Why I’m not getting a $999 iPhone

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I think Apple did a good job with its new phone. It puts a big screen in a small body. Bezels? Gone. And the Face ID hardware conveniently powers the most adorable thing ever: Animoji. Plus, Nilay said the iPhone X feels like “the future of the smartphone,” and I love the future.

I’m due for an upgrade: My iPhone 7 has a broken screen, and I already feel the battery fading. I typically buy one phone a year, and it’s been a year. The insatiable consumer in me feels an urge to buy something, and the technologist in me feels the urge to buy one of the most advanced phones on the planet.

But I think I’m good, actually.

I might buy an iPhone 8 if I get a good trade-in deal through my carrier. Wireless charging would be nice to have, and I…

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