This is Hot Wheels’ life-size ‘Darth Vader Car’

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A visit to the Hot Wheels booth at Comic Con’s exhibition floor will give visitors a look at a life-size car that looks just like Darth Vader’s iconic helmet. And is it ever strange. Hot Wheels went all out with the car, giving it all the Star Wars touches you could think of: Sith lightsaber-style exhaust pipes, Imperial insignias in the wheels, and even Vader’s life support panel.

The Darth Vader Car is actually a modified Chevy Corvette C5, with the Darth helmet comprised of fiberglass that sits atop the car’s frame. It comes complete with a 526-horsepower engine, and can reportedly hit a top speed of 150mph. It’s not the most attractive car we’ve ever seen, but we can still sense the good in it.

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