These 35 items can help your kid learn at home

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Nobody is happy about the current state of our COVID-ravaged education system. With a new school year fast approaching, plans for teaching students still in flux, and political in-fighting driving more fear and confusion about whether or not to re-open campuses, teachers and parents are concerned. 

Meanwhile, most kids are just fine with spending less time in a classroom. Of course, let’s see if they still feel that way when they’re unemployed at 25 because of all the education they missed while dodging the virus . Heck, even missing out on all the extracurriculars is chock full of missed opportunities.

No matter what happens, kids need to stay engaged, stimulated, and entertained — so we pulled together 35 great deals on educational and fun ways you can make sure your child is still pushing themselves and their learning during all this time cooped up inside.

DIY Robotic Art Kit for Ages 6 to 9 – $44.99; originally $69

Robotics and art may not seem like natural learning partners, but this introductory STEM learning kit includes 10 projects that meld the worlds of artistry and technical achievement seamlessly. From a spin art machine to a drawing robot to a confetti cannon, kids learn the basics of robotics simply and safely using electronic building blocks and craft materials.

Dancebot Dancing Robot – $49.99; originally $79

He’s an amazingly cute little dancing robot, but he’s more than a toy. The Kickstarter-funded Dancebot interprets audio to work out his own unique moves to the rhythm and tempo of a given song, plus he works as a Bluetooth speaker to play music, read audiobooks and more. Read the rest