The Official PMP 6 Certification Training Course gives you what you need to ace the exam

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When it comes to the qualities of a good project manager, you hear a lot of talk about “soft skills” like leadership ability and confidence. And where does confidence come from? It comes from people who are dead certain they know the right steps to take.

In other words, you’ve got to master the hard skills before the soft skills are even a consideration. And if you’re gunning for a career in project management, the Official PMP 6 Certification Training Course is your quickest route to mastery over the all-important PMP Certification Exam (a major stepping stone for aspiring project managers).

The exam itself draws on essential project management procedures in the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide. This course distills all the knowledge in that guide into a curriculum that will stick. It incorporates games, questionnaires and a host of interactive activities – a full 40 hours of it. By the end, you’ll know what it takes to guide any team from that first budget outline to the launch party. (And needless to say, you’ll know how to ace that PMP Certification.)

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