These vacuum sealers can add years to the life of your stored foods

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You’ve seen what’s happening at your neighborhood Costco or Target. It’s not exactly armageddon-level rioting and lawlessness…but it ain’t exactly fun out there right now either. Just trying to stock up on all the meal staples you’re looking for is taking a little more hustle, ingenuity, and good old dumb luck than it used to.

Under the circumstances, it may be wise to start considering alternatives that’ll keep your necessary foods fresher longer. Did you know a piece of meat that could survive six months in the freezer will actually last up to 3 years if it’s vacuum sealed? Cheeses that might normally last a week or two in a regular refrigerator will make it as long as eight months in vacuum-sealed packaging.

Getting your own vacuum sealer is definitely a smart option — and they aren’t all that expensive. Check out these four vacuum sealers you can pick up right now, all available with an extra 15 percent off if you enter the code SPRINGSAVE15 during checkout.

‘Seal The Deal’ Bag Sealer – $15.29 after discount; originally $49.99

As an introduction to the bagging arts, this sealer is a great way to get started. While it’s extremely portable, the included suction cups and wall mount also make it convenient to put just about anywhere you need to fashion airtight sealed bags in seconds. Your food gets an extra lease on life, all with no leakage or spilling. With a fresh set of batteries, you can seal an average of 300 bags, more than enough to stockpile loads of essentials for the long haul. Read the rest