Sony’s Back Button Attachment is a glimpse at the PS5 controller we didn’t get

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Photo by Amelia Holoway Krales/ The Verge

Over six years after it was first released, Sony suddenly created a new set of buttons for its DualShock 4 controller.

The Back Button Attachment was a bizarre product, both conceptually and in terms of timing. The vaguely wing-shaped accessory had two extra buttons and an OLED panel on the back that allowed players to add new functionality to their controller. And it was released in January 2020 — just months before Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 and its feature-packed DualSense controller.

Sony’s sudden interest in offering back paddles on the DualShock 4 fit with existing trends in the console world. Microsoft’s Elite controllers offered similar removable paddles, and third-party controllers with swappable parts and advanced…

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