This ‘Tak3n’ trailer is everything you wanted in ‘Taken 3’

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The extended trailer for Taken 3 — henceforth, Tak3n — is here. It literally does not matter what I write here, so here are the best Liam Neeson quotes from the trailer.”Listen carefully, Kim. Something terrible has happened to your mom. Don’t trust anyone”

“There are things I have done in my life and I was always ready to face the consequences. To protect my family.”

“My first priority is to protect the only one I have left… I’m going to finish this.”

“Good luck.”

Reactions from the staff:

  • “The Porsche drifting under the jet and taking out the landing gear is everything to me.” — Chris Ziegler, noted expert on cars, planes, and Fast & Furious
  • Liam Neeson’s been hotter… nothing especially science-y going on except that…

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