These golf accessories will let you practice your game without leaving the house

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With the world in the midst of unprecedented upheaval, there’s plenty to be concerned about out there. But while there are obviously far weightier issues facing us all right now, a true golfer will admit that being cooped up inside and missing the fairways and greens is its own little personal tragedy.

To help soothe those pangs, check out these six accessories to help make your favorite course seem not so far away.

Putting was never this much fun

The short game can always use some work — and thankfully, the backyard is perfect for something like the Izzo Golf Sharp Shooter Putting Trainer and Game Set ($23.99; originally $29.99). The hanging and swinging targets promote precision while helping you develop just the necessary speed control as well. There are even variable game formats, so putting practice can actually be fun at the same time.

Improve your short game under real-world conditions

Unlike many cheap knockoffs, the Callaway Executive Putting Mat ($39.99; originally $49.99) is made from high-quality materials that actually make you feel like you’re on a true putting surface. This mat doesn’t put up the creases and folds, so you get truer rolls that require you to gauge your speed just like on a real course. This mat even has a cup that’s a quarter-inch smaller than regulation, tricking you into further sharpening your aim that’ll work like a charm on the larger actual cups. Tricky, Callaway!

Chipping practice…but with betting

Yep, it’s really like golf and cornhole had a baby. Read the rest