Using Heroku to Quickly Build a Multi-Tenant SaaS Product

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My wife, Nicole has an identical twin named Danyel. While Nicole and Danyel have always maintained their individuality, they both share a passion for being in good physical shape and sticking to a workout routine. In fact, Danyel decided to build upon her fitness passion and start training others out of her personal gym located in the Las Vegas area. While hearing about the tasks Danyel worked through getting her business started (i.e. permits, legal documents, and insurance), I asked about her plan to keep track of her business.

Long story short, Danyel had been focused on getting her business running, but wasn’t focused on having the necessary technology in place to meet the needs of her business. Since I am fresh off a successful conversion of my mother-in-law’s application from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Heroku (see Heroku – My New Home), I thought it was time to pitch in and help Danyel’s business from an application perspective.