The Mandalorian’s unique rifle is Nerf’s latest foam-firing Star Wars toy

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If you have a 12-year-old, you might want to make sure they’re not reading over your shoulder right now — otherwise you’ll be spending some quality time explaining why they’re not getting a $120 toy blaster this holiday season. Oh, who am I kidding: I’m having that chat with myself right now.

Yes, that’s the price of this fully functional foam-flinging replica of The Mandalorian’s Amban Phase-pulse blaster, which — if I’m not mistaken — is the longest Nerf blaster ever made.

Image: Hasbro

Click or save this one to blow it up to full resolution.

It’s over four feet (specifically 50.25 inches) long, features a light-up scope and “accurate sounds” after you install two AAA batteries, and it’s got lots of fake…

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