This wine club for vino enthusiasts delivers a story with each sip

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If you love wine — and we mean, really love wine — it’s a personal thing. You know what foods your favorite wine likes to mingle with and the ones they don’t. You have a favorite time to drink. You’ve read a thing or two about its history, maybe visited where it was made. It’s not just a drink — it’s a ritual.

This personal connection, more than anything, is why more wine lovers don’t join those wine clubs that seem to popping up with increasing frequency. It’s not that they don’t love to explore and try new things. Far from it. It’s just that the whole experience of having wine picked out by someone else who knows little to nothing about you feels, well, impersonal.

But it doesn’t have to be. WineAccess is the first wine club we know of where you get more than just wine. You get stories, context and above all, a reason why you should care about your bottle before you even pop the cork.

None of this should be surprising. The people behind WineAccess have decades of experience making wine, writing about it and just plain loving it. (And of course, they’re based in the vineyard mecca, California’s Napa Valley.)

With each shipment of wine you get, you can tell an expert carefully curated the selections. The wines are shipped under strict climate control, but you get more than just the lovingly packed bottles. You get tasting notes, plus access to a story and video that tells you about the winery, circumstances and struggles that resulted in the creation of your picks. Read the rest