.

Yes, that’s one of 45’s defining gaffes on a cardstock print, lovingly displayed with beveled matting behind an elegant 10″ x 12″ gold frame made of New Zealand wood. It’s suitable for mounting anywhere you’d like to meditate on the universal truth and eternal mystery of “covfefe,” be it the study, living room, bedroom or bathroom. We’d go with the bathroom, but you do you.

It’s hard to pick just one of Trump’s tweets to transform into wall art, and luckily you don’t have to. You can get the same presentation for his classic “sorry losers and haters” burn from May 2013, or the October 2012 insight in which he quipped “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.”

There’s also a ton of non-presidential celebrities who get the gallery treatment. Immortalize the grammatically suspect Twitter wisdom of Cardi B, Soulja Boy, Jaden Smith, Kim Kardashian and other great philosophers of our time in the same golden frame. There are tons of options available, and right now they’re all 10% off the MSRP. Read the rest

PG Tips ‘Extra Strong’ is a perfectly drinkable strong black tea

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Tea time, happy mutants! PG Tips ‘Extra Strong’ is not as pitifully weak as PG Tips ‘Gold’ offering. Belly up to the bar and get your tea on!

Over the course of the last year, I’ve mostly leaned into coffee and espresso to make life liveable. They supply the necessary energy to do that which must be done. 5-6 double shots of espresso on my Rancilio Ms Silva was a normal morning until I packed that darling machine into storage. 32-64 oz of french pressed medium roast was my ritual whilst living la vida #vanlife. Now-a-days its been liters of drip coffee.

A recent day where I unintentionally skipped the coffee nearly crippled me. Shit man, that was some bullshit withdrawl symptoms. Coffee isn’t nearly as much fun as things that are far easier to kick.

I have said it before and will say it again: There is no room for amateurs in the drug culture.

I couldn’t find the best tea in the universe, Barry’s Gold Blend, in any local market. I did not want to wait for Amazon to deliver it. I bought a box of PG Tips ‘Extra Strong’ and it gets the job done!

PG Tips ‘Extra Strong’ is only extra strong if you are in the UK. This is a dark black tea that is a lot like Barry’s but has a bit more of a malty tone to it. It is not like “Whoa, existential crisis!” black, but PG Tips ‘Extra Strong’ is someplace between deathrock and skate punk. Read the rest

iOS 13.1.2 now available as Apple continues polishing iOS 13 at rapid pace

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple is continuing to update iOS 13 at a breakneck pace. On Friday, the company pushed out iOS 13.1.1 with a few bug fixes — and iOS 13.1 had only just launched on September 24th. Fast-forward to today, and Apple is already rolling out iOS 13.1.2 and iPadOS 13.1.2. It’s getting a little hard to keep these things straight.

The newest update addresses a handful of issues impacting iCloud backups, the camera (“fixes an issue where camera may not work”), flashlight, Bluetooth, and the HomePod. It also patches up an unusual bug that “could result in a loss of display calibration data.” You wouldn’t want that happening to your new iPhone 11 Pro display, now would you?

You should be able to find the latest iOS and iPadOS…

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Stranger Things 4 takes Netflix’s hit retro sci-fi show beyond Hawkins

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Stranger Things 4 got its first teaser today, courtesy of the official Stranger Things Twitter account. The Netflix series, which is in its fourth season (although the creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, maintain that each instalment isn’t really a ‘season’ in the traditional TV sense, but rather more like a movie broken up across […]

Netflix’s In the Shadow of the Moon plays smart tricks with time

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Image: Netflix

Welcome to Cheat Sheet, our breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special event releases. This review comes from the 2019 Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

One of the chief joys of the time travel subgenre is strictly mechanical: it’s all about the ways nonlinear characters let creators deconstruct a standard narrative, bringing different segments of the story together in unexpected ways. Construction-oriented movies like Timecrimes or Predestination scramble the order of the pieces on-screen, bait viewers to guess why certain things happen, and then slowly fit those pieces together into a startling whole.

But the same thing can be done in movies without time travel, like Memento, where the audience just…

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Google’s Project Jacquard is available on new Levi’s jackets

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Levi’s is announcing new jackets with Google’s Project Jacquard technology, which turns a portion of the fabric on the sleeve into a touch-sensitive remote control for phones. Both versions are less expensive and much more like the original versions of the Levi’s jackets they’re based on than the first Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket, which Levi’s released two years ago.

The standard Trucker Jacket will be $198, and a Sherpa Jacket, which adds insulation for colder weather, will be $248. They should also be more widely available than the Commuter Jacket in many Levi’s retail channels and on its website.

The jackets are much more “normal” than the Commuter Jacket, thanks to two things: a new Jacquard Bluetooth module that’s smaller and…

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Android 10’s impressive Live Caption feature will likely launch on Pixel 4

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

At Google I/O in May, Google showed off an impressive new accessibility feature coming to Android 10: Live Caption, which can automatically transcribe spoken audio from videos or audio playing on your phone. My colleague Dieter Bohn spent some time with Live Caption when it was announced and found it to be one of the most exciting features coming to Android 10. It’s not just about accessibility, either; think of the moments where you’ve wanted to know what’s being said in a video but didn’t have headphones nearby. Now you can do it without annoying anybody with the loudspeaker, since Live Caption works even if the volume is turned all the way down.

However, Live Caption wasn’t ready in time for Android 10’s release (despite it being…

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Cormac McCarthy on how to write a scientific (or any kind of) paper

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For twenty years, novelist Cormac McCarthy (The Road, No Country for Old Men) has been an unofficial “editor-at-large” for the Sante Fe Institute, where he is a trustee. McCarthy has helped numerous scientists improve the writing in their technical papers about theoretical physics, complex systems, biology, and the like. In the new issue of Nature, theoretical biologist Van Savage and evolutionary biologist Pamela Yeh present a distillation of McCarthy’s advice on “how to write a great scientific paper.” I think the suggestions are applicable to any kind of non-fiction writing. Here are a few of the tips, rom Nature:

• Use minimalism to achieve clarity. While you are writing, ask yourself: is it possible to preserve my original message without that punctuation mark, that word, that sentence, that paragraph or that section? Remove extra words or commas whenever you can.

• Decide on your paper’s theme and two or three points you want every reader to remember. This theme and these points form the single thread that runs through your piece. The words, sentences, paragraphs and sections are the needlework that holds it together. If something isn’t needed to help the reader to understand the main theme, omit it.

• Keep sentences short, simply constructed and direct. Concise, clear sentences work well for scientific explanations. Minimize clauses, compound sentences and transition words — such as ‘however’ or ‘thus’ — so that the reader can focus on the main message.

• Don’t over-elaborate. Only use an adjective if it’s relevant. Your paper is not a dialogue with the readers’ potential questions, so don’t go overboard anticipating them.

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Luigi says “Fuck you!” to Mario on “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!” (1989)

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My 13-year-old son showed me this and we couldn’t stop laughing. How dare Luigi be so rude to his brother!

The 1989 TV series “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!” starred wrestler Lou Albano as Mario, Danny Wells of “The Jeffersons” as Luigi, and Jeannie Elias as the voice of Princess Toadstool.

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