Sci-Fi Sundays: Analog, December 1962

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2019 started off with a rather interesting tweet from Elon Musk. He was showing off the “Starship test flight rocket” from SpaceX. This thing evokes a strong bit of imagery that has been so deeply integrated into our culture through science fiction for so many years that it just feels… right.

Just look at that thing! Well, as you can imagine, seeing that beautiful piece of work inspired me to yank out some retro science fiction and look at the old illustrations. There are so many examples that you could just swap the test rocket into and they’d seem nearly untouched. The issue I’ve chosen for today’s Sci-Fi Sunday is one of these.

Publication: Analog Science Fact – Science Fiction

Issue: December 1962, Vol: LXXX, No. 4

Cover Art: Schoenherr for Blind Man’s Lantern

When I scan one of these, I’m always curious what the public was thinking and seeing about space. NASA has a convenient website where you can go and see details on major events. In December of 1962, the public was hearing about how Mariner 2 had flown by Venus, which was a pretty huge deal considering this was the very first time we had “conducted a planetary encounter”. Just picture that for a second. When someone was relaxing and reading this issue, we had not yet put a human on the moon. Read the rest