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It was the best of vans, It was the worst of vans. From Vancouver to Los Cabos, I explored the west coast of North America in that van. My daughter’s childhood memories will be filled with camping trips all over Northern California in that van. She named it Serendipity and stuck each sticker on the […]

Google’s Android TV dongle could cost just $50, according to this leak

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Image via XDA-developers

Google’s Chromecast is a fantastic way to fling streaming video from phone to TV — but these days, you can often get a Roku Streaming Stick or Amazon Fire Stick with a dedicated remote control for the same money. But what if Google launched an Android TV dongle with its own remote control for the same $50 you’d pay for a high-end Roku or Fire stick?

That’s exactly what 9to5Google seems to have discovered, thanks to a new Home Depot leak. The home improvement story briefly listed a Google “Sabrina” for $49.99, and 9to5Google’s sources were able to provide pictures of that price tag in the Home Depot’s internal systems as well.

Sabrina, of course, would be that Android TV dongle that leaked in June, only to seemingly appear again at the…

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Twelve Years Later, Apple Is Still Trying To Erase Mac.com Email Addresses

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Apple is steadily removing references to the old @mac.com and slightly less old @me.com addresses from its support documents. AppleInsider reports: It used to be that if your email addressed ended in @mac.com, you were telling the world that you are an Apple user. Now while it’s only that part of the world which is extremely geeky, you’re actually telling them that you were an Apple user on or before July 9, 2008. This email address was once championed by Apple as part of its iTools service back in 2000, and if you still have one, you have some bruises from the days of iTools, .Mac, and MobileMe before you got to today’s iCloud. If your email ends in @mac.com then you got it somewhere between 2000 and 2008. If it ends in @me.com, you got it during the briefer opportunity between then and 2012. To be exact, you have still got an @mac.com address because you had it and were actively using it on July 8, 2008, plus you kept your MobileMe account and – there’s more – you moved to iCloud before August 1, 2012.
Your Apple ID is tied to an email address and Apple gives you some flexibility about this, because it recognizes that we sometimes lose access to a previous address. You can change the address associated with your Apple ID and there’s a current support document about how and why you might do that. For some years, though, that page has said you’re out of luck if you want to change to an @mac.com or @me.com address. You can’t do it unless you somehow already have that address associated with your account. And then in late August 2020, even that helpful information is gone. That same support page still lists what you can do with third-party email addresses. But gone are any references to @mac.com and @me.com.

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Google Photos on iOS can now crop, trim, and add filters to your videos

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The Google Photos app for iOS is getting an updated video editor that adds several useful new features, including the ability to trim video clips, add filters, crop, and make adjustments like exposure, contrast, and saturation.

The new video editor options work similarly to the existing image editing tools. Simply tap the “edit” button when previewing a video, and you’ll be taken to the new editor, which adds several new tabs, in addition to the existing “export frame” option.

There’s a variety of filters, including an “Auto” filter that intelligently adjusts your video. There are manual adjustment controls, divided into a Light menu (for exposure, contrast, whites, highlights, shadows, blacks, and vignette sliders) and Color (to…

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Pokémon Go will end support for older iOS and Android phones in October

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Pokemon Go

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

If you still play Pokémon Go on a smartphone or tablet running Android 5.0 “Lollipop” or iOS 10 or 11, you’ll no longer be able to access the game when Niantic pushes an update in October. The Pokémon Go Twitter account confirmed that two popular older phones also won’t make the cut: the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are being left behind, despite the fact both phones can be upgraded to run iOS 12.

All things considered, the performance on those devices probably wasn’t great. Pokémon Go might not be as demanding as some other titles, but it relies heavily on your phone’s cameras, GPS tracking, and general chops to keep up with its 3D visuals, and can be quite a drain on an aging phone battery. All that being said, it’s going to be a loss for a…

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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s re-creations of macOS wallpapers look just as good

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Left: Matt Birchler’s recreation. Right: Apple’s original wallpaper. | Matt Birchler, Apple

Many of us are finding cool things to work on while stuck at home, and I think Matt Birchler takes the cake this week. He, like much of the internet, has been taking off in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and he used the absolutely unreal detail in the game to re-create some of the more iconic wallpapers from recent releases of macOS.

