The Genius Mini is the pipe smoking alternative modern users need

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Pipe smoking is in a weird place culturally. Even while smoking restrictions fall nationwide and companies produce tobacco flavors of every variety, there remains a stigma around conventional pipes that can be problematic in the wrong places.

For those who want to smoke without all the attention, the Genius Mini 5.0 Pipe is a smart 21st-century smoking alternative, sleek and stylish, yet very subtle and a lot more efficient than those old school means.

The Genius has an all-aluminum finish with a discreet sliding smell-proof cover that shields your smoking material. In fact, the whole unit is so compact and unassuming that most users could hold it in their hands without anyone even knowing what it is.

While the Genius is amazing portable, it’s drawing the ravest reviews from users for how well it works. Inside the Genius are hundreds of tiny dimples on the interior, which serve to cool and filter the smoke before it reaches the user without ever diluting the taste.

Users get cooler, mellower draws that not only accentuate that taste but actually smooth out the smoke, which eliminates coughing and choking. Instead, you just get a pleasant smoking experience anywhere you go.

You need to be at least 21 years old to purchase and the Genius is for tobacco use only.

Right now, the Genius is $10 off its regular price at just $64.99. Read the rest