Work Your Own Way With Crafter CMS (Series Part 1): Step-Through Debugging

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Most CMS platforms do a decent job of simplifying content and digital experience creation and editing for non-technical content managers. The challenges really start once you need to innovate and development is required. Traditionally CMS platforms have been pretty bad for developers. They require a lot of CMS specific knowledge and don’t integrate with developer tools and process.
Here are 7 things that developers really want with a CMS:

  1. Let me work locally with my own tools like my IDE and my source code management.
  2. Let me leverage my existing skills. I want a low learning curve. Don’t make me learn a new, niche framework.
  3. Let me work in teams on multiple projects at the same time without interfering.
  4. Let me maintain a real development process.
  5. Make the integration with the CMS seamless.
  6. Don’t make me do builds.
  7. Don’t make me do heavy deployments.

In this installment of the Work Your Way Series, we’re going to tackle item #1: Let me work locally with my own tools like my IDE and my source code management. Let’s start with some background: Crafter CMS uses Git as its primary content store. That’s the foundation of the solution for developer desire #1. A developer can mount a local clone of a Crafter CMS project directly with their IntelliJ, Netbeans, Eclipse or other IDE. That means they can use their preferred development tools to edit and debug code and templates. And as they work, all of the changes they make are tracked by the Crafter CMS via its native Git support. Sounds awesome right? Let’s learn how to get set up.

Wearable Foxhunt Transmitter for Conventions

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Amateur radio operator [KE4FOX] wanted to build his own 2M fox hunt transmitter for use at conventions. It would be contained in a 1020 Pelican micro case and attached to a person who would walk around transmitting a signal, leaving the hams to track down the fox. The project uses a DRA818 VHF/UHF transceiver plugged into a low-pass filter combined with a hardware DTMF decoder, all controlled by an ATmega328P and powered by a 11.2 mAh battery.

[KE4FOX] also etched his own PCB, using the PCB toner transfer method, folding a sheet of transfer paper around the board to align …read more

Razer’s new mouse has a clutch for your thumb

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Before today I didn’t know I needed a clutch on my mouse, but now I’m wondering how I ever lived without. Razer’s new Basilisk gaming mouse has a customizable clutch for your thumb. It seems to be best suited for actions that are more of a “press-and-hold” kind of a thing than a single “click” moment. Push-to-talk is the first thing that comes to mind.

Razer’s default configuration for the clutch is as a temporary DPI adjustment, which is often useful for sniping scenarios — you want high sensitivity to move your scope large distances, and then low sensitivity to make micro adjustments in service of a headshot.

But Razer also mentions that this clutch would be useful for “item pick-up,” which reminds me that PUBG is the most popular game…

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Open Source Barbot Needs Only Two Motors

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Most drinkbots are complicated—some intentionally so, others seemingly by design necessity. If you have a bunch of bottles of booze you still need a way to get it out of the bottles in a controlled fashion, usually through motorized pouring or pumping. Sometimes all thoe tubes and motors and wires looks really cool and sci fi. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a really clean design.

[Lukas Šidlauskas’s] Open Source Barbot project uses only two motors to actuate nine bottles using only a NEMA-17 stepper to move the tray down along the length of the console and a high-torque servo to …read more

Entire computer installed inside ATX power supply

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Fear of Palindromes stuffed an entire computer inside a standard power supply box, complete with gaming-class GTX 1060 video card and a (smaller!) internal power supply.

While lesser ATX units can’t do anything on their own, and must be installed in a case and hooked up to other parts in order to create a functional system, STX160.0 is entirely self-contained, fitting within it’s case both the power delivery subsystem, and a full gaming computer! Here we can see that despite the somewhat large size compared to other ATX units, there is not a bit of wasted space. … In order to fit within the 150mm width of the ATX form factor, a Mini-STX had to be used, this particular one being an ASRock H110M-STX.

Twitch announces new Extensions program to let streamers customize their pages

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Twitch announced a major update to its channel pages today in the form of a new extensions program that will let streamers customize their channels with third-party developer extensions.

There will be over 20 extensions available at launch, including more generic ones like polls or a leaderboard for top fans, to game-specific ones that can display things like a streamer’s current Destiny loadout or Overwatch statistics. Streamers will be able to directly integrate these extensions into live video, too. While many streamers have already been using tools like this for a while, the fact that Twitch is building extensions directly into the platform should make it easier for more people to take advantage of the tools.

Of particular note is…

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Twitch’s new extensions let streamers customize their channel, make money from Amazon sales

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 Twitch today is introducing a suite of tools called Twitch Extensions that will allow its streamers to customize their channel pages with interactive features, including polls, leaderboards, tickers, schedules, overlays and even virtual pets, among other things. Beyond simply personalizing their channel to make it more engaging to fans, the extensions in some cases will help streamers… Read More

Please let The Friendship Code and its tech-savvy girls be the new Babysitters Club

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 Okay, full disclosure, I never read any Babysitters Club book. But you know what I’m talking about, right? We all had some endless series we read where a few kids just like us navigated the vicissitudes of life, teaching us lessons along the way. I’m hoping that The Friendship Code, which aims to do that — but with tech and coding woven in — will become that series for… Read More

Fail Of The Week: Arduino Sand Matrix Printer

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NYC beaches are where tropical beaches addicted to meth go to die. So says [Vije Miller] in his write-up for his Arduino sand matrix printer. It’s a clever idea, five servo-operated cardboard plungers that indent a pattern of dots in the sand as the device is pulled forward, resulting in something not unlike a dot matrix printer that can write messages in the sand.

