You can save on Brydge wireless keyboards for iPad

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If you’re shopping around for a deal this weekend, there are a few that we want to tell you about. As is usually the case, some of them have been happening for the past few days, but others are new ones that more recently popped up.

Brydge is hosting a back-to-school sale on its wireless Bluetooth keyboards for iPad, which should be helpful whether you’re physically going back to class or just resuming where you left off from home. If you have an iPad Pro (2018 or the latest 2020 version) its Brydge Pro keyboards, pictured above, are up to $50 off, down to $100 for the 11-inch keyboard and $130 for the 12.9-inch model.

My colleague Sam Byford reviewed a bunch of iPad keyboards and he thought this one provided the best laptop-like…

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These 35 items can help your kid learn at home

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Nobody is happy about the current state of our COVID-ravaged education system. With a new school year fast approaching, plans for teaching students still in flux, and political in-fighting driving more fear and confusion about whether or not to re-open campuses, teachers and parents are concerned. 

Meanwhile, most kids are just fine with spending less time in a classroom. Of course, let’s see if they still feel that way when they’re unemployed at 25 because of all the education they missed while dodging the virus . Heck, even missing out on all the extracurriculars is chock full of missed opportunities.

No matter what happens, kids need to stay engaged, stimulated, and entertained — so we pulled together 35 great deals on educational and fun ways you can make sure your child is still pushing themselves and their learning during all this time cooped up inside.

DIY Robotic Art Kit for Ages 6 to 9 – $44.99; originally $69

Robotics and art may not seem like natural learning partners, but this introductory STEM learning kit includes 10 projects that meld the worlds of artistry and technical achievement seamlessly. From a spin art machine to a drawing robot to a confetti cannon, kids learn the basics of robotics simply and safely using electronic building blocks and craft materials.

Dancebot Dancing Robot – $49.99; originally $79

He’s an amazingly cute little dancing robot, but he’s more than a toy. The Kickstarter-funded Dancebot interprets audio to work out his own unique moves to the rhythm and tempo of a given song, plus he works as a Bluetooth speaker to play music, read audiobooks and more. Read the rest

The suitcase computer of 2020

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The a-X sereies of portable workstations resemble the earliest laptops, but are fully contemporary beasts fitted with top-of-the-range AMD Threadripper CPUs, up to 256GB of RAM and dual GPUs. And price tags hovering around $8000. PC Gamer:

Picture this: you sit down in a meeting alongside your colleagues. They pull out their Surfaces, iPads, phones, and whatever else. You place a briefcase down on the table with a deafening thud. Everyone turns to look at you.

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This collection of top quality video game icons can save you hours of work for under $30

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Creating a fantasy world for a video or role-playing game is tough enough. In addition to all the game framework and functionality that goes into a build of any size, creators invariably sweat over the most minute details of every weapon, outfit, or other distinctive objects in their game. 

Even if your game is set in a fantastical world, every item your characters interact with has to be centered in realism, looking and functioning as it would in a real-life setting, requiring hours and hours and hours of work to get everything just right.

Of course, if you’re going to spend that much time and effort designing and building a complete digital world, it’s smart to try to shave off as much time as possible. That’s where a package like this 600+ Fantasy RPG Game Icons and Assets Bundle can be an incredible time-saver and anxiety reducer.

Created by the makers at Super Game Asset, this collection is a treasure trove of game creation bits and pieces, loads of sprites, weapons, armors and other game props that add a level of grandeur and style to your games, all without the usual hours of time spent in their creation.

The entire package is sectioned into eight different categories, offering a host of different icon options to match your specific game-building needs. And each icon comes as a fully layered working PSD file, so you can go in and customize and tweak any item you want to use. 

If your RPG, board game, graphics, or even your website designs need a hyper-stylized sword or hammer, it’s here. Read the rest

Quarantine is no excuse to look like a caveman. These 10 items will make you presentable again.

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We get it. You don’t have to go to the office anymore. That’s no excuse for letting your grooming go positively feral.

We’re not saying you need to be GQ cover model-ready every Monday through Friday. But at least put in some effort to keep yourself relatively trimmed, clean, and on point. Even if you aren’t representing on Zoom calls, there are at least people in your day to day life that deserve to see you trying, right?

