Why is everyone suddenly baking bread? I think I know

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When I started seeing all of the posts on social media (and here on Boing Boing) about “pandemic baking,” it made instant and perfect sense to me. But then, I started seeing people asking “why?” on Facebook and Twitter. My first thought was “this is clearly a question from non-bakers.” If you’ve baked bread with any regularity, I bet you know why.

The next thing I thought of was this piece I wrote for my 2014 book, Borg Like Me. In it, I talk about my time as a baker, living in a commune in my youth, and another apocalyptic event, a massive snow-in in 2010, that left me trapped alone in my house with dwindling food stocks.

So, I decided to share this story here. TL;DR: Bake some bread. It’s hands-on, can be grounding, therapeutic, and fresh-baked bread is one of life’s great simple pleasures (for those of us who partake).

Bread of the Snowpocalypse

I’ve always been attracted to the ancient roots, the homely honesty, of bread. When I first moved to Twin Oaks Community in Louisa, VA as a teenager, I lived in a satellite group, called Tupelo. The first Tupelo dwelling was in an old ramshackled farm house that adjoined the main Twin Oaks property. For the farmhouse, we purchased a gorgeous antique cast iron wood-burning stove that I’d lobbied obnoxiously hard for us to get. I really wanted it to be our sole stove, but less ridiculous heads prevailed (I was 17 and full of hippie revolution fervor). Read the rest

Validation Forms in Vue.js Apps Using Vuelidate library

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Hello! One of the most common tasks in software development is input validation. Any app has different forms that submit some data, and we want to check numerous conditions: that fields are not empty and that they have a proper format (like emails), length, and so on. Yes, we can do it manually, but this is not the best path. It is better to use a specific validation library. For Vue.js apps, the popular choice is Vueildate. In this post, we will see how to install it to your Vue apps, how to use it, and observe the most important built-in validators.

What Is Vuelidate?

Let have a simple example. You’re building a signup form. You want to check that user provides a correct input, like:

Hey Robot, the genius game that tests your smart speaker, is now free on the web

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Photo: Everybody House Games

Hey Robot, the immensely clever board game from designer Frank Lantz’s Everybody House Games, now has a free digital version on the web for anyone to play. Lantz says he and his collaborators, which include his wife Hilary and his son and daughter-in-law, threw together a “quick & dirty online version of Hey Robot for people to play during quarantine.” It’s available here.

The game is played much like classic Taboo, except with digital assistants and smart speakers. You’re given a word, and you have to try to get Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google Assistant to say it aloud without you saying it first. (Probably best to stick with Amazon or Google on the assistant side, for good measure).

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Get this 9-course training bundle on music production, Abletion, Logic Pro X, and more for just $50

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If you’ve ever had any musical aspirations — or even if your talent extends no further than turning on the radio — you’ve probably dreamed the “impossible” dream. You dream that maybe you could record some of your songs at home, post them online, build an armada of fan support, attract major label attention and ultimately become a global music powerhouse all in one fell swoop.

Look, it’s an unlikely dream, but it isn’t impossible. That’s the career arc that now 17-year-old Billie Eilish just rode to pop megastardom last year. And what program did she (and her brother-slash-producer Finneas O’Connell) use to capture and edit Billie’s now chart-topping tracks? Logic Pro X.

The Mac-based app is just one of the programs that has taken music production from opulent, expensive studios right to anyone’s bedroom. And since you’ve got a bit more home time on your hands recently, The 2020 Music Production with Ableton Live 10 and Logic Pro X Bundle can be just the ticket to the big time you’re looking for.

These nine courses are a 56-hour master class in breaking into the music industry, including everything from songwriting and producing to recording to back-end production and distribution that can compete with the big boys of the recording game.

The training centers on how to use Logic Pro X or its equally lauded competitor Ableton Live 10 to do all the digital sequencing, recording and editing needed to produce your tracks. This training doesn’t come with the software, but it’ll show you how to use it to create all the auditory scope and wonder you experience from today’s top artists. Read the rest

Amazon Prime Video now allows in-app rentals and purchases on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Amazon’s Prime Video iOS and Apple TV apps now let customers make in-app purchases, including renting and buying films and TV shows. The change marks a huge shift in Amazon’s approach to the App Store, which mandates a 30 percent cut on all in-app purchases. Prior to the change, Amazon would not allow you to rent or buy content on the Prime Video app, instead, directing users to a web browser to avoid the App Store fee.

Now, when users log in to the Prime Video app, there should be a message reading, “Browse, rent, or buy new release movies, popular TV shows, and more — now within the app.” (Big thanks to George Watson, who tipped us off to this change.)