He’s submitted it to us as a Fail Of The Week, because it doesn’t do a very good job of writing in the sand, and it’s burned out a servo. But we feel this isn’t entirely …read more

LG Announces V30 Smartphone With ‘FullVision’ OLED Display, Dual Cameras

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At a press conference in Berlin, LG announced their newest flagship smartphone, the LG V30. The V30 doesn’t feature a removable battery or a secondary display like its predecessor, but it does feature faster performance and a significantly redesigned build construction that puts in more in line with Samsung and Apple’s offerings. PhoneDog reports: A bigger device with beefier specs, the LG’s V series took more design cues from the G series this year more than ever. As expected, LG got rid of the secondary display in favor of a single 6-inch LG P-OLED display (not Super AMOLED, although practically the same with rich black and vibrant colors). The V30 switches out its secondary display for slimmer bezels, which may prove to be a smart move considering how popular the concept is this year. Specs look pretty solid, although there were reports that the device would feature 6GB of RAM rather than 4GB. The bread and butter of the V30 are its sophisticated audio and its dual rear camera set-up. Speaking of the back of the device, another small advantage that LG may have over the competition is the center placement of its rear fingerprint sensor, which has been a bit of a pain point for Samsung this year with the S8 and the Note 8. The LG V30 is set to release on September 21 in South Korea, with releases in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe following shortly after. LG also has yet to announce a price for the V30, although rumors peg it to be around 800,000 KRW in South Korea (which equates to about $699 in the U.S.). For those interested, GSMArena has a full spec sheet available for the LG V30. Some of the noteworthy specs include a 6-inch LG P-OLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and QHD (1440 x 2880) resolution, Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB RAM, dual 16-megapixel/13-megapixel rear-facing camera sensors, headphone jack, 32-bit/192kHz audio, wireless charging and Android 7.1.2 Nougat.

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Nest promises ‘big announcement’ at September 20th event

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Nest just sent out invites for a September 20th press conference at which the company says it will make a “big announcement.” Having just unveiled a new, more affordable smart thermostat, Nest clearly has some other products lined up for the fall. The invite makes reference to a couch and popcorn, suggesting that Nest might be preparing a new gadget meant for the living room, but offers no other hints as to what might be coming late next month.

Aside from the redesigned thermostat, Nest has also recently launched home security cameras including the Cam IQ. The new Nest Thermostat E features a simpler, more conventional design than the company’s previous thermostats and will be available beginning tomorrow for $169.

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Sennheiser’s wireless earbuds slim down in a big way with the HD1 Free

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Sennheiser is announcing three new headphones today: two brand new models of wireless earbuds, and a redesigned version of what the company claims are the “finest pair of ear canal phones on the market.”

At the top of the list is the Momentum HD1 Free (seen above), a new entry in Sennheiser’s line of fashionable but good-sounding headphones. It’s a pair of neckbuds, but they aren’t attached by one of those huge plastic neck straps — there’s just a cord in between the earbuds, with small plastic pieces on either side, one of which contains playback controls and a mic.

It’s a significant slimming down since Sennheiser’s first pair of neckbuds, the HD1 In-Ear Wireless, which tried to make a neckband stylish by wrapping it in leather. Aside…

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Sony’s 3D Creator makes me an AR believer

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I came to IFA in Berlin fully prepared to bury Sony’s mobile division and its perpetually inadequate efforts to compete in a congested, hypercompetitive smartphone market. The design of the new Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact has barely evolved from the stuff Sony was showing off back in 2012. The specs are so commonplace as to engender merely a shrug. And the cameras, well, let’s just say that Sony’s camera problem is Sony itself — I trust this company to build the world’s greatest imaging sensors, but not to use them properly.

But here’s the surprise that blindsided me, having tried Sony’s new phones at IFA: Sony’s 3D Creator app is an augmented reality marvel that made even my cynical old soul happy and joyful. Up until this year, AR has…

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Jabra’s new neckband headphones deliver up to 18 hours of battery life

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Today at IFA 2017, Jabra announced the launch of its Elite 25e in-ear stereo neckband headphones. Like some of its other recently debuted headphone products, the Elite 25e prioritizes battery life, promising up to a whopping 18 hours of talk and music use, and 22 days of standby time.

Beyond the impressive battery, the new Elite 25e has a wind-protected mic and is IP54 rated, making it also water-resistant. It connects with up to eight devices via Bluetooth and allows for two connections at the same time; so you could, say, flip between listening to music and answering a call without dropping either. There’s also a dedicated voice control button that gives one-touch access to Siri and Google. All this means the headset is built to keep…

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Razer’s gunmetal Blade Stealth is like dressing a gaming laptop in a suit

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 An all-black exterior, backlit triple snake logo and a keyboard with every color in the rainbow is often what kept corporate types and minimalists away from Razer’s laptop portfolio. Now for the first time, Razer is making a laptop with a new color scheme, with a basic backlit keyboard, sans snake light show — it’s refreshing. Read More

XYZ Printing Unveils Inkjet-Based Filament Printer

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XYZ Printing, makers of the popular da Vinci line of 3D printers, have just released one of the holy grails of desktop 3D printing. The da Vinci Color is a full-color, filament based printer. How does this work? A special filament (Color PLA, although this filament is white in color) is extruded through a nozzle like any other 3D printer. Color is then added layer by layer by a system of inkjets in the head of the printer. Yes, it’s a full-color 3D printer, and yes, people have been suggesting this type of setup for years. This is the first …read more

First impressions of Essential’s 360-degree camera attachment

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 Essential has a unique port around back on its debut Phone, which can handle data and power transfer, and which attaches to accessories via magnets. The first such accessory is Essential’s own 360 camera, which offers you an easy way to capture immersive images and video in a very small package. The Essential 360 camera is much smaller than most other consumer 360 cameras out there, and… Read More

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