Stop playing Cards Against Humanity and start playing DICK instead

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The writer in me always loved to play Apples to Apples when I was younger — it was finally a game that would reward my clever wordplay and sense of humor (or at least, sometimes, depending on who I was playing with). But as the ribald alternative Cards Against Humanity began to catch on, I typically found myself filled with disappointment.

After the laughter resided, anyway. I definitely laughed. But they were cheap, empty laughs. Of course you laugh. The game is built on provoking cheap uncomfortable laughs. And frankly, it does that quite well! That’s all it really does though — all it’s ever done. It gives you permission to say vulgar things and laugh at them, which could be entertaining for a while. But there’s nothing unique about the experience, just like there’s no strategy involved in shocking people with Hitler’s Cum on Barbara Streisand’s 9/11 Applesauce, or whatever random combination of cards you get.

(It did also require me to explain fleshlights to my parents and in-laws, which was, erm, less than ideal.)

I’ve felt this for a while (before the fleshlight incident), and as such, was not surprised but disappointed to learn that the company behind Cards Against Humanity has let a toxic culture fester all this time. It turns out all those racist and sexist cards maybe weren’t meant to be ironic after all, but actually reflective of the company’s gross working atmosphere. (Those who remain in that cesspool are trying to unionize, which I support, though I’m hesitant about how much good it will do in the end.) Read the rest