You’ll forget you’re drawing on an iPad with the Pencil by FiftyThree digital stylus

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Whether you’re an aspiring da Vinci or just like doodling in the margins of your notebook, you’ll love taking your skills to your iPhone or iPad. FiftyThree’s Pencil rolls up your pick of pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and color palettes into one nifty gadget, and never requires switching tools. Erase and blend to your heart’s content— with Pencil, it’s just as easy to create a watercolor portrait as it is to design a custom invitation to your next event. Plus its classic carpenter’s pencil design guarantees you’ll look like a pro while you’re crafting your mini masterpieces.

  • Paper app, available in the App Store, seamlessly connects the Pencil w/ your device
  • Broad, rubber point glides across screen w/ ease
  • Adaptive Palm Rejection ensures you won’t mess up your work when you rest your palm on the screen
  • Bluetooth technology pairs when the stylus is pressed to the screen
  • Internally balanced components make for a natural fit in your hand
  • Robust battery stays charged for 1 month w/ normal use & recharges in under 90 minutes
  • The Pencil works well as a non-connected stylus on other touchscreen devices
  • The tip is expressive from every angle, so it can create super thin or super thick lines
  • Rough edges can be smoothed w/ your finger or the stylus

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