The VentiFresh Eco is a next generation odor killer that uses NASA tech to wipe out bad smells

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With everybody cooped up inside right now, it’s no surprise that many houses are starting to get a little bit…well, funky. Yeah…they smell.

With everybody running around and sweating and working and cooking and everything else, odors get trapped inside your home. And don’t even get us started on what happens when litter boxes and other pet smells get factored into the mix. Battling this new onslaught, there’s only so much that air fresheners and scented oils can do to combat the funk.

As with any war, new opponents breed new weapons — and VentiFresh thinks they’ve come up with the next generation odor eliminator in the form of the VentiFresh Eco.

On its surface, the VentiFresh looks like an air purifier, but a look under the hood shows an entirely different set of rules in play for this desktop-sized portable device. While most purifiers use filters to trap dirty particles in the air, the VentiFresh uses photocatalyst technology, the same methods used by NASA aboard the International Space Station.

The VentiFresh draws in foul air and uses a natural photocatalyst process to actually break down odor and organic compounds into CO2 and water. Air also gets run through UV-C rays to eradicate and sterilize any airborne microorganisms, viruses, or other pathogens. So the VentiFresh not only eliminates bad smells but actually decomposes anything harmful that might find its way into your air.

The VentiFresh is chemical-free, eco-friendly, requires no maintenance, and at 2 inches high and weighing less than 3 ounces, is so lightweight and portable that it can even live inside your gym bag to help combat that foulest of foul environments. Read the rest