Xiaomi mimics the Apple Watch with its first smartwatch

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Xiaomi smartwatch | Xiaomi, via Weibo

In the past, Xiaomi’s products have looked a lot like Apple versions, and Xiaomi’s first smartwatch, which will launch on November 5th, appears to be no exception. From the images and video teasers Xiaomi released through Weibo earlier this week, it bears a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch (via XDA Developers).

Xiaomi, via Weibo

Xiaomi smartwatch

The watch has an almost-identical rectangular touchscreen face with rounded corners and a lookalike rotating ridged crown button for scrolling, which is also located above a similar-looking pill-shaped button on the right side of the watch. Those are all right where you’d find them on an Apple Watch. Although the Xiaomi watch’s face is a little thicker and less…

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