You can now record footage from Ecobee’s camera to Apple servers, but you may want to keep their app

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The Ecobee SmartCamera
Image: Ecobee

Ecobee’s SmartCamera has received a firmware update that may interest Apple users who are feeling a little burnt-out on subscriptions. The camera, which doubled as an Alexa speaker when it launched this April, generally has the standard smart camera features: you can stream video from it to your phone for free, and with a $5-a-month subscription you can have it record video and notify you of any movement (or just human movement, if you prefer). But today’s update adds Apple HomeKit Secure Video support, and it may give you another, cheaper way to record and store that footage.

If you’re a little unfamiliar with the service, you’re probably not alone. HomeKit Secure Video was launched at WWDC in June of 2019, but so far only a handful of…

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