Valve says Half-Life: Alyx will be a ‘one-way journey’ with no multiplayer

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Image: Valve

The first Half-Life game in 13 years might prove to be the first killer app for VR. In the 23 days since Valve announced Half-Life: Alyx, its first full-length VR game, the company’s Valve Index headset has continually been number one on Steam’s top sellers list — until yesterday, when another VR game called Boneworks surpassed it.

Even though Alyx may be pushing some to spend serious money on VR, the company tells The Verge that it’ll be a traditional Half-Life game in some key ways: it’ll be a linear adventure from start to finish, one that’ll let you save the game whenever you’d like. Valve also suggests that you’ll be able to play it for hours on end — even though you’ll be wearing a headset that’s physically tethered to a computer.


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