The Verge reacts to Half-Life: Alyx

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After 12 long years, there’s finally going to be a new Half-Life game, and it’s exclusive to VR. Half-Life: Alyx is due to arrive in March 2020 for a wide array of PC VR headsets, but none with traditional flat screens, mice, and keyboards. Is it the killer app VR has been waiting for and the fulfillment of Half-Life fans’ dreams? Or is it merely a bump in the road?

Here’s what a savvy selection of The Verge’s staff thinks about that.

Michael Moore, reviews coordinator: The question that keeps coming to mind after seeing Half-Life: Alyx is: can Valve save VR?

Not that VR is somehow dying, but the hype from a few years ago seems to have completely dissipated. We’re to the point where it seems as though VR is no longer the next big thing…

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