To re-create these images, Matt flew to each location, then used Flight Simulator to position the camera, set the focal length, and adjust the time of day with in-game controls. Then, with a little post-processing magic in Adobe Lightroom, he created the images below.

“Flight Simulator is a ‘make your own fun’ game and I was looking for interesting things to do while flying around,” Birchler told The Verge. He…

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OnePlus may have accidentally revealed the upcoming OnePlus 8T

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Image: OxygenUpdater

OnePlus may have accidentally revealed a first look at the OnePlus 8T, thanks to an image found in the latest Android 11 developer preview for OnePlus 8-series devices by OxygenUpdater.

The leaked image doesn’t offer much to go on, just a front-facing view of the device, which appears to be pretty similar to the existing OnePlus 8. It’s possible that this image — which is labeled OnePlus_8T.webp and is a distinct file from the images for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro — is simply a placeholder for a different, final design for the OnePlus 8T.

But given the timing of the leak (OnePlus usually releases its fall T-series refreshes in the October to November range) and the fact that it was found in OnePlus’ own firmware update, it seems…

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Straws are an eco-disaster — and the Biggie Straw and Final Straw may be the answer

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You may not be a fan of paper straws. And honestly, we don’t blame you. They’re almost universally ill-equipped to handle their one job. But as sub-par as most paper straws are, most of us would agree they’re better than the usual alternative. Single-use plastic straws are part of a plastic scourge that has landfills […]

Bang & Olufsen’s $800 noise-canceling headphones copy the best part of Microsoft’s Surface Headphones

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Image: Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has announced its new Beoplay H95 noise-canceling headphones for the steep price of $800. You can get a stellar pair of headphones for much, much less than that, but the audio specialist is hoping to leapfrog Sony, Bose, and other headphone makers in craftsmanship and sound quality. With their lambskin ear pads (with memory foam inside), aluminum frame, and leather headband, these certainly look the part of top-end, premium headphones.

With the H95 headphones, Bang & Olufsen also copied one of the best things about Microsoft’s Surface Headphones: the dial controls. You can twist the dial on the right ear cup to adjust volume and the one on the left to control the adaptive noise cancellation. That’s exactly how the Surface…

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Wooly shader makes anything cosy

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If you use Blender, “give your textures and models a knitted yarn look” with the new “Wooly” shader that makes anything fluffy. A shader changes the surface appearance of an object or scene; procedural refers to a programming technique that creates a convincing illusion of natural or random origin. Here’s video of it in action:

The next League of Legends spinoff is an ancient board game

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The next expansion of the sprawling League of Legends universe is something unexpected: a board game called Tellstones. This isn’t developer Riot’s first foray into tabletop games — that would be 2016’s Mechs vs. Minions — but what makes Tellstones interesting is that it’s a game set within the franchise’s expansive fantasy realm. “We portray Tellstones as a game that’s actually played in Runeterra, as part of their history and culture in the same way that chess or mancala have ancient roots in our own world,” explains Greg Street, Riot’s VP of IP and entertainment.

The developer isn’t talking too much about how the game works just yet, but you can get an idea in the teaser trailer below. Tellstones appears to be a game about strategy…

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Amazon’s Echo Buds are back down to their lowest price of $90

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Amazon’s Echo Buds wireless earbuds are $40 off at Amazon, which brings them down to their lowest-yet price of $90. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this deal, but it doesn’t happen regularly. (It happened once before in January 2020.) If you’re in the market for wireless earbuds, these are a particularly good value if you’re seeking a solid set of noise-canceling buds. They utilize Bose noise-reduction technology to help block out sound, and they’re also worth the price, thanks to their excellent sound quality and comfortable fit.

Image: Remedy Entertainment

Several sites are offering discounts on the Steam version of Control Ultimate Edition, but the best one I’ve seen yet (thanks to Slickdeals) is happening at…

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