Samsung’s next wireless earbuds are the ‘Galaxy Buds Pro,’ according to FCC filing

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The Galaxy Buds Pro are rumored to look similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus (above), but the charging case will be different. | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

It was inevitable that Samsung was going to make the switch from “Plus” to “Pro.” Even if there was a “Live” in between. The company has filed the necessary regulatory paperwork with the FCC for its next set of true wireless earbuds. It was already rumored that these would be called the Galaxy Buds Pro, and now it’s right there in documentation directly from Samsung itself.

The FCC filing comes with the usual confidentiality protocols in place, so it doesn’t reveal too much more about the Buds Pro. But an image of the regulatory label offers a preview of the charging case’s shape. It seems the Buds Pro will be housed in a case that more closely resembles the case from the Galaxy Buds Live than the Galaxy Buds Plus.


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