The Key to No-Code App Optimization: Deep Configs

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What if you had the ability to change the behavior and appearance of your app with zero code? The prospect of adding new layouts, changing color themes, and modifying widgets and icons without engineering intervention or an app updates may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t. This depth of configuration is made possible by “Deep Configs.”

What Are Deep Configs and How Do They Work?

Deep Configs enable you to change the default values in-app that control the behavior and appearance of your application. It abstracts your code and its data into values that can be tweaked in real-time. To get started, you have to identify and define the aspects of your app as parameters that can be altered using Deep Configs. For example, you can define a button that has two parameters: Color, which is red by default, and text as “Coming Soon.” When your app first fetches these parameters, their default data is reflected until new values are activated by the config, which overrides the previous value, thus enabling remote configuration. You can define parts of your code with Deep Configs, or populate the entire product architecture with it.