Today I learned my baby’s Fisher-Price gamepad accepts the Konami Code

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My wife bought a toy game controller for our baby girl. I couldn’t have been prouder. Our six-month old already loved to drum her feet on my DualShock 4 — a born gamer.

So I started absentmindedly fiddling with the so-called “Fisher-Price Game & Learn,” impressed by how many sounds they’d managed to cram into one toy.

Then, a funny idea struck me. I started pressing the buttons in that infamous sequence — the one that’s become such a must-have easter egg in the gaming community, it’s worth punching into practically any game to see if developers decided to pay respects.

Up. Up. Down. Down. Left. Right. Left. Right. B. A.

By the time I got halfway through, I’d convinced myself it was folly. The controller’s audio wasn’t keeping up…

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