This tiny AirPods bag lets you carry your headphones like Rihanna

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Image: Twelve South

Y’all, I can’t even. Just look at this thing:

Image: Twelve South

It looks like your typical purse, right? Except…

Image: Twelve South

What we have here is a tiny leather handbag from Twelve South designed for absolutely no other purpose than to carry your AirPods. It’s a limited edition release in honor of (sigh) April Fools’ Day, and there are 671 units left at the time of this writing. It’s called the AirBag, and it’s my absolute favorite thing ever.

“But!” the haters are probably objecting. “Who on earth would actually buy such an impractical and clearly overpriced object?” The answer to that question, haters, is Rihanna. The singer was spotted rocking a $1,000 tiny Delvaux purse last…

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