This is how you keep your energy costs under control

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According to the World Energy Council, the typical American home slurps down about 11,700 kWh of electricity per year. That’s over three times the average global household consumption, far outdistancing  from France (6,400 kWh), the UK (4,600 kWh), and China (1,300 kWh).

Somebody’s gotta pay for all that power — and often, it’s you, our dear American Homeowner. And with summer here, economic uncertainty, and the need to cut costs more critical than ever, those monthly power bills can be pricey.

But what many homeowners and renters don’t realize is that in several states, you actually have some real control over how much you spend for energy — and even how that power is produced.

Arcadia is your weapon for leveling the playing field. It’s a technology platform that matches your energy use to renewable energy sources like solar and wind. It even helps those states with open power markets look for better energy rates that can save you money on your monthly power costs while helping to save the planet. And unlike solar installation or other green energy routes, no one needs to come to your home. It all works through your existing power bill, so you don’t even need to call your power company.

After opening your free Arcadia account and linking your current power provider, just enter your ZIP code and Arcadia will show you what clean energy options are available in your area. That could include matching your power usage with wind energy, looking for a better energy rate, or joining a nearby community solar project. Read the rest