Why developers should get excited about Java 9

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With work moving forward on the next edition of standard Java, developers can start looking forward to what they will get with the planned upgrade.

Several JEPs (JDK Enhancement Proposals) for Java Development Kit 9 were updated this week, offering the latest perspectives on what to expect with JDK 9, which has been targeted for release in early 2016 and is based on the Java Standard Edition 9 platform. Headlining the release at this juncture is a modular source code system. Oracle has planned a modular Java via Project Jigsawwhich had been planned for JDK 8 but was pushed back; the existing JEP is part of Project Jigsaw. Standard Edition Java becomes more scalable to smaller devices with this technology. “The module system should be powerful enough to modularize the JDK and other large legacy code bases, yet still be approachable by all developers,” says Oracle’s Mark Reinhold, chief architect in Java Platform Group, in a recent blog post.

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