The Church of the Subgenius’s Salvation Pack is the best $35 I ever spent

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A couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled to hear Subgenius founder, the Reverend Ivan Stang, interviewed on the Comedy on Vinyl podcast (previously) and to discover that the Church of the Subgenius was selling a $35 Salvation/Membership/Ordainment kit that was chock full of goodies.

Growing up, Subgenius tropes were a secret recognition symbol for identifying fellow mutants, and I consumed their materials voraciously — I not only memorized the Brag of the Subgenius, I also laboriously transcribed it to a set of my bedsheets using fabric crayons so I could sleep under the holy writ.

The kit arrived last week and it did not disappoint. Naturally, it included a signed, personalized copy of the Book of the Subgenius:

And then there was the folder full of goodies, including a minister’s card and a handsome badge:

Owning this material makes you an official, paid-up priest of the Church of the Subgenius, though you need to send away to the Universal Life Church before you can start officiating weddings:

(If you’re too impatient to wait for the ULC, you can perform unofficial, short term marriages right away)

Once you’re fully clergified, the kit has you covered, with a ministerial guide:

A Doktorate to fill in and frame and display:

And a ton of small ads and other missionary materials to take down to the photocopy shop, cut and start leaving under peoples’ windshield wipers, etc (I’ve packed a supply in my travel bag to slip into the pages of Gideon bibles and Books of Mormon at the Marriott):

The kit also includes some holy relics, like the first and second Subgenius pamphlets (the little brochures that started it all):

Your official church vehicle and laptop will benefit from a selection of religious stickers:

And you can decorate your religious chapel with some swanky Dobbsart:

As well as a fine selection of inspirational broadsides, including The Brag (!):

If you’re going door-to-door to spread the good word about “Bob,” be sure to take these with you:

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