Soon you can buy Pokemon butts

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Historically, the Pokemon franchise has focused its merchandising efforts on the parts of Pokemon characters that were not their butts. But that’s about to change, thanks to a new wave of toys, charms and other assorted swag from Japan that will finally allow you to catch them all. All of the butts.

There are so many, many ways that you can purchase these Pokemon butts: as cushions, magnets, folders, bags, coasters, coffee cups, and even tape.


Nor are you restricted from merely admiring the butts of Pokemon; you can also turn your own butt into a Pokemon with the help of boxer briefs for men and women.


The line will go on sale at the Pokemon store on October 10. But be ready: Rocketnews24 (which also has an item-by-item breakdown in English) suggests that the line is “probably going to sell out pretty fast.”