The LG Wing could have a surprisingly thin flip-around screen, as shown in new leaks

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Image: Evan Blass

LG’s upcoming “Wing” smartphone is expected to be a dual-screen device with a swiveling mechanism, and the screen that flips around could be surprisingly thin, as shown in new leaks of the phone.

Take a look for yourself in this video — when this person, who appears to have the phone, shows a side profile of the device, you can see that the rotating screen appears to be quite thin:

The video also gives us a good look at the Wing’s swiveling mechanism in action, which allows one screen to rotate 90 degrees horizontally above another screen so they can align in a T-like shape.

And in an image shared by leaker Evan Blass, included at the top of this post, you can get another peek of the thin-looking side profile of the device. Blass’ image…

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