Screenshots by Nick Statt / The Verge

The prices do not…

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Apple’s iOS 14 may turn iCloud Keychain into a true 1Password and LastPass competitor

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Apple’s native iOS password manager may be getting an overhaul later this year with the presumed release of iOS 14 that will make it more competitive with third-party options like 1Password and LastPass, reports 9to5Mac.

Right now, iCloud Keychain can store your passwords and help autofill them on the iPhone, where copying and pasting long strings of letters and numbers or manually doing so has been a headache since the advent of the mobile touchscreen. But it doesn’t have reminders for changing those passwords like competitors do, and it doesn’t support two-factor authentication (2FA) options. That means users are still stuck using potentially insecure methods like SMS or email in the event that they do have 2FA set up.

According to 9…

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Audible has the first Harry Potter audiobook (as read by Stephen Fry!) up for free right now

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If you’ve ever tried to buy the Harry Potter audiobooks, you probably noticed something kind of tricky: there’s two very different versions. The version most widely available in the US is narrated by Jim Dale. The UK version is read by Stephen Fry. Which is better? I won’t get into that — that’s something the […]

Voice of SpongeBob asked to improvise voices of 5 new characters

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It’s always great to see a master craftsperson at work. From Vanity Fair: “Watch as Tom Kenny seamlessly improvises the voices to 5 random cartoon characters that he has never seen before. Using his skills from decades as the voice of SpongeBob, The Ice King (Adventure Time), The Mayor (Powerpuff Girls), Heffer (Rocko’s Modern Life) and many others, Tom is able to create amazing characters in the blink of an eye.”

Image: YouTube

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Leaked OnePlus 8 Pro renders reveal new ‘ultramarine blue’ finish

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Image: WinFuture

New leaks for the OnePlus 8 Pro reveal that the phone may come in a good-looking deep blue color that might be exclusive to the Pro model of the OnePlus 8, reports WinFuture.

That blue color will apparently be called “ultramarine blue,” according to WinFuture. Here’s another look at the device’s full front and back, thanks to what appear to be leaked marketing renders shared by WinFuture:

Image: WinFuture

The OnePlus 8 Pro may also come in “onyx black” and a seafoam green called “glacial green,” and but it reportedly won’t come in the purple-ish red “interstellar glow” that might be coming to the OnePlus 8. That color is apparently exclusive to the OnePlus 8, reports WinFuture.

The renders shared by WinFuture also…

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Tiger King is a show about how the internet eats us all

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Tiger King is one of the strongest contenders for most watchable TV show of the year, and it’s a problem. A documentary miniseries comprising seven quick episodes, each under an hour, you could watch the whole thing in a weekend; given the subject, you’ll probably finish even faster.

The Netflix series follows a man both larger than life and smothered by it: Joe Exotic, the one-time owner of a successful-seeming private zoo with over 200 tigers and other big cats. He’s a man who ran for president of the United States, then governor of Oklahoma, and then sometime after, may have tried to hire someone to kill his nemesis, a woman dedicated to shutting his zoo down. It’s incredibly compelling, and terribly so: Tiger King is almost wholly…

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Apple updates iWork and iMovie with iPad trackpad support

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Image: Apple

Apple recently released iPadOS 13.4 with a big new feature: full trackpad support for iPads. And now, it’s started updating its major productivity apps, including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and iMovie, to support mouse and trackpad integration.

The new iWork updates are available now for both iOS and iPadOS, and they include a variety of other features like collaborative editing through iCloud Drive folder sharing (another new feature added in iOS and iPadOS 13.4), new themes in Keynote, drop cap support in Pages, and larger tables in Numbers.

Apple’s also added better support for offline editing in its productivity suite — now, if you start editing a shared document when you’re offline, your changes will upload and sync to…

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Okta launches Lifecycle Management Workflows to make building identity-centric processes easy

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Okta, the popular identity and access management service, today used its annual (and now virtual) user conference to launch Lifecycle Management Workflows, a new tool that helps IT teams build and manage IFTTT-like automated processes with the help of an easy to use graphical interface. The new service is an extension of Okta’s existing automation […]

“I Wanna Wash My Hands” and “Don’t Come Together” by The Bits

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Who is the best Hungarian Beatles tribute band? This is a question musicologists have argued about for years, but more than a few agree that The Bits are worthy contendors for the title. Above, a pandemic inspired “I Wanna Wash My Hands.” Below, a social distanced version of “Come Together,” retitled “Don’t Come Together.”

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