Watch: Adam Savage (‘MYTHBUSTERS’) back on TV in ‘SAVAGE BUILDS’

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Is there anything Adam Savage can’t build?

His new Discovery TV show attempts to answer the riddle.

Here’s a sneak peek of ‘Savage Builds,’ in which Adam Savage tries on pieces of the ‘Iron Man’ armor suit developed by students and teachers at Colorado School of Mines. Other episodes feature Adam tinkering and building, too. It’s just the dose of good clean greasy nerdy DIY garage TV we need right now.

Watch the first episode of Adam’s new series ‘Savage Builds’ on Friday, June 14, at 10p E/P on Discovery, following BattleBots.

Boing Boing pal Bonnie Burton wrote a preview of what’s to come with the show for CNET some months ago, here’s a snip:

The eight-episode series … features Savage making epic creations like a 3D-printed titanium suit of armor that’s inspired by the Iron Man films and actually flies.

Each Savage Builds episode will focus on one project as Savage collaborates with experts, colleagues and friends who include filmmaker Peter Jackson, former MythBusters cast member Tory Belleci and others (…)

One episode has Savage attempting to create a working version of one of history’s most notorious engineering failures — the British military’s World War II rocket-propelled explosive weapon called The Great Panjandrum.

NASA engineer Adam Steltzner will be on hand to help with the design.

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