This tank of a phone has lasted me a week on one charge

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On Monday morning, I did something I often do when testing a new device: I took it off the charger to see how long it’ll last under regular use. This time around it’s an obscure phone called the Doogee S80, and at the time of writing this on Tuesday afternoon, the battery has just hit 30 percent left.

Not bad, right? What if I told you I was talking about last Monday?

The S80 belongs to a niche class of Chinese phones with really, really big batteries. This particular unit is built around a 10,080 mAh battery; for comparison, most current Android flagships come in between 3 and 4,000 mAh. Doogee claims it’ll be good for 76 hours of continuous video playback, 136 hours of talk time, and 1,308 hours in standby.

I quite literally do not…

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