These home vision tests offer a clear look at the state of your eyesight

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Concerned about your eyesight? You probably should be. And we’re not just talking about seniors here. Young or old, we’re all at risk of coming down with vision issues

Most of us might get a vision test only once every couple of years or so when we get a new pair of glasses – if that. And there’s not many who can afford regular preventative trips to an optometrist.

Luckily, there’s an effective middle ground. The vision experts at EyeQue have a range of home test kits that can help you keep track of your vision.

The basic Personal Vision Tracker makes the whole procedure simple, not to mention inexpensive. You can use it multiple times over years for less than the cost of a single visit to most eye doctors. It’s a device that attaches and pairs with your smartphone and allows you to get accurate readings on your vision within minutes. You can even use the results to order eyeglasses online from

Need a little more in-depth info? The EyeQue VisionCheck is a similar unit that you can even use with your eyeglasses on if you’d like to confirm that your current prescription is up to snuff. This unit also lets you track your vision ratings by doing tests once a month and comparing your stats.

There’s even the EyeQue Insight, a more full-featured version of the test that’s tailor-made for kids but packed with useful info for all ages. The dual-lens device again attaches to your smartphone, and the tests are sweetened up for the younger set by way of an animated mascot and virtual prizes. Read the rest