This is your next jam: Blood Orange, Weezer, Jeremih, and more

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Welcome back to The Verge’s weekly musical roundup. Jamieson is out this week, so I, Lizzie, will be taking over. Hope you like sex music!

The songs here are mostly good party songs, but there’s at least one pretty serious song and one weird long song that you probably only need to listen to once. Everything in moderation!

I hope you like me, I mean, these songs. Jamieson will be back next week.

Weezer, “Thank God For Girls”:

“DO YOU LIKE WEEZER?” the boy in the bar yells. Do I like Weezer? Do I like Weezer? Weezer is not a band one likes, Weezer is the musical version of a family crest — something you can use to identify yourself (as a person trying hard to maintain a delicate balance of despair and nonchalance) or something you…

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