The Pajamas Suit lets you pretend you’re dressing up for a Zoom meeting

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Photo of a man wearing the Aoki pajamas suit
Photo: Aoki

If you’ve been showing up to work Zoom meetings in your pajamas and feel kind of weird about it, Japanese clothing retailer Aoki has a solution for you: a piece of clothing that looks like a classic suit jacket but feels like PJs. It’s calling it the Pajamas Suit, and it really does look like a suit jacket — complete with the cut and the buttons on both the sleeves and the front.

This shirt, and others like it that aim to make you look more presentable in video calls, are uniquely suited (ha!) for 2020 when a lot of meetings have been happening remotely. While the standards for what counts as acceptable workwear have become more relaxed over the last decade or so, I think we’ve all shown up to Zoom calls in something we would never wear…

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