To help, we’ve pulled together 10 different shavers and personal groomers, each at savings of up to 66 percent off, that tell everyone that, yes, you haven’t given up and you’re still fighting the good fight. Trust us…everyone will thank you for it.

The Cut Buddy: Beard-Shaping & Hair-Trimming Guide – $11.99; originally $14

Trimming your own beard and hair can get pretty scary, but this Shark Tank winning tool is all about perfectly trimming and shaping your various hairlines. Whether its beard contouring or mustache styling, this hair stencil keeps all the lines firm and clean top to bottom.

Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer – $13.99; originally $41

The nose and ear hair have to go…so the durable, sharp steel blades in this clipper shear down those unsightly hairs, while the micro-vacuum inside casually pulls all the clippings into an easy to clean chamber for disposal. It also won’t irritate your skin or feel like hairs are being plucked because…ouch.

Modrn Man 2-Step Cosmetic Systems – $26.95; originally $37

You might be getting older, but with this anti-aging solution, you at least don’t have to look it. Read the rest

Have I Been Pwned — which tells you if passwords were breached — is going open source

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

These days, we almost take it as a given that piss-poor security will inevitably expose some of your usernames and passwords to the world — that’s why 2FA is so important, and why you might want a password checkup tool like the ones now built into every modern browser (well, Safari is coming soon) so you can quickly replace the ones that were stolen.

But nearly all of those password checkup tools owe something to Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned, which was kind of a novel idea when it first launched 7 years ago — and Hunt is now open-sourcing his website codebase so the idea can spread even further.

While not all password checkup tools actually use Hunt’s database (a just-announced LastPass feature calls on one hosted by Enzoic instead),…

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The VentiFresh Eco is a next generation odor killer that uses NASA tech to wipe out bad smells

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With everybody cooped up inside right now, it’s no surprise that many houses are starting to get a little bit…well, funky. Yeah…they smell.

With everybody running around and sweating and working and cooking and everything else, odors get trapped inside your home. And don’t even get us started on what happens when litter boxes and other pet smells get factored into the mix. Battling this new onslaught, there’s only so much that air fresheners and scented oils can do to combat the funk.

As with any war, new opponents breed new weapons — and VentiFresh thinks they’ve come up with the next generation odor eliminator in the form of the VentiFresh Eco.

On its surface, the VentiFresh looks like an air purifier, but a look under the hood shows an entirely different set of rules in play for this desktop-sized portable device. While most purifiers use filters to trap dirty particles in the air, the VentiFresh uses photocatalyst technology, the same methods used by NASA aboard the International Space Station.

The VentiFresh draws in foul air and uses a natural photocatalyst process to actually break down odor and organic compounds into CO2 and water. Air also gets run through UV-C rays to eradicate and sterilize any airborne microorganisms, viruses, or other pathogens. So the VentiFresh not only eliminates bad smells but actually decomposes anything harmful that might find its way into your air.

The VentiFresh is chemical-free, eco-friendly, requires no maintenance, and at 2 inches high and weighing less than 3 ounces, is so lightweight and portable that it can even live inside your gym bag to help combat that foulest of foul environments. Read the rest

HBO Max and Ava DuVernay are making a series based on the @OnePerfectShot Twitter account

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Danielle Levitt/August Images

Ava DuVernay is partnering with HBO Max and the team behind Twitter’s popular One Perfect Shot account to create a half-hour documentary series of the same name, the company announced today.

One Perfect Shot will look at an iconic shot from different films, with the directors of those films walking viewers through a detailed breakdown of how it came to be. Each episode will feature a different director “walking through the scene in 360 moments that allow viewers to join an immersive exploration of moviemaking,” according to a press release. Essentially, think of the show as a celebration of cinematography. DuVernay, who directed A Wrinkle in Time, Selma, 13th, and created Netflix’s When They See Us, is set to narrate and executive…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ hands-on

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During an Unpacked event that featured the announcement of five key new devices, the Galaxy Tab S7 didn’t get a ton of love. Understandable, perhaps. It doesn’t quite have the star power of the Note line, nor does it have the novelty of a new foldable or Bluetooth earbuds. Tablets in general just aren’t exciting […]

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